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  1. WizardOfWoz

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Link to the forum post on MDL please?
  2. WizardOfWoz

    Several Win 95 Questions

    LOL. You're still using a modem with a dial-up ISP? Or is it for PPPoE?
  3. WizardOfWoz

    Decompressing IO.SYS

    It is possible to decompress the IO.SYS file from MS-DOS 7.10 and then "deversion" and/or change the version number to 8.00? Like you can decompress IO.SYS from MS-DOS 8 using IO8DCOMP?
  4. WizardOfWoz

    removing XMSMMGR

    Is it possible to remove the hack known as XMSMMGR from the uncompressed (using io8dcomp) io.sys in Windows Me? And how about the boot logo? Or at least a way to prevent it from loading at startup? I'm using the diskcopy.dll patch for Windows Vista/7 that enables real mode DOS.
  5. WizardOfWoz

    Windows 8 and 8.1 Reg Tweaks

    Post here so everybody can use them
  6. WizardOfWoz

    Windows 8 and 8.1 Reg Tweaks

    DosProbe: Can you please post a reg or zip file of all the 200+ tweaks you use? Or a link to drop box, etc with the above zip or reg file?
  7. WizardOfWoz

    AnyOne Used WinReducer 8 ?

    Could you specify which network components not to remove in vlite to prevent the install from failing?
  8. WizardOfWoz

    Unattend.xml Problem

    Yes. By default on an upgrade disc it's set to 1.
  9. WizardOfWoz

    Unattend.xml Problem

    File attached. Name and product key removed. unattend.xml
  10. WizardOfWoz

    Unattend.xml Problem

    It seems, YES! I tried, and it didn't work Any other suggestiojns
  11. Whenever I put my unattend.xml file in the root of the DVD, it always displays the dreaded "driver needed" screen. Without the XML fle it installs fine. What's even more wild is that I created it using the SIM in the ADK and it still does it. File is as follows: Also, the initial language selection screen still shows (with the "Repair your computer" option). What do I need to change? All references of "x86" to "amd64"?
  12. WizardOfWoz

    Zune Video problem

    Whenever I try to play a purchased video from the Video app, it gives me the following error: I'm running VMWare Fusion 5.0.1 with the guest tools installed. Running dxdiag, it says it the video driver only supports DirectX 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3. Movie trailers play fine. I've tried increasing the VRAM of the virtual machine from 2MB to 32MB to no avail. Does the Video app require that the video driver supports Protected Media Path and or Protected Video Path?
  13. I have removed 66 packages from the Windows 8 install.wim. When I try to remove additional packages I get the following error: I have tried restarting the computer to no avail. What can I do?
  14. WizardOfWoz

    DISM question

    When using DISM to remove packages, do I need to remove the associated lanaguage packages first or are they automatically removed when removing the main package?
  15. WizardOfWoz

    Metro apps

    When explorer.exe is not the default shell (as specified by the Winlogon key) metro apps don't work and I get a "class not registered" error when trying to launch them. Is there a way to use them with explorer as the default shell?