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  1. THATS AWESOME!!I didnt know you could just press 'DELETE' over a highlighted file,VERY CONVIENENT!!
  2. I agree..... IE6 is the BEST of all IE versions
  3. Heh that looks like a TV with a keypad I actually dislike small,i like older BIGGER type things (Easier to see,use)
  4. Well having scripts DISABLED is definetly a good idea if you dont have one.. (Regardless of the OS) Most sites that try and hurt someone rely on scripts to move there stuff on your computer,if you have scripts DISABLED,thier stuff is less likely to function... (99% of all sites will work 100% w/o scripts)I usually have them disabled if i can... (Stuff loads MUCH FASTER (Quite understandable)) You are right though,AV's mostly bog down your computer and depening on how much ram you have,the effect is moreless noticed more or less........
  5. Thats awesome!!I didnt know you could just press DELETE after highlighting Thanx!
  6. Im listening to my scanner at the moment
  7. Gosh i hope not..This is the BEST site of its kind on the internet!! Please dont be afraid to ask for help XPER (Donations) .. Please dont take this site away from us just because people are abusing things and making it hard!! Have you tried to put ALOT OF CAPTHA's on the signup page?? (Maybe manually approving new members (As another site i am on has done for the same reason)) You have worked A VERY LONG TIME on this project and it would be very sad to see it go away.. I am very sad to see your message above and i hope it doesnt lead to anything bad... I love this site and of all other sites im on of this type,none come close to this one! Things are getting very bad (Economy,etc) and i hope this site doesnt suffer for it... (Like everything else is) What can we do to help you???
  8. Hello I am Dude111 I got blocked from this site awhile back for posting too much i guess. I believe I have changed since then and am now ready to rejoin the community. However,as you may or may not be aware,the decision is not up to me,it is up to the staff.. Please forgive me and give me another chance,I love Win 98se like crazy (Its the BEST os ever) and your site has the BEST win 98 section of any site i am on!! I wont let you down,I promise.... Can you please reset my "Dude111" account making the post count 0? (So i start with a clean slate) I wish you long life and happiness. Thank you very much for hearing me out,I look forward to your replies and eventually rejoining the community Thank you, Dude111

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