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  1. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    Hi. Here is the new version with some improvements. Still have a lot to do, so if someone want to contribute to my Delphi knowledge I will apreciate. Download link: http://www.papinho.com/Papinho.zip Waiting for feedback : - )
  2. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    That's true :/. My mistake.
  3. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    i430VX, please, if possible. Another user already test on 98se, so you can skip that : - ). Anyone here may have Windows 3.11 to test?
  4. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    Hi i430VX, which OS did you use to test?
  5. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    Thanks for the feedback jumper.
  6. Chat System for Legacy Systems

    Hey guys! I'm proud to announce my first colaboration for the old software and hardware community. I'm developing a chat website and now, people who use old OS are able to chat too. This is just the first version, so bugs can be found. Download link: https://www.papinho.com/ProgramaLegado.exe It's simple, but I plan to improve it. I am using Delphi 7 to develope it, running on Windows NT 4. Limitations: - Not possible to select room yet, by default you enter on a room caled "Legacy Software and Hardware"; - Portuguese Brazil only interface; - Several features still not available (like send voice messages, files, images, youtube videos, webcam chat) - these are already working on website: https://www.papinho.com/index.php?Idioma=en-US; I plan to fix all these limitations and if someone want to collaborate, I will be happy : - ) Please, test it on old OS, and give me feedback [on which one it work or fail]. To enter, just type your nickname at "Apelido" and press "Entrar".
  7. RollerCoaster Tycoon on Windows NT 4.0

    Thanks . I did not receive and e-mail about your repply, so I just check it today! I tested it and it worked.
  8. Hi. I have recently installed Windows NT 4.0 on my older computer. I`m try to play RollerCoaster Tycoon (first version, I don't like new versions). I want to now if there is any way to fix a problem native from Windows NT 4.0. Say the game proprietary: "Windows NT don't support Directx 5 (especif the manipulation of DirectInput not exist, that result game crashes when Right-clicking). Any way to resolve that problem? (Only right-clicking not work, all another things work on the game). Please and Thank You! PS: The game error is atached. erroroller.bmp
  9. Windows NT4 Updates List

    Interesting. I have firefox 2.x on my NT 4.0. I download flash player 9 and install and works fine on firefox. I download flash player 10 for firefox and install but don't work. I go back to flash player 9 and works fine again. On Internet Explorer I can't install flash player 9, there is any tip? Install begin and give me a error : "Error registering DLL: Could not load C:\WINNT\System32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9i.ocx" (Install.log). Insteresting because the same version works on firefox on the same windows! I`m searching for a program to work mouse scroll. Windows Media Player 7 works fine too. Thanks.
  10. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    Hi! Is there a portuguese brazilian version for windows 9x? If not can I help to translate? I`m from Brazil and my OS is PT-BR language.
  11. Windows NT4 Updates List

    Flash player 8 work on windows NT 4 with IE 6? Where can i find this activex? Its possible to install Media Player 7? How? And directx 6? Windows NT 4 don't shut down automaticaly with ATX power? After I install Service Pack 6 mouse scroll stop work, any sollution? Thanks
  12. Still running Windows NT..?

    I always think windows nt 4 interesting. I have installed windows nt 4.0 few days ago on my old k6-2 400mhz. Unfortunally windows nt 4.0 only support flash player 7, MSN Messenger 5 (no photos, but you can use Miranda IM), Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 2.x I like this OS.
  13. Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

    Please, on first reply to this topic some users repport can install fileformatconverters.exe on windows 98. Have someone this old file? I only find to download the new version and can't open docx document on windows 98. Please, what version of office you use to install this (xp ou 2000) and what service pack of office? Need an aditional update for windows? Or just Windows 98 SE original? Please help me.