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  1. Finally some one replied Thanks for your reply, but it seems that I did not clear it correctly or you got me wrong I can do add buttons easily with no problems at all But I mean the code I can add to the buttons to let it act or behave or do what I want For example if I added a button titled Install Windows XP what is the correct string I can add to that button to let it behave like that? I hope that you do understand my point now Thanks -later edit- I mean like these buttons Here
  2. Please any one help with this issue All I need is the strings or codes to add to the buttons Thanks
  3. Hide Outlook Express is an amazing one Thanks a lot for this one
  4. Hey I've goggled a lot for any way to minimize outlook express to system tray as the way I used to do with firefox but did not found any thing yet. Just found some paid products to do the job but nothing for free and I do not want to pay So please if anyone know about such a thing that would be awesome. Thanks
  5. Sorry for being in such a hurry or pushing But please anyone may help or guide for where I can find such information?
  6. Hello I've realized that there are several completed projects for the autorun for the xp cd Some members mentioned that it could be done using the mentioned above tool I've searched the forum but did not found any topics or posts regarding how to create such a thing using this tool So please any one can help with this issue Thanks
  7. Hello, We are creating an electronic archive for all departments in the company. We are scanning all documents with the scanner then saving the document as fine. The problem we have now is the case when the document has several pages or some attachments, which mean that there are more scanned documents. So how can we add all these scanned documents into the same .PDF file? I am sure that there is some how to do so but I can not figure out how to do so yet. We are using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Thanks
  8. Like what? both pidgin or trillian or miranda fit awesomely
  9. Thanks for replying I'd prefer Bit defender myself, but I was asking about the expeirenced opinions from advanced people around here Thanks again and I hope if some one advise for which one I should tell him to go for as I am not that experience with this issue
  10. Hi A friend of mine asking me about which tool he may buy from: - Norton Internet Security 2009. - Bit Defender total security 2009. - Kasper Sky Internet Security 2009. So I've told him to wait till I ask here and feed him back. Thanks
  11. All I do is to run the windows update manually and choose express option. Does there is any way to find these KBs in my hard drive in the original format so I can use it later on? I am not sure if I am understanding what you have said above?
  12. Thanks for fast replying mate . Thanks for the info and yes it makes live more easier but what if the list is not updated to the latest hotfixes and I want to get all the latest hotfixes I've just downloaded? Any way to update the list (or I should start this issue in another new thread?)? Also if there is away to find an answer for my 1st question that would be awesome .
  13. Hello I've just installed my old operating system windows 2000 which has a brilliant stability I'm downloading the hotfixes now from the Microsoft windows updates website Please I want to know if there is any way to know the place in my computer where the hot fixes I am downloading right now from the Microsoft windows update website So I can use them later on with nLite to integrate them with the source Please advise Thanks
  14. Why not to have this one as a pinned one and staff adjust the 1st post to make it more organized ? Something like this: 1) a- website name. b- topics covered. c- link. 2) a- website name. b- topics covered. c- link. ...etc Just imo
  15. Thanks a lot for all of that good links mate, All will be in my foxmark now:)
  16. You mean that you are using NOD 32 and OutPost firewall?
  17. No, I mean when you want to have an answer for something related to computers and internet. I mean like a website or a forum like MSFN
  18. Well my friends, I think no need then to go through all of these as I was not expecting all of that, so thanks to you for saving my time and my money as well. Also I do like to thank all members and staff for their care to help me that much Also thanks for all the new information I've learned from you here at MSFN
  19. Thanks for the info mate ... can I have one operating system with 32-bit on a partition, and another 64-bit operating system on another partition?
  20. But does applications will work normally? For example nero, office ...etc?
  21. I've decided to buy a paid copy of bit defender total security for 3 computers for 2 years. I am using latest free AVG beside it. Is this enough for me or I am still need something else or more?

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