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  1. I think everyone's just waiting with bated breath for the imminent first release.... I know I am... Wish it was here already as I need to reinstall 8.1 Pro x64 anyway...
  2. sixcentgeorge, Not sure why you're recommending that MDGx dude... as far as I can tell he hasn't posted in the forums for over 3 years, And as for his site, it seems mostly related to Windows XP/98 and older versions of Windows. Not much there at all about Windows 7 or 8, as far as I can tell. His site was definitely useful when those OSes were relevant... I've known of him since before he called himself MDGx... he used to call himself axcel216 or something like that, long ago. Anyway, I've always wished he would come out with a batch file to delete all the unnecessary clutter from Windows 7, the way he did for 98/Me. Long ago I used to utilize his tips, tricks, and tools to combine the best elements of Win98 SE/Windows Me, and then clean the whole thing up with his deletion batch files... ...ahh those were the days, when you could get an entire OS to less than 200MB fully installed and operational... and the system would be screamingly fast & stable. Only 14 or so processes running after boot... it was paradise! Since that time Windows has become so bloated and slow... XP (my absolute favorite OS) was the last OS to fit on a 650MB CD by default. Imagine using a slimmed and optimized Win98/Me combo (or XP) on modern hardware {if it could do everything Windows 7 can do, and play DirectX 11 games)... I'd be in heaven with such a setup. If I could run my favorite 64-bit apps (Adobe stuff, mainly) and DX11 on a a slimmed 64-bit XP, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I've spent $500+ on a DX11 graphics card, so I want to be able to play my games with the latest DirectX. Sadly, DX11 can't be made to work with XP (as far as I know). I know I could play DX11 games in DX9 mode, but that would render my DX11 card investment sort of pointless. That's why I can't wait for nuhi's new tool... I've been slimming and stripping down OSes since the Windows 98 days. There have been a few tools for Windows 7+ but they're mostly clunky and quirky... We have NEEDED an elegant nLite-style tool for these OSes for YEARS, and we're finally getting one, very soon. I can't wait to be able to strip Win7/8/+ down to bare bones and get rid of all that bloat... Edit: I'm also DYING to find out about the new super-special amazing secret feature nuhi has referred to several times... nuhi, do we get to know what that special feature is, yet?
  3. nuhi, I do also like nLiteNEXT I think that was originally Ricktendo's suggestion. It avoids being tied to a particular Windows version, rolls off the tongue nicely, and implies the future as well. 2 to 3 weeks tops, eh, until we see a beta version? I can't wait, whatever you decide to call it!
  4. Whatever nuhi chooses for the name, we need to accept it and move on. Remember that whatever the name, it still does what we want, which is to make Windows slim & trim. I still like nLiteX the best, or nLite+
  5. Nuhi suggested that any further discussion of the new tool should take place here on the vLite forums, for now, so here goes. I have a suggestion for the name of the new tool. nLite was such a success, I think the new tool should retain the nLite name in some form. My suggestion is nLiteX, pronounced En Light Ex. It keeps the familiarity with nLite, avoids the problem of adding 7, 8, or numbers beyond that to the name. It also implies a new, expanded nLite with new capabilities, and ensures that the tool won't need to be renamed for future versions of Windows.
  6. I will likely buy the Pro version when it becomes available. I do know, however, that when I buy a Pro version of software, I expect it to have tons of features. With the Pro version of this tool, I will expect to be able to shrink Windows to its utter bare bones (and still be able to run normal things (for me, those are: Internet & networking via Ethernet cable and Wireless G/N <including shared home network [not HomeGroup]>, Nvidia streaming, and VPN connectivity), DX11 gaming, MS Office, and Adobe CC <all programs>). If I can do those things, I don't need anything else bloating up my OS. One thing about paying for software is that your $$$ gives you the absolute right to complain if you didn't get what you wanted. Freeware developers don't (necessarily) have to listen to the complaints or suggestions of their users. Paid software developers do, if they want to avoid a gazillion refund requests and the eventual death of their software. I only mention this because I think people will expect *more* out of it if they have to pay for it. Nuhi, I'm really curious what this super-special feature is for the Pro version? I can't wait...! I have a suggestion how to set up the software for "newbies" or people who don't know what they're doing, lol... Have the software start in "safe" mode, where people can use it to remove a very limited set of things, speed up windows a bit, without breaking Windows... If a user wants the more advanced features, they have to tick a checkbox in the options (after reading a stiff warning about the possibility of rendering Windows unusable). Anyway, I can't wait! I'm dying to strip Windows 7 x64 and 8.1 x64 down as much as possible. I like a neat, tidy OS with a small footprint and as few running processes as possible...
  7. Personally, I am happy to know there will be a paid version, as long as it isn't too pricey... And I would advise against it being a subscription-based thing, where the user has to pay, and pay, and keep paying to use it. Definitely not fond of that. And to those who "need time to think" before responding to the new information -- give me a break -- It's not that complicated. Nuhi has provided us insanely useful tools in the past at ZERO cost. He deserves to get something for all his efforts over the years. A low cost, one-time fee, of say... $29.99 (to use on as many computers as we like) would be acceptable to me, for the Pro Version. I want all the possible features to strip Win 7 and Win 8 (and beyond) down to their bare bones to squeeze out as much performance as possible while not breaking any functionality... and I already know this will be the tool to do it. We pay for games and lots of other things... I think this will prove to be a valuable tool completely worth the price. Edit: If there will be a beta test, I would *LOVE* to take part. I'm an experienced Windows user since Win95, and know my way around an OS quite well.
  8. It was definitely nuhi. He probably isn't on much because he is busy making a new tool for Windows 7/8. He has said that an alpha version might be available around February or March, so we just have to be patient.
  9. Welcome back, nuhi. Can I say, your contributions to the OS customizing community are what *created* the community, more than any other tool or process. Your amazing programming skills and OS knowledge have been SORELY missed! I simply cannot wait to see (and use) your new tool for Windows 7+... We've had to put up with some less than ideal "impostors" in your absence. Yours will surely blow the other previous attempts out of the water!
  10. I'm sure others have run into these problems. I just wanted to report my own observations. It seems that selecting IE8 for removal in Home Premium (64 bit) breaks Windows Setup. I've also found something else interesting. Builds that fail sometimes install perfectly if you select "Save changes only" instead of "Rebuild One" in vlite. Not sure what is going on, but there are some definite incompatibilities. Does nuhi ever intend to update vlite to be more compatible with Win 7, or perhaps make "7lite" or has he abandoned these projects permanently? Not complaining, just wondering. It's a legitimate question.
  11. Well, after a long day of trial and error, I have narrowed my problem down to the removal of IE8. It seems that removing it with vlite breaks Windows Setup, at least for me.
  12. The only other thing I can think of that could *potentially* be a problem is that I perhaps didn't use the appropriate WAIK version of the wim filter... Instead, I installed vlite 1.1.6, installed the wimfilter from that version, then upgraded to vlite 1.2. Could that be the problem?
  13. Well, using unattended settings in vlite is NOT the source of this problem. I just built a new image without any unattended options, tried to install on a virtual machine, and I get the same exact error. What now?
  14. I should add, I've been an nlite/vlite user for years. I just haven't been to the forums very often because I haven't had many issues in the past... which is why I wasn't aware of the unattended bug with vlite and win7.
  15. Thank you for your helpful replies. I wasn't aware of the issue with vlite/win7 and unattended settings. I'll try a fresh image without ua settings and see what happens. Incidentally, I think my subject line must have been too long. It is supposed to read "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware." which is what led me to believe it had something to do with drivers/hardware. Anyway, thanks again. I'll see what happens when I leave out anything ua-related.
  16. Welcome Center may not be the problem, though. I removed it as part of the build, and yet I still have this same problem.
  17. I get this error any time I vlite a Windows 7 image (any flavor), even if I choose to leave all drivers and hardware support intact. I don't get the same error (or any errors) when using the base image (un-vlited). Setup goes through the first part, copying all the files...then a reboot, then hardware installation. It looks as if it is going to make it, but then I get this error, every single time. Am I removing some other component I shouldn't? (I use SATA drives in Native IDE mode, if that helps).

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