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  1. @kelsenellenelvian To slim the install down I would just delete the directories in NSW2005 that you aren't going to install. So if you delete all the directories except for NSW and NU, when you run the installer it will detect that the programs aren't there and not install them. You don't need to install NAV from systemworks as it's in NIS2005. Hope that helps Raiden.
  2. @jhuxx you win hands down for the Bling-Bling award but what's in that bad boy.
  3. I just uninstalled C# and C++ 2005. In my opinion they are the biggest wastes of memory out there. As far as C# is concerned the IDE was running as two processes one taking up 80MB+ of ram and the other taking up 20MB+ of ram. I opened the same project in VS.Net 2002 and noticed the IDE took up between 20 and 40MB of ram. I liked some of the new features such as refactoring but the IDE is not worth the footprint that it takes. Don't get me wrong I'm not an MS basher, I'm sure when they go gold the IDE's will be better optimized and run smoother but the beta's are just that. Beta's.
  4. Hi biocyberman, I have my favourites in my $OEM$\$1\Drivers directory. I still have to import them when I open IE but that's how I do it but you could create a favourites directory on your CD example $OEM$\$1\Favorites and then put a batch file to copy them over copyfavorites.bat cd %systemdrive%\Favorites xcopy32 *.* "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\"YourUserName"\Favorites" All you would have to do is call the batch file from your runonceex and it's all good. The example assumes you are creating your user account during setup not at the end like a normal windows installation Hope this helps. Good luck
  5. Here is the microsoft proscribed way to do it This is my redirect.reg file [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] AddReg=Reg.Settings [Reg.Settings] HKCU,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders,Personal,0x20000,"%PERSONAL%" HKCU,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders,My Pictures,0x20000,"%PICTURES%" [Strings] PERSONAL = "\\DC1\Shared\%USERNAME%\My Documents" PICTURES = "\\DC1\Shared\%USERNAME%\My Documents\My Pictures" This method can be used for multiple users as well.
  6. also you shouldn't have cmdow @ /HID in your batch file unless you have the cmdow file in your $OEM$\$$\System32 folder. I don't know if you read that part of the tutorial.
  7. @aland, this guy practically spells out how to install the drivers in your unattended CD. FastTrack Drivers
  8. The only folder that you need is the i386 folder, you can get rid of all the others. The only thing that I've ever used in the valueadd foler is netBEUI.
  9. When you install windows you are doing it unattended right. If so the way to skip that silly musical sequence with the talking questionmark is to put the following text into your winnt.sif answer file [GuiUnattended] OemSkipWelcome = 1 Good luck
  10. It's part of the Windows audio subsystem, I would not advise deleting it. I would right click on the file and compare versions between your corp cd and your dell cd just incase for whatever reason it's a dell custom version rather than the one that ms shipped.
  11. Unless your a software pirate, Windows XP is the answer. At a local computer warehouse Microsoft OS's are priced as follows 2003 Server Web Edition $520 2003 SBS Edition $750 2003 Standard Edition $890 XP Home $115 XP Pro $185 With the cheapest version of server being over 4 times the price of XP home and allmost 3 times the price of XP Pro, no sensable person is going to setup a 2003 box unless they have a need for a domain and Full fledged web server and other non client features.
  12. because it's referenced twice. once on the 3rd line and once on the 6th line
  13. Raiden

    ATI MMC 9.02

    I've now done 2 clean installs from cd and the only software that I've installed are the applications that ati requires on there website and the following 1st install -> Windows XP sp1a, intel chipset inf's, DirectX 9.0b, Windows Media Encoder 9 2nd install -> Windows XP sp2 which includes DirectX 9.0c and updated inf's. Windows Media Encoder 9 Both times the MMC will not install, these were both clean systems that were installed from non modified cd except for the slipstreaming for the sp2 disk. I'm stuck, any ATI wizards out there.
  14. Raiden

    ATI MMC 9.02

    I thought it might be a silent install problem so I did a fresh install from my unattended source but didn't install the MMC. I then installed it at the end normally without any command line switches. It still failed So who knows.
  15. Hey all, I just downloaded the new Multimedia Center posted on ATI's website today. During the install it just stops doing anything. The "ATI Multimedia Center - Installshield Wizard" button sit's minimized in the taskbar. There is also the process IDriver.exe which is at 50% cpu. Is anyone else having this problem. Any ideas
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