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  1. @ Zxian yes they are just regular toolbars....but the windowblinds hitman skin makes the icons all weirdlike.....looks cool tho..... get windowblindz here ....or the full thing from the usual places........
  2. [url="http://www.aresgalaxy.org"]ARES[/url] YALL!!!!!!! (for music) and [url="http://www.shareaza.com/"]SHAREAZA[/url] for bigger stuff stuff...or full albums ..... use torrents at [url="http://www.torrentspy.com"]TORRENTSPY[/url] these are the BEST
  3. here is my desktop screenshot......what do yall think? i took this screenshot while in the game and then i added the hitman logo in the corner. here is the desktop: http://www.geocities.com/agent_morpheus008/hitmandesktop.JPG here is the wallpaper if you want it....: http://www.geocities.com/agent_morpheus008/dump0042.jpg
  4. Lowest Framrate i ever got was 2, I'm gonna OC my 9600 to the max (just got some arctic silver and ramsinks) and let's see what i get . Definitely true about the SE's Phy.
  5. Golly Phy, That is a pretty high score..... My 9600 SE got like a ....... 1900 and it was OC'ed a bit It lagged through the whole thing
  6. http://usa.asus.com/products/notebook/l5se...ga_overview.htm This ASUS looks pretty good!
  7. Also do centrino cpu's use socket 478?
  8. What about AVERATEC. My dad has one of those but i havn't got a chance to look at it. and I agree compaq and HP are full of crap!
  9. If you need a more powerfull laptop i would get a pentium. If you are more concerned about battery life get a centrino. It uses less power sacrificing performance. Read my sig!
  10. That is good news amdphr3@kXP. But we can't see the specs. You could post them in the other "System Specs" thread.
  11. I was thinking about overclocking my 9600se for fun so i got 3D Mark 2001 to test the stability of the card before and after. Ok when i start the benchmark everything is good until i get to the lobby part. It freezes most of the time when he is running across the wall and people are shooting at him with shotguns and 3D Mark closes and a ATI VPU recover box comes up abnd says that the VPU stopped responding. This is before overclocking, but if i run it at a lower resolution it goes through the lobby perfect. It will no go through the lobby at 1024 x 768 but it goes through perfect on 800 x 600. Any ideas? Should i try a different benchmarking program? Thank you for all the help.
  12. Hey Phyridean, Where did you get your x800? Just wondering.
  13. i'd rather be a garbage-man
  14. Well i think i worded my other post wrong . But i already have existing jacks on my case..... But i would be able to hook that card up to the existing jacks, right?
  15. I was thinking about getting a sound card instead of using the onboard sound that i am using right now. So what kind of sound would i be able to hook up the front headphone jacks to!? Thanks for all the help

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