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  1. Thank you rloew for that info. I have some 120 gb hard drives so I won't need that patch, just running old games and such on 95 and 98. The only thing I was wondering about was if 1.3ghz was too fast for win95 programs. I will be doing graphic stuff with pictures and video on xp but I think it can handle that. Not doing anything too demanding on the 9x operating systems (yet). I'll check and see what the boot options are in the bios. What, in particular should I be looking for? Also, are there enough ports to connect 3 hard drives?
  2. Hi, I had 3 old computers that I use for old programs and games for Win95C, Win98se, and WinXP. I took all the hard drives out of them and got rid of the cases and other components because they got contaminated with formaldehyde which started causing problems with air quality. I'm thinking instead of finding a computer for each operating system, to find one computer with a cpu that would be compatible with all three systems and install a hot swap tray for the hard drives. I think I may have found one but I have a question. I found a Dell Dimension desktop with a pentium 4 that is 1.3 ghz. I know it will run win98se and winxp but not sure if it will run win95c correctly.
  3. Does anyone know of a compatible graphics program for win95?
  4. Sounds like a good system georg. Reminds me of episodes of American Pickers on Discovery channel. Is that how you do it?
  5. Yes, I agree with that! I have that one and another one on my watch list. Also going to check goodwill and craigslist.
  6. Actually the sellers message reads "Battery module is not installed - CMOS invalid checksum." Did you see an external battery pack? I studied it but didn't see one. I did study up on replacement batteries last night and found this one that plugs into the motherboard so it looks like an easy fix. So it plugs into J24 on the mb? http://batteryguy.com/plc-battery-3.6v-2600mah-b9593t.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAnqWkBRCGm5uyu5r13jsSJACBZ4WyJ4Ped2FiD0_j9B4PPXlLHoCkyR1mG1jivd3x9vJyuBoCjVHw_wcB After looking at a bunch of motherboards from this era I noticed all of them had the blue barrel shaped Nicad batteries. It looks like someone desoldered it from this board.
  7. Thx for that info, especially about that battery. I think I'm going to pass on this board and look for another one that doesn't have that problem. Nice to know VLB or ISA cards will work.
  8. Side note - in order to be able to use a Scroll Wheel under 95 you must install IntelliPoint 3.1, 3.2, or 4.0, or a third-party mouse driver that supports the wheel. I recommend IntelliPoint 3.2 as 4.0 doesn't seem to add anything new for 95 and has silly requirements such as IE5 being installed, and, it calls home for updates without asking permission. Thx for that info LC
  9. I'm betting somone here knows something about win3 and what it takes to make it work. My first computer had Win 3.11 and 486DX2/66 and I am sorry I ever let that computer go. Now their selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars. I always thought the 86 chips were Intel but searching tonite I noticed Cyrix made them. Anyway, I have an idea, tell me if it will work. I know it may take some fabricating but I found a Gateway MB with the 486 chip and 16mb ram on it tonite. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gateway-09-00144-01-486-DX2-66MHz-16MB-RAM-Baby-AT-Motherboard-w-VLB-Slots-/311190503432?pt=US_Vintage_Computing_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4874664008 (I hope this is not some kind of forum violation These are the seller notes, Seller Notes: “Powers on, and is able to boot into BIOS. 66MHz 486DX2 CPU w/16MB RAM Included. 256K Cache Module Installed. No corrosion on motherboard!. Battery module is not installed - CMOS invalid checksum. No further testing was done” Does this look like it's usable? I am thinking I could get an ATX case, mount it in there, mount a floppy drive and hard drive, power supply. I have no idea what graphics card would be compatible with this. It says it has VLB slots, what are those? Can a CD drive be used with this? I'm assuming optical drives will not work? I don't remember what the other types of drives are called. I have some old sound cards. This part I have no experience with. I think I would have to use DOS 6.22 and Win 3. I don't know anything about loading the software.
  10. Oh, thats great! They're still making stuff for PS/2, awesome!
  11. That is a real breakthrough! Congratulations! I don't mess with any storage devices on this computer except the hard drive so I'll probably wait till I have to reload 95 sometime to put it in. I don't want to risk opening that can of worms atm! I think I'll do the next best thing and stock up on some new ps2 mice (I hope they are still making them) cause this old dell mouse is pretty bad. I put a file with this in it on my Win7 desktop to remind me. Thx LC! Didn't MS add some kind of USB support to the later version of Win95? What USB devices did that enable?
  12. Hello all you good folks! Thanks so much for helping me put Win 95, 98se and XP on three different old machines back in 2013 (Mainly Submix and Lone Crusader) These machines have and are still running great! I use them a lot, old games and such. I put wireless mice on my 98 and XP machines and they work good but haven't been able to make it work with the windows 95 machine. Is it possible to make it work with that one? Oh, I almost forgot I also tried using a usb mouse and it didn't work either. Even though the usb port looks fine, I suppose there is the possibility it is not working or a driver problem but don't know how to test it any other way.
  13. Recently gave one (two?) up to recycle for $5USD each. And a 386. Just goes to show you, you can pick one up for little to nothing if you know where to look, or go to ebay and pay a couple hundred $
  14. Hoko

    XP Questions

    Thx for the useful info NUSB - I was referring to flash drive storage but I found out XP has generic USB storage drivers. USB - Drivers have to be installed in Win9x so I assume its supplied with USB2 capability?
  15. Wish I had never given away my DX66 10 yrs ago. Now I'm looking for another one. People are selling those for good money now.

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