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  1. 12 hours ago, D.Draker said:


    Hey brave internet guy !

    If someone disagrees with you in previous topics, doesn't mean you have to chase them all over the website to take revenge . It's inappropriate in Western Europe.

    Now if you done with the insults , do you have something constructive to say ?

    About Windows 11.


    or i just put you on my s*** list as that is where you belong
    and game over for you

  2. for TPM, true, but if you consider that this thing appeared in early to mid 2005 already as pushing idea
    and now is 2022 ... thats a long time that "it was out there", its not something new

    and i think it was even earlier in its inception, even in 2003 when MS started with Longhorn, they wanted their "Palladin" service
    to be one of main "pillars" for LH/Vista, their secure service something something lol

    again nothing new, they just pushed it alot late now... and not for users benefit but theirs tho...
    then again i see around net alot of v11 repacks with latest updates and without TPM requirement

  3. - that talk about win12 was troll talk, it wasnt real...

    - TPM service was there since Vista beta 2 :P

    - NTFS wasn't implemented in XP... XP was simply continuation of NT line where it was CHANGED to that level so it can FINALLY be for home users as well (and thank god for that, 9x line sucked)

  4. ui lag is most likely due to uwp introduction (well its actualy piece of s*** .net but they call it uwp), and changes to DWM they made
    so it doesn't always run via GPU acceleration but CPU as well

    and if i'm not mistaken, i recall they killed off D2D after win7, so i guess that also makes things slower in some instances...

    also in windows 11 its obvious that .net UI runs on top of win32 shell, which is i guess a double killer right there
    who knows what else is there underneath all that junk...
    they never bothered to get ridd of tablet related crap, so i guess it all runs side by side

    honestly i'm happy i'm still on win7 :)
    the longer the better

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