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  1. @All, If I am not mistaken, my boot.wim is 120Mb in size, but it is already compressed and when loaded into RAM it is decompressed. Then it needs the memory to be more then 256Mb for it to work. We also tested on system with 384Mb and then it works. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  2. @All, Be aware that when you create a bootable Vista DVD with an answer file in the root of the DVD, it will automatically start when you put the DVD in a XP system. What I mean is the autorun option will start the Vista setup and the vista setup will automatically detect the unattend.xml file in the root of the DVD and setup continues on a system where you only wanted to view the contents of the DVD. I did experience this myself and lost a very good working XP system that way. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  3. Hi Suren, I think you specify the vista version while injecting the update. You will need to do this for every vista version in the wim image. greetings, Bitfrotter
  4. @All, Anyone has a direct link to Vista Update KB931099. I am unable to find it on the Microsoft site. It should be a Defender Update. I would like to inject this one in the Vista WIM image. I have already injected other updates succesfully. Thanks in advance, Bitfrotter
  5. Hi Anderz, At my work we have Dell laptops with 3945 Intel wireless card en proset version is 10.5.1. We had same problem. However if you look in readme.txt from package you will find option to use commandline options: /qI Quiet Install /qX Quiet Removal /qR Quiet Repair SSO=True Install Single Sign On feature set (default) SSO=False Do not install Single Sign On feature set PLC=True Install Pre-Logon Connect feature (requires SSO) PLC=False Do not install Pre-Logon Connect feature (default) Toolkit=True Install Administrator Toolkit Toolkit=False Do not install Administrator Toolkit (default) We therefore use "SSO=True PLC=True" in the commandline together with /qI to make it silent. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  6. @all, If you run Vmware workstation on a 64bits operating system it will support 64bits virtual machines. There is no other way at the moment. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  7. @all, It is very easy to create a bootable USB Flashdrive. It is described in the Windows AIK manual. you need to make a partition on the USB Drive from within Vista in order for the BOOTMGR to be added to the flashdrive. If you try to do this from within WXP, you need to use the bootsect.exe tool to write the vista bootsector to the USB flashdrive. If this is ok, you only need to copy some files from the winpe source and boot from usb flash drive. If someone want more I can provide more details. Please let me know. Greetings, Bitfrotter ;-)
  8. Hi KevinGT, Currently I am testing deployment of Vista from network share and use the "setup.exe /unattend:unattend.xml" commandline. I have made a share and copied the complete Vista (Enterprise) DVD to the share. I boot the client with WinPE 2.0 and then run the above commandline from the share. If you need more information please let me know and I will post more. Greetings, Bitfrotter :-)
  9. @all, Be aware that if you put the autounattend.xml file in the root of the DVD and you put the DVD in the DVD player while you are logged on to XP or vista, the autorun option will start and this means the vista installation will start automatically. The autorun option will start the setup.exe from the Vista DVD and this setup.exe looks for a autounattend.xml file which it finds in the root. I learned the hardway and had to reinstall a WXP machine. Greetings, Bitfrotter :-)
  10. @All, I have tried to install several Microsoft Vista Updates into an offline wim file but all attempts failed. Until I tried the post where peimg.exe was mentioned to be used over pkgmgr.exe. This worked for me. I have done this on the Vista Enterprise Edition. After installing a system the updates do not show up on the Windows Update page. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  11. @All, If you start the IE7 executable with the /? option, you will see the help and the switches that can be used to install silently. Personally I believe the tools such as HFSLIP, nLite and more, are very good to use but I am working for a large company and there we have to follow guidelines and to watch out for licensed stuff. That is the reason I have created a fully unattended DVD with apps but without the use of such tools as nLite or HFSLIP. I used all the information I found on this forum and on other Forums and was able to create a DVD that is fully updated with all Windows Updates and even IE7 en WMP 11. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  12. Hi Havoc77, I believe it is not possible to slipstream IE 7 at the moment. I am installing this one unattended through the runonceex.cmd. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  13. I am not using sleep button and also see sleep as first option in shutdown screen. I think it is default for Vista. Ik you click on start menu and shutdown icon it also wants to put computer in sleep mode. I use Vista Ultimate at home and Vista enterprise at work. Both have same behaviour. Bitfrotter
  14. @all, Is there a way to install the WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-ENU-x86.exe in an unattended way. I have everything else covered. Trying to find the right switch. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  15. Hi JoeMSFN, I am also having trouble with this one. I tried this but it will show up on windows Update everytime. I also notice that it is very quit at the moment. Maybe everyone is on vacation or maybe they are using other tools. Hopefully someone is out there that can help us. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  16. Hi All, I believe BDD 2007 is not working with Vista 5472 release. At work I had to go back to original 5384 release of vista to get BDD to work. MMC crashes when you want to create image, I believe. Bitfrotter
  17. Hi Mann, Indeed when starting the Mediaplayer I received an error. Something about a dll that is not the expected version. Also the KB905474 was in SVc-CF1 as was stated on the XPCREATE website. If I have the latest one, I don't know. I downloaded this one from a link in another thread. Can not find it elsewhere. There is also a thread about KB905474 on this forum on where to place it. This because it shows different on XPCREATE website for W2K and W2K3. I will start all over and try again to incorporate all updates and applications because I had a full up to date cd but now I can't create it again. Maybe this has also to do with the Genuine Advantage problems that Microsoft introduced. I will also try to create a fully updated W2K3 CD and report back with results. Greetings, Bitfrotter B)
  18. Hi Mann, I have not tried this because I am still having problems integrating all the updates and stuff. I started from scratch and now the .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 are installed correctly. It seems that KB905474 is still showing up on the Windows Update. I will try the Mediaplayer as soon as I am at my Home Computer. Will post results later this evening. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  19. Hi Ironside, Maybe I am doing something wrong but I think I know what I am doing. I added the files to the directories: E:\UAXPSP2\SVC-DN1\dotnetfx.exe E:\UAXPSP2\SVC-DN2\dotnetfx.exe E:\UAXPSP2\SVC-DNU\NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe E:\UAXPSP2\SVC-DNU\NDP1.1sp1-KB886903-X86.exe and yes they are the right ones. After compiling and installing, the .NET Framework 1.1 shows up on the Windows Update site. The other one that shows up is the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifivation KB905474 so I think I have everything in place. the solution with the xpsetup.cmd file for the 2 mediaplayer updates works. I have them in HF1 and they do not show up on the windows update site. Maybe if GM reads this, he can provide some information on what is happening. I will upload the logfiles if necessary. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  20. @All, For all of you who have the new version, I have question. I have several updates that will not be slipstreamed and I have them installed via runonceex.cmd. This works fine. I only have 2 updates that I cannot integrate. I will post the names later on. I believe the 2 mediaplayer updates can be slipstreamed with XPCREATE following one of the posts in this thread with the batch file in SVC-CMD. I tried to integrate both dotnet 1.1 and dotnet 2.0 but after adding dotnetfx.exe version 2.0 the dotnet 1.1 version appears on the Windows Update site. It seems that XPCreate handles the files correctly because I see the newly created installers but something is happening to appear on the Windows Update site again. If someone has a workaround or solution please share it with this community. Perhaps it is not possible to get no updates when visiting the Windows Update site but then we want as little as possible. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  21. Hi GM, I have a similar question as Mann. What is happening with your site. Do you have problems with hosting your site. I am using the previous XPCREATE for a long time now and I am very happy. Thanks to Shindo_Hikaru I have now the July version and starting from scratch. However it is notclear what is changed and where to put all files. There are so many directories created in this new version. Is it possible to publish more information about this new version. Thanks. Bitfrotter. PS: I will post my findings with this new version. B)
  22. Hi Shindo_Hikaru, Thanks for the XCPREATE download. I am trying it at the moment but there is some information missing. The XPCREATE website is gone. Hopefully it will be back soon. The package is creating all the directories again but now I do not know where to putt all of them. Is there anybody who can provide this information. Thanks, Bitfrotter
  23. Thanks for the link but still not able to download from that link. I have searched also but mostly found the old version. I would like to get the new version. Is someone able to mail it to me. Please send me message and I will reply with an email address to be used. Greetings, Bitfrotter :-)
  24. Hi, I am also receiving a dead link. I am using the previous version for a long time and really want to test this new version. Can you check or provide another link to the download. Thanks :-)
  25. Hi Drusenija, I am using XPCREATE now for quite some time and created XP, 2000 and 2003 server cd's with all updates included. Well not all because some hotfixes will not work this way. Therefore I use the runonceex or quirunonce method. I am also doing this for work so it is a very good tool to use. At the moment I am creating a dutch XP version with all updates for someone. Greetings, Bitfrotter

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