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  1. Hello, Please what is the latest version of DirectX? Is it the DirectX 9.0c (Jun 10) - 95.63MB ? Or there is a later one?
  2. Hello, Please I would like to ask for your advise for which product I can buy to convert my cassettes taps into MP3s. I've 100's of tapes and really no longer usable to have them on tapes especially that I've many books on tapes and would like to have them into MP3s to listen to them in the car or any where else. I've explored some options on amazon.com and finally found these 3 products and confused for which one to buy. So please give me a serious recommendations to do the buy:- 1) TAPE2USB Cassette To PC Recorder 2) Ion Tape2PC USB Cassette Deck 3) Grace Digital GDI-Tape2USB200 USB Tape Player with Built-In Mic Includes PC/MAC Software
  3. Hi It is me again ... I am updating my windows xp .iso disc with latest of everything including hot-fixes, applications ...etc Please I'd like to ask if there is any trusted transformation pack for windows 7 that I can integrate into windows xp disc source like the way we used to do with xpize way with windows xp I've been goggling for a while so far and found some like this one => Here But I am not good with such editing to perform, so I thought to ask for your advise. Thanks,
  4. Hello, All of the sudden I can not open the USB flash drive any more. It was working few hours and all of the sudden it can not be opened, and when I insert it it shows a pop up for a new drive has been inserted, and it got a new letter ID but when i double click it it says please insert a disk into drive x, and x is the usb flash drive. It has very important data and i've no backup. PLEASE any one may help me with this!?
  5. I am looking forward for a software to split the video file to parts 10 minutes each directly, like setting the time for each part and then do the split so it may take as many files as it takes.
  6. OMG Man I feel lost in the home page... Where to start and what to do!?
  7. Hello Please which software I can use to split video files into a 10 minutes parts without losing quality or do a lot of work or multi-steps tasks, so that I can upload them later on to youtube website? Thanks
  8. No it was not include any custom option or a bath where you can choose the place to setup.
  9. I have a dula booting, windows xp in drive c and windows 7 in drive d now when i install anything it keeps installing it to drive c instead of drive d so please how to fix this?
  10. I can not read this at all as I am only speak 1 forgin language which is English beside my local one. It seems that I have a problem to explore the pages you are pointing me to because I did not find anything about what you were talking about. Plesae excuse my goofy and my poor information. Is it possible that you may give me the file I need to replace!? Thanks and sorry again for my mistake.
  11. Please it happened again with the exact same hotfix, please may you tell me how to correctly fix this? I've just downloaded the 2 packages and extracted both and installed both of them but did not found any thing titled hotfix extractor.
  12. Hello I've run windows update using internet explorer and it asked me to installed dot net version 3 and after I've applied the updates I've found many hotfixes but every time I try to download updates I found it failed. Please any reason why!?
  13. Thanks a lot. I will download it when I get back home as this mirror is locked in my work and no access to this website.
  14. Thanks for reply But just to confirm that I am talking about Windows mail and not windows live mail. So replacing the mentioned file will solve the whole thing!?
  15. One of the most lovely things in windows vista is windows mail which is the new outlook express. I've just get the ultimate windows 7 and was surprised to find it without a default email client such as windows mail or outlook express at least. Does there is any way to use the windows mail from vista into or with windows 7?
  16. Thanks for reply. What I am looking for is if I formatted my computer and forgot to have a copy of my address book. Or in case I did added a new contacts and forget to update my address book copy with the updated contacts. The only thing I like about Plaxo is the copy of the contacts exist on the server and the synchronization so it is done in few seconds. So does there is any way to have such a thing without paying for free!? BTW I am using windows XP and 7 dual boot.
  17. Thanks for your reply. Please all I am care about is the address book and the synch. Does there is any way to have something a like like address book like the one I used to use for plaxo with thunderbird and outlook.
  18. Hi Now plaxo turned into a a piad product, does there is any other free tool that could make or do the same job or at least enable you to keep address book stored in any place so you can import it later on when you have a fresh windows or access it from another computer? I understand about the manual way to save and import my address book but I mean to have something do it automatically like plaxo? Thanks
  19. Hello, I've just cut all shortcuts exists in the quick launch toolbar and placed them into another place including the show desktop icon. Now I want to only restore the quick launch toolbar and only restore the show desktop icon. Any idea how to do so!? because I did choosed to show the quick launch toolbar but it is not showing anything because it is empty now.
  20. Hello, I've used to use windows messenger since a very long time. All of the sudden I can not log in to windows messenger and got the error attached. I do not know why and I do not know what to do. This is happening all of the sudden.
  21. Thanks for replying But the link mentioned above does not include any download link at all. Also how to extract the file you mentioned to replace? And I've installed XP more then once today and still get the same thing.
  22. Hi I keep find the KB956744 keep reinstalling every time. Any reason why?
  23. Well. I've thought to post in a pre-posted topic instead of posting a new topic. Please how can extract the SkypeSetup.msi file from the package I've downloaded? so I can use SkypeSetup.msi directly.

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