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  1. I've used Outlook 2010, but it's slow and clunky. Tried Windows Live Mail, but it gives me headaches, lots of errors regarding IMAP. I have 3 gmail accounts and 1 hotmail, so I want something easy and reliable. I tried Thunderbird, Postbox, but I don't like any. Any recommendations?
  2. The new Silverlight 5 will be available in the next ULZ's! Are they .Net 3.5.1 updates? Cause all the other updates are in the lists. I will be including .Net 3.5.1 updates in the ULZ's after SP2 has been released! Not all of them. But the majority are Security Update for Windows 7, mix of 2011 and 2012 dates. When's SP2 expected?
  3. Thanks for this great effort! I downloaded and installed the updates, but Windows update still notifies me of updates with different dates; from 2011 to May 8, 2012. How come?
  4. comp freezes on POST...no response

    It's been 3 days and nothing has changed. I still get the first thing you see on POST, where it says "Press Del for Setup....." I tried pressing Del but it wouldn't respond. Doesn't even show the processor, ram, etc.. So it's still a psu issue or something else?
  5. New Video Card

    But we really won't need a dx10 card if you are just a casual gamer, right? even vista works witha dx9 card well. I'm planning on getting a 7600GT or x1650xt myself.
  6. comp freezes on POST...no response

    Here's a link for the specs of the 420w psu. Is it enough for a x1650xt or 7600gt, core2duo? http://www.hecgroupusa.com/product/5
  7. comp freezes on POST...no response

    I found this at my local stores, and that's the only brand name psu's available. Any thoughts about it? Here's a review: http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews...er_480UB_8.html will it be suffiecient if upgraded to a core 2 duo and a 7600GT?
  8. comp freezes on POST...no response

    Power supply, you sure? The computer is a year and a half old. EDIT: btw, the power was cut at our building several times over the year, can that be a problem? maybe when the power came back was a shock to psu or other components? are there psu's that have surgesupressors or something?
  9. My computer gone crazy for the past few weeks but I really didn't know what was the problem, not even now. Previously, I used to start my pc and it goes through POST and then windows, then i hear a "clicking" sound, which seems the motor of the hard disk and the computer starts. Sometimes it boots up perfectly and everything is fine. But when i have my pc turned off and come to turn it on, POST would just start and suddenly the "clicking" sound and restarts. So it restarts before windows bar comes.....which means it didn't use the disk at that moment, right? Now I replaced the hard disk and installed windows, it went well, started a few times with no problems, and all of the sudden the "clicking" sound again and the computer restarts. Just like what happened with the previous disk. I unplugged the hard disks and booted, it came into POST and found no hard disk, obviously. I shut down and the turned the pc back on, no POST this time, the disks are unplugged. Tried to turn it back on, but it wouldn't as if it was dead. After say 30 mins or so, it came to POST and said "Overclocking failed! Press F1 to resume, F2 blah blah..." The weird thing is that I'm not overclocking, BIOS settings are default, and don't even have the asus overclocking program installed. Other times, I get my gfx card name and version on top of the screen and under it "Boot block compatibility version Ver .014" Bad Bios Checksum..." and then repeated messeges after each other "CD-ROM not found" "cannot read floppy" (something like that, the green led is always on, trying to access the floppy). What going on? Could it be the PSU is not feeding the disks enough power, which may lead to corrupt my disk, i don't want it to mess up my new disk. Lately, this is what's happing: I powered on, it froze on the first page, where it says "Press Del for Setup....." I tried pressing Del but it wouldn't respond. This is really getting on my nerves! Sorry for the long post. PC specs: P4 3.2ghz HT LGA775 Asus P5GD1 mb 2x512mb TwinMos DDR400 ram x600pro 128mb SAVVY 400w psu
  10. What do you guys think of that case? Worth it? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811173001
  11. I'm having a hard time listening to movies, eventhough I have the volume to max. I have built-in sound card. I only need 2.1 speakers, I don't want 5. What do you guys think of this one: http://us.creative.com/products/product.as...lSpecifications
  12. I have an LCD with built in speakers. If i add speakers, will the sound be louder, likes watching movies, or there won't be a difference?
  13. [Question] - install winxp from external hd

    When i boot from it, it says something like NTDRL error, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.
  14. My bios can boot from my usb external hd. I would copy all the contents of the cd to the hd, is there something else i should do?
  15. Do guys think the extra 50gb is vital? The price between both is pretty significant for me.