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  1. BOOL WinAPI HeapSetInformation( __in_opt HANDLE HeapHandle, __in HEAP_INFORMATION_CLASS HeapInformationClass, __in PVOID HeapInformation, __in SIZE_T HeapInformationLength )
  2. ... To change task manager? hi all, is there a way to change the task manager of Windows 98?? thank for help.
  3. cause, i want to run ntoskrnl.exe for triggering blue screen X) it's possible then?
  4. it's possible to force open csrss.exe? when i try to open csrss.exe it give me the message: it's same for smss.exe, ntoskrnl.exe and autochk.exe... it's possible to force run these applications??thank for help.
  5. hi all, im luluthefirst, im a guy and im programming with vb6 it's weird to have 10000000000000000000000 forums on this community :joke:
  6. i don't know how do you that to edit the task manager of windows 98 se it's possible to unload all application but not my VB application? (like a bit a system shutdown or a log off)
  7. I've already performed similar search and found no such function. But there are alternatives: This shutdowns Windows without calling dialogs (you may write your own Shutdown dialog with these function, more info here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/234216 Or you may use VBScript to open Shutdown dialog (Windows Scripting Host required). Dim objShell set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") objShell.ShutdownWindows set objShell = nothing (create *.vbs file with this content and run it to show dialog) i'm making the Windows Logon of XP with VB6 but i need to create a binary file that load the password of the user, example, if, "test" is a good user, then no message error, but for the password, it load into a binary file, and i need that P.S: For load direct the winlogon.exe, i put on HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices then it will load before the desktop
  8. I think they just picture it base on their imagination lmao i'm making a new session dialog, it's like Windows XP, i need help, what dll, with rundll32.exe, i call for show the "Shut Down Windows" Dialog ?
  9. That's nice suggestion. Maybe just an exclamation (!) icon with tooltip text of "System appears unstable". Click it to display the Kernel Task Manager. Right click to display a shortcut menu with options to "Close all applications", "Reboot" and "Shutdown" Also nice, but i don't imagine a good mockup. Please see my mockup: How do you edit the taskmanager of Windows 98 SE?
  10. It's still compatible but i recommand to you to choice Windows 95 C OSR2.5, the C version are stable
  11. it work now, i was try a uninstalling RP 7 and reinstalling Windows 98 SE and it work now, noone of file was lost
  12. Can you add the button "Pause process" ?
  13. There some option are deleted and no more options was added that Revolution Pack 7 And i don't see the dialog of RP 9 to add/remove a options :/
  14. Revolution Pack 9 It's compatible for Windows 98 SE? Edit: Compatible
  15. Or just try a Windows 98 SE installation?
  16. Fixed by uninstalling Revolution Pack 7 Another problem: Impossible to open the start menu and impossible to open my computer And another: impossible to install Revolution Pack 9, it say it's impossible to install it up the old version of Revolution Pack i'm getting tired with this, cannot install Revolution Pack 9, the 7 suck, im tired...
  17. i downloaded the shell32.dll fix and now cannot start explorer.exe, i'm on Windows 98 SE system, i try to replacing the shell32.dll with the CD of Windows 98 SE but is without success, still the same problem the general module page fault on shell32.dll is 0167:7fcb3fcd. i downloaded it on Win9x4ever.online.fr, and impossible to reinstall Windows 98 SE, it say i need the CD upgrade installation, and some time when i download a patch, i get a BSoD at start, and then need to reinstall Windows 98 SE, and now, impossible to reinstall it, anyone get that? How to fix it? Thank.
  18. hi! i am a new member, i downloaded your cool menu, i maked the iso, i run the iso with virtual pc, i click in a menu and i got a error File not found, press any key to continue... i changed the color of the menu (256colors(8bits)) and it's worked!!!! i don't know why the color 64K (16bits) don't work... i need a tutorial for easyboot! thank very much!!!

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