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    Of course, but I'm very busy now (*cough*exams*cough*), so expect an update at the beginning of February. Studying for exams is way more important!!! My2GirlsDad
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    Parseus, Will you be updating HFSLIPFC-2K with the changes bristol made on Jan 5th and the new Malicious Software Removal Tool released on the 10th? Thank you, My2GirlsDad
  3. Thanks Mimo Hope you're feeling better!!
  4. My2GirlsDad


    Thx Parseus! Upload is done... Thank you Parseus and Mimo..... and Parseus I hope you're feeling better real soon. My2GirlsDad
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    Hey Parseus, I was wondering when we can expect a new 2k file checker. There have been some additional items: Added: HF\windows-kb890830-v4.3.exe Added: HF\Windows2000-KB2476490-x86-ENU.exe Added: HF\Windows2000-KB2508429-v6-x86-ENU.exe Replaced: HF\Windows2000-KB943055-x86-ENU.EXE (MS08-008: OLE) by KB2476490 Replaced: HF\Windows2000-KB943485-x86-ENU.EXE (MS08-002: LSASS) by KB2508429-v6 Replaced: HF\Windows-KB890830-v4.2.exe (Malicious Software Removal Tool v4.2) by KB890830-v4.3 Replaced: HF\Windows2000-KBz2508429-v5-x86-ENU.exe (MS11-020: SMB Server) by KB2508429-v6 I know life can get busy so when you get time it would be great to have an update. Thanks for all your hard work in this undertaking, it is very much appreciated. Have a great evening, My2GirlsDad
  6. My2GirlsDad


    Parseus, Thank you very much for all your time in resurrecting HFSLIPFC-2K. It is a great tool to have. I did find a couple problems I wanted to make you aware of: 1. I am receiving the error "missing (S): HFSVCPACK_SW1\Windows2000-KB958470-x86-ENU.EXE (RDC 5.1)" even though I have Windows2000-XP-2003-MSRDP52-x86-ENU.exe in HFSVCPACK_SW1 which replaces it. 2. usp10.dl_ is not removed from REPLACE\I386\ folder even though you have this line included "R|REPLACE/I386\usp10.dl_|Usp10.dll from KB2288621 for Microsoft Office 2007 SP2, replaced by unofficial KBz2288621 update" in HFSLIPFC-2K. My2GirlsDad
  7. Mim0 & Parseus, Thank you for bringing the 2k File Checker back to life. I am getting the following error when I first start. Is this a typo or it is by design? I tried to find the problem but am probably not looking in the right place. See screenshot below. My2GirlsDad
  8. Mimo, The problem is with the xp extension. You made a typo. Change "IF /i !lang!==ARA ( )" to "IF /i !lang!==ARA (SET ln979099=AR)" and everything works great. Thanks for a great tool and remember we got your back. My2GirlsDad
  9. I am attempting an unattended XP install using Yumeyao's latest DotNetFXAIO_40F_20111019_Addon_ENU.cab using HFSLIP putting the extracted dotnetfx.exe in the HFSVCPACK folder. When running XP SP3 setup I receive the following error when processing .Net 2.0SP2 portion: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. Please refer to the setup log for more information." From then on all subsquent "installs" are broken, including Net 4. After running a few tests I've found the problem. When I include the line "FileSystem=convertNTFS" in the [unattended] section then the error occurs but if I remove that line then no error. I have no idea why this happens and if someone could enlighten me it would be much appreciated. My2GirlsDad
  10. tomasz86, Are these scripts ready to download yet? Will they be available here or over at RyanVm? Just Wondering, My2GirlsDad
  11. I extract the DOTNETFX.exe from yumeyao's AIO release and place it in the HFSVCPACK folder. It installs without any issues or problems. I use the ALL-IN-One including all versions. My2GirlsDad
  12. tomasz86, While I was sad to hear you cancelled plans for UR2.1 I can totally understand your decision. I appreciate all the hard work you've put into UR2 and find it a great addition to facilitate our slipstreaming efforts. I decided after numerous unsuccessful attempts to just include KB956844 in the HF folder. Every attempt did not update the triedit.dll file. It may not be the correct way but it works. I still have one problem with Microsoft Update asking for KB982381 Cumulative Security Update for IE6 SP1. Is this supposed to happen? I thought the UR or IE/OE Rolloup was going to prevent this from happening. Please see my HFSLIP log and Microsoft Update page attached. Thanks again for your input. My2GirlsDad
  13. and the result is triedit.dll tomasz86, I believe I've found the reason that triedit.dll was not updated. It seems that HFSLIP was set up to do the original update rollup 1 first (I'm not sure why), then the IE cabs files, then the remaining hotfixes. This causes the triedit.dll from your Rollup, because it has the same KB number, to be overwritten by the IE cabs. When I changed the name of your Rollup from Windows2000-KB891861-UR2-v3-BETA-x86-ENU.exe to Windows2000-KB891UR2861-v3-BETA-x86-ENU.exe the file was updated and KB956844 disappeared from Microsoft Updates. With that problem fixed I still have one issue with the Rollup. Microsoft Update still asks for KB982381 Cumulative Security Update for IE6 SP1. KB908531 no longer shows up. Thanks for your continued help. Regards, My2GirlsDad
  14. tomasz86, After trying both of your great tips, removing the HFSLIP cab files and using your beta version, I'm still getting the version of triedit.dll instead of As I said before if I put KB956844 in HF the file is updated correctly. Is there something different between KB956844 and your rollup? Thanks for your input on this. It is very confusing to me. My2girlsDad
  15. tomasz86, I've come across another potential problem with your Update Rollup 2. Below find my results at Microsoft Update after my latest slipstream using HFSLIP. While I understand that KB908531 and KB982381 are due to unofficial update KB2416400, I was surprised that KB956844 showed up since it part of the Rollup. If I include the KB956844 in the \HF folder it updates TRIEDIT.dll to version If I leave it out and rely on the Rollup, triedit.dll remains at version Is this something you may have overlooked? Everything else seems to working fine. Thanks for looking into this. My2GirlsDad
  16. Thank you very much, tomasz86, everything installed just like it should with no problems. Appreciate your quick fixes. Waiting patiently for your update to Update Rollup 2 for Windows 2000 with WMP9 and MDAC 2.8. Take your time I can wait. My2GirlsDad
  17. Thanks tomasz86 for looking into this. Here's my HFSLIP log.
  18. tomasz86, First of all thank you very much for all the hard work you've done in creating these "programs" . I know it requires much of your time and I appreciate it. I have attempted to slipstream the Update Rollup 2, DX9.0c Full Pack, and IE / OE Mini Rollup v1.1 using the lastest version of HFSLIP and have receive the following errors. 1. During the copy files phase I get the following error: Shlwapi.dllError See attachment below I believe this due to 2416400 update 2. During the Performing Final Tasks Phase I get the DXError See attachment below 3. Finally, During the First Boot I get the ScriptError See attachment below Again, thanks for these great tools and any insight you can shed on these errors would be very helpful. My2GirlsDad
  19. In order to hide unneeded windows updates you need to hide them on Windows/Microsoft Updates page. Then you need to copy not only C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb but also C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Log\edb.log. Without edb.log Windows/Microsoft Updates activex breaks. As -X- suggested I put both files in $OEM$ folder and created a script to move them over during setup. It worked great. FYI everybody. M2GD
  20. Thanks -X- I will give that a try and report back. I appreciate the help. M2GD
  21. Is there a way to hide updates not needed/wanted on Microsoft (Windows) Update page with a registry script during XP setup? If so, how would you do this? I don't want Windows PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM 2.0 for Windows XP and Windows Embedded (KB968930), Microsoft Security Essentials - KB2267621, or Windows Live Essentials. Or would the more prudent way be to hide them on the page itself? Just Wondering! What do you think? M2GD
  22. Ok, so I ran HFSLIP once with KB2467659 and KB2416400 in HF Folder as Mimo suggested with no problem. WU didn't ask for either update. Thanks again for your help Mimo and jvidal. I'd be lost without your expertise. No need for another batch file. My2GirlsDad
  23. Hello user_hidden This command dosen't work for me. I have also tried msiexec /p NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.msp /a netfx.msi /qb dosen't work either.... If someone would share his working NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.exe made with iexpress i will be glad ! Mooms, Tries to create addon with the SNM and later unpack the archive that contains netfx.msi for an empty folder. It adds the NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.msp archive in folder DNF11 and run the command indicated for user_hidden. After this is alone to repack and to remake addon. Obs: Delete the NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.msp archive before repack. It gave certain! SunLion and Mooms, I'm confused on how to apply this update and pretty dense too! Would you please give me step by step instructions to clear it up for me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks, M2GD
  24. MDGx, I was thinking of installing Win98SE on Virtual PC when I came across your program. I'm normally on the HFSlip forum. So I downloaded and installed it on a clean installed Win98SE. When I ran it, using option 1, after the extractions and the machine reboots I get the following error. So, I believe while some things did get done, not everything did. Please advise. M2GD
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    Thanks, I look for it then.

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