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  1. Of course WU doesn't ask for 2828030, it's a hotfix by request (HBR) just like a few other hotfixes listed in the file checker and on Mim0's site.
  2. Well, I don't have such files. I just thought it could be used to be 100% sure that HFSLIP uses the correct file version. Besides, if I had files with older file version to be used, I would probably put them in a REPLACE\I386 folder.
  3. How is HFSLIP copying files? Does it use the last created/modified date? Could we use filever.exe instead?
  4. You are right, I don't have any IE updates (except for a cumulative IE6 for shdocvw.dll and browseui.dll). I'm using OnePiece's addons to integrate IE8, WMP11 and a few other things.
  5. I found a cause of the error in this code: REM WORKAROUND FOR INTERNET EXPLORER 8 IF EXIST TEMP\UPDATE\*951978* IF %VERSIONIE%==IE8 ( DEL/Q/F TEMP\SP%SP%QFE\jscript.dll DEL/Q/F TEMP\SP%SP%QFE\vbscript.dll ) REM WORKAROUND FOR INTERNET EXPLORER 8 IF NOT DEFINED IE8HFX IF %VERSIONIE%==IE8 ( IF EXIST TEMP\SP%SP%QFE\html.iec ( FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B TEMP\SP%SP%QFE') DO IF /I NOT "%%I"=="shdocvw.dll" ( IF /I NOT "%%I"=="browseui.dll" DEL/Q/F TEMP\SP%SP%QFE\%%I ) ) ) I fixed it by adding missing quotation marks: REM WORKAROUND FOR INTERNET EXPLORER 8 IF EXIST TEMP\UPDATE\*951978* IF "%VERSIO
  6. I'm not using HFSLIP on Windows 7. I have a VM with Windows XP for it.
  7. HFSLIP beta K (v2) closes for me with an "( was unexpected at this time" error while trying to integrate any update from HF1.txt (f.e. KB890830). HFSLIP extracts the update to TEMP, but closes itself immediately after that. I don't have any problems with beta J v11. Here is my output log from the console:
  8. Parseus


    Fixed. Fixed. Hmm, it's working for me - did you include the registry fix in HFSVCPACK folder?
  9. Parseus


    It should be on Mim0's website this evening.
  10. Are you sure it's necessary? HFSLIP will slipstream any update even if you name it abcd.exe unless its structure is non-standard. I read about it here, but I don't know if the current version of HFSLIP handles it without the need for renaming it. Somebody should test that.
  11. Parseus


    Fixed. Fixed - I made a typo there, so FC didn't recognize obsoletion by KB2416400. Fixed. Added hint about it. Fixed. Added a hint about it. Dumb typo - it should be KB841029. Fixed. Removed from update list. It's already superseded by your multilanguage v2 version. Added a hint about it. Added a hint about it. I forgot to add a registry fix fr KB834158. Fixed. The first one was a dumb typo, as I wrote earlier. The second one I didn't add earlier for some reason. I guess slipstreaming both 6.4 and 9 codecs shouldn't hurt. Added.
  12. Parseus


    Wow, that was a really long break I updated my extension
  13. IIRC, renaming this update allows HFSLIP for some reason to slipstream it from HF folder instead of HFSVCPACK_SW1.
  14. Parseus


    Of course, but I'm very busy now (*cough*exams*cough*), so expect an update at the beginning of February.
  15. Parseus


    I uploaded a new version to Mim0. I wanted to do that earlier, but I had to fight with very ugly common cold. You can expect HFSLIPFC-2K today or tomorrow.
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