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  1. [Guide] Liting Win8 with WTK and manually removing

    Hey. Is there any places where i can see what i can safely remove from Windows 8 with the WinToolkit without breaking the installation or other important things in Windows 8? When i choose the Windows 8 Client (64-bit) in WinToolkit, then i get up 219 components i can remove. If someone can give me some pictures with what i can remove for example, then it would be great.
  2. [SOLVED] problem with Vlite 1.2 and Win7 SP1 (MSDN)

    Ok, i have tested this and it works with vLite. But since i want to use both vLite and RT 7 Lite, then what should i use first? Should i first use RT 7 Lite, then GImageX with you're steps and then vLite? Let me know how i have to go forward. EDIT: While i remember it. After i have used the Apply and Capture things in GImageX, then i can't delete the folder where GImageX extracted the install.win files to. How do i delete the folder then?
  3. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    Ok thanks for the PM. But i just removed TV-Tuner Support, Windows Image Acquistion & Distributed Transaction Coordinator. And everything is still working perfectly in VirtualBox.
  4. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    Hey. Yeah i'm gonna try and remove TV-Tuner Support now. Can you tell me exactly here what you have to do to have the DVD Maker, winsxs backup deleted after you have Windows 7 installed?. And also tell me what you have to do to get the drive compression turned on on my Windows HDD after i have installed Windows 7?. Also so i don't have to turn it on my self after Windows 7 is installed. If you can tell me that here or via PM it would be great. It will save me some time to configure Windows 7 after i have installed it. Things like Games are already deleted here. The sounds in Windows is something i want to keep though, also the sounds you have to keep to get a notification sound when you get a new e-mail for example. The wallpapers are also removed. Sound and Wallpaper Samples are deleted also. And just to add one important thing. DO NOT REMOVE 'Distributed File System (DFS)'. Or else it will break the Group Policy Editor. Like when you go to Start Menu, then goes to Run and then write in 'gpedit.msc'. If you remove 'Distributed File System (DFS)', you will totally break the Group Policy Editor. But you have already written that down so you knows about it, but i just wanted to make it VERY clear that the Distributed File System is important to not remove heh. Because it's a very important part of Windows. Or it's important for those who use it, like me. So i recommend you to remove that one from your presets just incase someone needs that . Edit: Can i remove the Windows Image Acquistion thing?. Isn't that only for Cameras and Scanners?. Or will it break something else?.
  5. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    Hello again. I have now used some few days to try and find out where the problems is when like Windows Features, Group Policy Editor, Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes etc etc have failed to work. I have Windows 7 Ultimate RC2 Build 7229 (64-bit) installed in VirtualBox now, and it's working perfect here now. So i'm soon gonna install it for real on my computer. So by this, everything are working out of the box after how i vLited it. But i don't know how it will work after you start to install programs and that. But i believe it will work pretty nice, hopefully. I will give you 2 pictures with the things i haven't checked to be removed under. There are 85 things i haven't removed. vLite Part 1 & vLite Part 2 This is what's not removed. And when i have removed the other things there, the ISO file takes 1.79 GB. I can probably remove some few more things though, but don't think i want to take the risk of removing any more stuffs if i want a stable and fully working Windows 7. Will ofc try to remove more and try Windows 7 out in VirtualBox and will update this post if i find Windows 7 to still be rock stable and fully working when i have removed more things there though. I found the 'Fax Support' to screw up the 'Windows Features' thing in Windows if you remove the 'Fax Support'. Help will also screw up Windows Features like it was told in the first post in this topic. I think Printer Support and TV-Tuner Support also breaks the Windows Features to. But i'm keeping those anyways, because you never know when you will need a Printer or when you will get a TV-Tuner card. And who need Modem support today ?. Yes this one is removed to. Edit: I found Windows Search to break Windows Features to if you remove Windows Search. If you want to remove it, then do it in Windows Features in Windows 7. When it's about the Services you can disable etc. Then i found the service 'Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support' to be needed / enabled. If you stop that service you wont be able to start the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder services. And if you can't start those 2 services, then you can't install any new audio drivers or get the sound to work. But i wouldn't just start to disable lots of services if you don't know 100% on what service your disabling. Well it might not be a problem though, because you can luckily enable the services again in Windows after you have installed Windows 7. Some services will make some of the features / things in Windows to stop working if you disable them, so just be carefull on what your disabling. But i have disabled lots of services and still have a fully working Windows 7 though . But that's because i know what i'm doing heh. So just keep those things as i haven't removed in vLite if you want a fully working Windows 7 Ultimate RC2 Build 7229 (64-bit). I hope this helps some of you here with some of the problems you might have.
  6. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    Report back if keeping help makes the windows features work right thanks Tom! Hey, thanks for the answer. But the thing is that i have never checked Help to be removed, so it must be something else. I think i have seen somewhere that if you want to install language packs on Windows 7, then you had to keep Help. I can't say 100% sure that this is right though. Because i haven't tried yet. Edit: It was under Windows Vista on the info bar on Help in vLite it said if you want to install MUI language packs you had to keep Help. But then, not sure if this applies to Windows 7.
  7. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    Hey. Does anyone know what i don't have to remove in vLite on Windows 7 Ultimate RC2 Build 7229 (64-bit) to be able to have a 100% working 'Windows Features' where you can turn on or off some of the programs like Windows DVD Maker, Windows Search and the XPS stuffs?.
  8. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    I actually found out what the problem was. The problem was that i checked Snipping Tool to be removed. So now it's not removed. So now the Sticky Notes are working like it should. But Snipping Tool in Windows 7 doesn't work though, but that's fine because i don't need that program. It just says it need the MAGNIFICATION.dll file to work. My ISO file is now taking 1.74 GB and my Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 Build 7137 (64-bit) are working very good now.
  9. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    Hello. Sorry if this question is placed in the wrong topic. But anyways, look under. I have a question here. And yes i have tried hard to search after this both here and in Google and couldn't find anything out about the problem i have. Well, i have made an almost perfect vLited version of Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 Build 7100 (64-bit). Atm the ISO file takes 1.73 GB. Yes i have followed the guides in this topic, so i don't remove some things that i'm not supposed to remove, so i don't mess up my Windows 7. At the moment i'm running my vLited version of Windows 7 in VirtualBox so i can test out the OS before i install it for real. But there is a small thing that annoy me a bit. It's the Sticky Notes. I can't get it to work. When i start it it says this: Meta Data for some of the notes has been corrupt. Sticky Notes has restored them to defaults. And when i press OK after that, then the window with 'Sticky Notes has stopped working' is popping up. And then i have to press OK again because the program couldn't be started so it had to close. So my question is. Do someone here have a single clue on what kind of thing that make the Sticky Notes to not work?. I hope someone can answer me this, because it will be a pain in the a** to go through lots of things on vLite to only find that out. If needed, i can put the Last Session.ini file here to only if you need it. Greetings from Tom-Helge.