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  1. Please may you tell me more information for this regard ?
  2. Hello I have a bit old computer with the following configration and was wondering if I can run an 64x copy of xp on it: - P4, 1 MB cache, 2.8 GHz, pass 800. - 2 GB Ram, pass 400, dual channel. - ECS mother board, pass 800. - ATI 128 MB VGA Card. - 3 Hard Drives (160, 80, 40) GBs. Also does using 64x copy of XP allow me to use different applications or I should only install 64x copies? or does there is something I do not understand? The reason I am asking that a friend of mine told me that 64x of XP can support more rams and more hard drives and more stable and more fast. So all my hard drives are 32 now, so please correct and clear my points Thanks a lot
  3. Yes, I can confirm that this works, to setup office 2007 unattendedly (maybe redundant, since you want confirmation from others?)And yes, I did this with the latest SP1, and it works - just extract and put the relevant MSP update files in the Updates folder (as mentioned in first post). As for shrinking the setup files of Office 2007, I'm yet to see any info regarding that, chances are that it is not possible with what we know so far. All the best MGB, the mass re-installation should go a bit quicker and easier for the team with this method (thats why we all want unattended after all). Thanks a lot, is it possible to do so using wpi or nlite?
  4. After a lot of searching in different websites and several forums I've found this topic might be the most appropriate one that I may assk for. Please any one did done this unattended setup for office 2007 correctly? Any one done this with latest service pack 1? Any how or way to do the same shrink as the way it was with 2oo3? Please I do appreciate your time but would love to find some quick reply to determine if I can do it or not as we need to have a mass reinstallation for many computers tomorrow in the morning and I'd like to make it more easily for the team. Thanks and much appreciated.
  5. Hi I was wondering about if you have a list for technical support websites you used to visit when you have any issues you need to know about. I do not mean to spam or advertising. but I mean beside msfn.org which places you used to visit and find good support over there?
  6. I am using XP SP3 updated to latest Feb. hotfixes. Oh man this is really awesome to have all of this in just one place. Do I need to download all of them or just pick some of them?
  7. wow sorry for late reply guys... Please I am a bit confused now with all these tools Please (not because I am silly lazy but just confused) may you advise for the tools I should use because many suggested many tools above and I do not want to try something that may conflict with something else and I do not want to screw my computer and reinstall XP all over again. Thanks and much appreciated
  8. ty m8 plz does there is anything else I can use beside this combo !?
  9. - later edit - Does there is anything else I can use beside this combo !? Thanks
  10. That was fast Thanks for replying Kelsenellenelvian But AVG is not free, or I am wrong!?
  11. Hi Please what could be the best free security tool I can reply on with confidence!? Thanks

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