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  1. Finally figured it out. I forgot I had JS blocked for Google (www.google.com and subtier URLs) in Opera site prefs from a long time ago, and when they switched from Classic maps to the new maps (Lite mode, etc.), the URLs changed from maps.google.com to www.google.com/maps, hence invoking the JS block for Google. Enabling JS allows the new Google Maps (Lite mode) to display again.
  2. That URL does not work for me. Google redirects to a search for that URL instead of Google Maps.
  3. Interesting. www.google.pl/maps/ do work for some reason but www.google.com/maps/ do not as I've noted. I was finally able to submit feedback to Google using another computer and browser but I don't have high hopes for this problem being fixed.
  4. As I suspected, Google Maps no longer work again today and I cannot even access the link to send them feedback. This is extremely frustrating to say the least.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Google Maps suddenly started working again this morning. I did come across some info on the Web that they just retired "Classic" maps for some new "Maps Lite" or something similar. I suspect the transition had something to do with this problem. Update: Upon further review, apparently Classic maps have not been fully retired yet. I'm viewing Classic maps again now and I suspect that's why they still work. I'm concerned whether the new "Lite Mode" maps will properly display in Opera or give the blank white page as before. Trying to figure out how to transmit my concerns to Google...
  6. I noticed this for the first time today. They worked normally a few days ago but now all Google Maps only display a blank white page. Anyone else experiencing this and/or have any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  7. I see. I didn't view the main wunderground.com website, but rather a local-specific subsite. Like I said, ever since I deleted those fonts I haven't had a single crash in Opera. The GPFs in GDI.EXE started right after I installed them so it was a fairly obvious cause and effect.
  8. Why does that matter? IIRC it was wunderground.com and a couple of other sites. Since I deleted those fonts, the error has not recurred. I'm positive they were the root cause, at least on my system.
  9. Update: Ever since I deleted those new fonts, the GPFs in GDI.EXE have not recurred as I suspected, and I've reloaded those websites that caused the GPFs in Opera. I'm convinced that the fonts are the root cause of the errors.
  10. @loblo After installing your fonts I started getting repeated general protection faults with GDI.EXE in Opera while web surfing. I'm not sure if your fonts are the root cause but I've just deleted them and will report back if the errors stop. PS: I've also noticed a new/updated ttfCache file in my \Windows directory. Not familiar with this file but I suspect it's b/c I installed those new fonts.
  11. Ah. Thanks again, loblo. I DL'ed it quickly and didn't notice that at all.
  12. Thanks for the excellent explanation of webfonts, loblo. I tried to install those fonts you kindly provided but get various errors even after changing KernelEx compatibility modes. Occasionally I get errors indicating it's looking for a different version of Windows. This is the usual error I get: SOME GLYPHS-ICONS WEBFONTS FOR OPERA 12 caused an invalid page fault in module SOME GLYPHS-ICONS WEBFONTS FOR OPERA 12.02 ON 98-ME.7Z.EXE at 0177:00406a90. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0177 EIP=00406a90 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=0098fac0 EBP=0098fae8 ECX=a503d27b DS=017f ESI=00000000 FS=1927 EDX=00000000 ES=017f EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 40 0c 8b 40 18 89 45 f4 8b 45 f4 a3 1c 10 47 Stack dump: 5b5a5958 5f5e5d5c 00000000 2b3818b8 a503d27b b21fdf90 b21fdf90 00000000 7b5a5958 00000000 0098fd90 0043a221 8b8a8988 8f8e8d8c 93929190 97969594
  13. Thanks loblo! (and Nomen for posting this thread) Disabling webfonts also fixed this problem for me. I've noticed occasional weird garbled illegible fonts in a handful of websites ever since I updated to Opera 12.02 a few years ago, but I thought it was a glitch in those particular websites. In recent months though, I've noticed them much more often including mainstream sites such as NY Times, CBS sports, etc. I have no idea what webfonts are but disabling them also solved some very annoying fonts and missing hyperlinks in several other websites I browse regularly. I've continued to notice fonts changes (for the better) ever since I disabled them. Seems like the default setting should be "disabled" rather than "enabled".
  14. Thanks! I don't use Stylish but I'll try to implement it with User CSS in Opera and see how it goes.
  15. @bphlpt: I agree. Seems like it would be a lot easier to just try the new CSS style sheet and see if it works.
  16. @buyerninety: I appreciate your replies and advice but I fail to see how it helps resolve this problem. Specific advice about creating and implementing the referenced custom CSS style sheet to disable the max-width parameter would be much more helpful. As I said, I'm not familiar with CSS and how it's implemented in formatting and viewing MSFN webpages.
  17. Many thanks for the replies and advice. It sounds much more complicated than I was hoping. I've never used User CSS before, and I'm not familiar with CSS either. It's extremely aggravating why this is now needed after the IPB update. Yet another example of "new and NOT improved"...
  18. My primary complaint about the IPB 3.4.5 update is that all forums content no longer properly "word wraps" in my small LCD display and now extends far beyond the right edge, making it extremely aggravating and difficult to view and navigate MSFN. As a result, I no longer browse and read MSFN much anymore. The previous versions of IPB all "word wrapped" properly. Is there some setting to restore this proper operation again? My web browser is Opera 12.02. Thanks! Hopefully this has not been previously discussed. I quickly skimmed through some earlier posts but did not read all 125 posts.
  19. The date of the digital signature in File Properties will provide the date of the update file. I just DL'ed the latest update and it's still being updated. I don't know what your issue is with Avast! update webpage. I would try jds' advice.
  20. Surprisingly, definitions support is still ongoing as of today. No complaints here. Hopefully it will continue. As jds stated, support was supposed to have been terminated several years ago but thankfully it's continued up till now.
  21. @dencorso: Indeed. This is the first time an older archived registry backup has saved the day but I knew that time would come eventually. Having learned from the school of hard knocks since my first involvement with computers, I've become almost obsessive about maintaining a comprehensive archive of system backups. It's bailed me out of bad situations countless times. @jaclaz: I considered doing so but I examined the contents of my WIN.INI and didn't see anything that jumped out at me. I suspect the page fault error derives from some of the hex values in the [Compatibility] sections... perhaps there's some conflict between WinImage and some other program when those settings/addresses are missing. FWIW, I'll attach my WIN.INI for reference as you suggested. @CharlotteTheHarlot: Thank you as always for your long thorough technically detailed response. I was not aware of the issues you described but as you stated, I do have those lines associated with WinImage in the [Extensions] section of my WIN.INI. I'm not very familiar with WIN.INI and have never worked with it or examined its settings before. In fact, I'm not sure where they came from originally. As stated in my previous post, the root cause of my page fault error is specifically WIN.INI and not the registry or size-related issues. If the vast majority of the settings in WIN.INI are deleted, then the page fault error immediately occurs in WinImage. Win.ini
  22. Just to complete this discussion, I've done more extensive analysis and troubleshooting on this problem and I've definitively determined its root cause. I was mistaken... it wasn't caused by the registry but rather WIN.INI. Somehow WIN.INI had been significantly modified at some point in the past, removing the vast majority of its configuration lines and settings. This directly led to the invalid page fault error in KRNL386.EXE and most likely the 2-digit year format in Date/Time Properties. Restoring WIN.INI to its former state immediately resolves the page fault error. It's still a mystery how WIN.INI got modified, as I certainly did not do so. I suspect some utility program may have modified it but I have no idea how or why. Hopefully this information will benefit anyone who happens to encounter this error in the future. It's certainly been educational for me.
  23. No, it indicates that the program has been updated and that you must download and install the new version. Thanks for the info and link! I suspected it would work but that's a good confirmation. EDIT: @jds and Drugwash. Sorry I missed your posts before I replied. I thought KernelEx Win2000 mode was enabled when it autoloaded after installation but you're right, it may not have been. I'll give it another shot later (although it probably won't work per Drugwash).
  24. SpywareBlaster 5.0 (just released) no longer works in Win98SE. The previous version 4.6 is apparently the last version that does. Enabling Win2000 SP4 compatibility mode in KernelEx allows the installer to run but the program fails with the following error: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File "KERNEL32.dll", function "GlobalMemoryStatusEx"

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