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  1. Tryed disabling theses unknowns two add-ons: and no crash now, one thing, need to wait 20 seconds to start the Windows Explorer
  2. apparely it's caused by the file, shdocvw.dll version 6.0.3790.4392 version 0001e51d
  3. hi all, somes times with the Windows Explorer when i log on it's very slow to show the taskbar of the Windows Explorer, and somes times when i log on the Windows Explorer crash, and after 5 seconds, it resume, and the taskbar disappear (the process explorer.exe is killed) and i must to restart it... I know, it's not a virus, i'm running Windows Server 2003 on Virtual PC, i got an evaluation copy from microsoft (yes because Windows Server 2003 for me is so long to install and then i download them on microsoft and i activated my copy of my original CD), then i know ivent a virus, is there a bug?
  4. i'm making a windows logon process project, but i need help, when i change these key on HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders and when i restart the windows explorer, it rechange all key to default (C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP) and i want another directory
  5. it's possible add the pause button for process explorer 11.13? On Windows 98 SE, i click right on a process, i haven't the pause button, but on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 i have the pause button Adding "SuspendThread" to Kernel32.dll may be good Declare Function SuspendThread Lib "kernel32.dll" ( _ ByVal hThread As Long) As Long
  6. maybe it's a function to import on kernel32.dll/user32.dll, your post must be in KernelEx 4.0 RC 2, The guy created KernelEx will maybe add this function that doesn't require Windows NT
  7. when mprexe.exe is killed, you got a WSoD (White Screen of Death) that you can't continue the system, you must to reboot your machine
  8. i think you can do that with 7-Zip, just, with 7-Zip, create a new file named "LOGONUI.EX_", and put your logonui.exe into LOGONUI.EX_, and then add it in your iso file
  9. ah, but bot can change IP as fast... but what it do when the forum put a bot on the site?
  10. You have the super pro OS Windows 7 x64? Windows 7 are the best and can f*** up some bots and destroy it into a pressure chamber Why these f***ing creator create theses bot for annoying all people?!
  11. you probaly need a anti-bot for the forum...
  12. i see a bot on the forum that post the same insulting message, his profile: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showuser=247494
  13. and the suspend function for process explorer
  14. i'm programming with VB6, but how to make for that windows 98 show my task manager instead of default?
  15. it's normal when i stop MPREXE.EXE i got a mega fatal extra big fatal error (WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH WSOD)? i know, i like to crash Windows and stopping some services process on Windows 95, it doesn't do that, it just don't show the browser and shut down some applications.
  16. on the last version of process explorer (11.13) i'ven't the PAUSE button for pause process and i want to pause a process
  17. in RP9, you press CTRL+ALT+DEL and a dialog "Windows Security" appear, the taskmanager was edited, i just want to edit the task manager of Windows 98 SE
  18. i just want to edit the original task manager of Windows 98 SE when you press CTRL-ALT-DEL... ehm, in RP9, when i start Windows and i press CTRL-ALT-DEL it appear the original task manager, i click cancel, i wait, and the new task manager appear when i press CTRL-ALT-DEL... how to do it?
  19. on the last version of process explorer (11.13) i'ven't the PAUSE button for pause process and i want to pause a process
  20. ahah i can do CTRL+ALT+DEL and i can do some bug
  21. but you can probaly import this function
  22. i just want to edit the task manager when you press ctrl-alt-del, because the original task manager are not good
  23. What should I say that? Sorry, I do not understand this response. it mean to import into kernel32.dll with C++

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