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  1. Just click on the link on my post, the DL link for A3LToolBar.au3 is at the end of the 1st post. Note that you will DL an installer that need autoit to be installed 1st to run properly. I'm not fully satisfied with this solution that I found a little bit too complex and I will probably integrate both DaemonTools and awxDtools via nlite addons. Anyway this could help for post installations. Regards
  2. Hi, It seem that with version 4.10, the secure mode of Daemon Tools is ON by default and block the installation of awxDTools. So we have to disable secure mode 1st to allow silent installation of awxDTools. The problem is that I haven't found any switch or tweak to disable this option. So I've made this script to do it via autoit: #include <A3LToolBar.au3> Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) $hToolBar = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]", "") $hSysTray = ControlGetHandle($hToolBar, "", "ToolbarWindow321") $BtnCnt = _Toolbar_ButtonCount($hSysTray) $BtnTxt = "Virtual Daemon" ;Search for the right icon on the tray $i=0 While $i < $BtnCnt - 1 if StringLeft(_Toolbar_GetButtonText($hSysTray, $i),14)=$BtnTxt Then $BtnNum=$i EndIf $i=$i+1 WEnd ;Right click on the button and switch the secure mode option _Toolbar_ClickButton($hSysTray, $BtnNum, "right") send("O",0) send("{Enter}",0) Note that you need to include the A3LToolBar.au3 that can be found on the autoit site http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33677 Note also that you have 1st to launch DaemonTools. This means: Install Daemon Tools Run Daemon Tools Launch this script Install awxDTools If someone get something more simple I will be very happy Regards
  3. I've just discover your soft, nice piece! Thanks. There is a few missing features that can help for the creation of an XPCD via nlite: The ability to filter by date The integration method The list of removed items Explanations: I'm using nlite to integrate the hotfixes to my XPCD. Since now I was updating each month the list of hotfixes manually via the thread in the MSFN forum. Your tool can definitely simplify the process, but I miss the features below to automate the process. 1st of all, I only need to add the new hotfixes since my last download (usually last month) so a filter by date can do the job. But not all hotfixes are directly integrable so I need to know the integration method. I do install the non integrable hotfixes via a batch file at T-13. At last, to have something fully clean, I need to know witch old hotfixes to remove, so the list of removed items can do the job. Do you think it's possible ? Regards
  4. Hello Nitro, Congratulation for the iso & bin support in the 1.1 and thanks for the drag and drop. Regards
  5. Hello Nitro, I don't know if this will help but Bin2Iso is based on the cue file, if you only have the bin, you must 1st recreate the cue or it won't work. I've done a quick serch, but I haven't find other prog that allow command line. Regards
  6. Hi DigeratiPrime, Thanks for the tips, work fine, but it's not very easy to get the prog and the file to extract in the same directory to do it easily. I mainly store my progs on an usb key and use pstart as program launcher, so I can drag an drop directly over the universal extractor shortcut, that's why I was asking. Anyway it's not a big deal to go and get the prog to extract thru the UE interface. Regards
  7. Hello Nitro, I've just discover your application and would like to say that's really usefull. Just one request, I mainly use portable apps on an USB key so I do not install your app and don't have context menu. So is it possible for you to allow drag an drop of file to extract in your extraction window in addition ? Very nice job anyway. Regards
  8. The best thing to do is to set the Java Runtime as a sub item of OpenOffice so if you select OpenOffice, the runtime will be selected also. You can also add a test to see if the Java Runtime is already installed, to prevent a reinstall. While I don't have my test computer here, I can't give you an example, but will try later.
  9. Another way is to use the portable version of the progs: Portable Thunderbird Portable Firefox You can configure Firefox as you want, add the extensions and themes you need and then just make a copy or a zip file of the rep (Or just use it on an usb key) Just the same for Thunderbird.
  10. Regarding tabs and/or spaces, how will you mesure the number of spaces ? Could be difficult to count the spaces when creating the ini file... On my opinion tabs only seem better.
  11. This should be quite limitative. The way I would like to be abble to use the tests is starting with this example: [Tools] test.0 = test 0 test.1 = test 1 test.eval = 0 & 1 disabled = if.false description.0 = App 0 command.0 = Cmd 0 test.0.0 = test 0 test.eval.0 = 0 selected.0 = if.true disabled.0 = if.false description.1 = App 1 command.1 = Cmd 1 test.1.0 = test 1 test.eval.1 = 0 selected.1 = if.true disabled.1 = if.false So something like this could be usefull [Tools] TestA = 1st test TestB = 2nd test test.eval = TestA & TestB disabled = if.false description.0 = App 0 command.0 = Cmd 0 test.eval.0 = TestA selected.0 = if.true disabled.0 = if.false description.1 = App 1 command.1 = Cmd 1 test.eval.1 = TestB selected.1 = if.true disabled.1 = if.false A little bit like you use general vars. I don't have my ini file with me so I can't give a more detailed example, hope it's clear enought
  12. Hello Benjamin, This is a good news while numbers are sometime a pain when you need to add a new item in the middle of the others. On suggestions, the ability to use the same test at several position. I mean use the test 1 for prog A and use test 1 & test 2 for prog B without rewriting the test several times. I use this to collapse blocks of programs when all the programs in the block are already installed. Any date for the release of the new format ? Regards
  13. XPect

    WIHU Creator

    I've done a quick test yesterday, and it's a bit buggy. I was not abble to load or to generate any ini file. I will try it on another machine this evening and let you know the result. Anyway I like the idea behind, just keep working on.
  14. It depend what you want to do exactly. I imagine you want to install several apps by default and when it's done give the user the option to install a few others. It could be done in 2 way. If it's linked with an unattended CD, you could launch wihu a 1st time at T-13 using cmdlines.txt and a second time at the 1st final boot via [GuiRunOnce] in winnt.sif You could use 2 different ini file if needed. If it's not linked with an unattended CD, just create a batch file ex:test.cmd with 2 lines wihu wihu You could also set different parameters for each wihu execution: wihu /SkipSettings /INI=file1.ini /Autoinstall=5 /SkipRestart /Log=log1.txt wihu /INI=file2.ini /Log=log2.txt That's just an idea, but could work fine
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