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  1. Office 2007

    I'd try rolling back to SP2, installing and reloading SP3.
  2. ATI or NVIDIA

    http://certification.comptia.org/a/default.aspx A+ is probably one of the most standard IT related certs there is and MSOP is Microsoft Office Professional, it's for 2003 though ^_^
  3. BSOD when trying to use WiFi

    There is no facility in WinXP to uninstall a driver, which is not listed in Control Panel ---> Add or Remove Programs. If there is a way to do it, let me know how... The reason was that the older version of the ZyXEL WiFi utility could not allow entering a WiFi password. The edit box simply didn't work. Start>Right Click My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager>Right Click Your Hardware>Properties>Driver>Uninstall
  4. Corrupt an Excel File?

    I'd suggest asking them if they know how to enable AutoRecover functions/what file types are saved by AutoRecover and where.
  5. ATI or NVIDIA

    I'm partial to ATi cards only because I've had bad luck with most Nvidia ones I've used (not to mention I played CS1.6 for a very long time and ATi kicks a** on GoldSrc based games for some reason.) SLi/CrossFire were purely marketing schemes, performance increases are minimal. I think I like the Nvidia Control Panel a little more than Catalyst, though, it's a little quicker, same functionality though.
  6. IS This PC Ok To Run Vista?

    Thanks. Sadly I'm on a tight budget so these were pretty much in my price range. I could go up to $300, but that's the most I can spend right now. Now I found one on another site that has these standards: Shuttle Desktop PC AMD X2 4400 2.2 GHz Dual Core 1GB OCZ DDR400 RAM 160GB WestDigital Hard Drive Hardware Info: Processor: AMD X2 Dual core processor 4400+, 2.2GHz 1MB Cache2 160 GB WestDigital SATA 1 GB OCZ DDR400 RAM Video Card: ATI X800XT Plantinum Edition DVDRW CDRW Software Info: Loaded OS: Windows XP Would this one be better? Worlds better, that machine would run Vista and decently at that (although you may look at adding some RAM.)
  7. IS This PC Ok To Run Vista?

    The specs of that system are very low by today's standards. It would struggle running Vista almost certainly and I do not recommend purchasing it. I'll answer the other questions just to curve your curiosity: 1. This desktop has a 64-bit processor. I don't know anything about 64-bit computers. Can I use the software that I have for my 32-bit pc or do I have to re-buy all my programs for 64-bit realmad.gif ? 64bit (or x64) systems can run 32bit (or x86) applications, although there are bugs. There is very little software made for 64bit architectures at the moment, but that will change. I do recommend purchasing a 64bit system if you're in the market, they will overtake 32bit in the next year or so. 2. I see that it come with linux. Will these run windows? I would like to run vista home basic or vista home premium with the aero theme (after upgrades of course), but If I can't run vista I would at least like to run xp pro. This system won't run Vista (or at least usably.) It would run XP Professional on the other hand, but even then a lot of your applications are going to be sluggish. 3. I want to put my internal dvd burner in this desktop. Is that possible? No, there is no expansion bay on this model. 4. Is it worth it? I would mainly use this pc for fun, but I will use it for work as well. Not in my opinion, there are some good deals out there, but this isn't one of them. If you wouldn't mind posting your price range I can help you in your search.
  8. RAM usage question

    The issue is not related to his chipset. If it were the case, the memory available would not vary as it does in his case. He never said the amount varied.
  9. Cannot add USB or Firewire Devices

    I'd retrieve the newest drivers for your chipset/media from your manufacturer's website. It sounds much like a driver issue to me.
  10. RAM usage question

    Not quite, most integrated graphics controllers use RAM dynamically as needed (usually capped around 256MB.), others allow the value to be modified in the BiOS, however I believe in most cases that is capped as well. As for the issue, there isn't anything you can do, the problem exists with your chipset (and most) and is completely unrelated to your OS.
  11. An important question about cpu.

    You have 2 X 1,8g, not 2 X 0,9g GL yeah?is it right like you said? for example ,pentium e2160,1.8g.does that have two 1.8g core,or two 0.9g core? learned a lot..noob here... No, he's incorrect. All the cores on your CPU combined = 1.8ghz, another core doesn't double what it's rated for (2x1.8ghz would be a 3.8ghz CPU), that would only be true if you were running dual CPU.
  12. Using another person's media to install Windows XP using your VALID and LEGAL product key does not go against the EULA. That's simply incorrect.The problem the OP is facing is a Product ID (PID) problem. To install XP using a Corporate/VLK license, you need an XP disc that is meant for a Corporate/VLK PID. I missed that this PC was purchased from a commercial source, you are correct.
  13. vistal install problem

    Make sure you're running the Vista install outside of an OS (at boot.)
  14. [HELP] add/remove windows components wont work.

    http://www.infdump.com/inffiles/F/fxsocm.inf Right click that link and press "Save As". Place it in the inf directory mentioned earlier.
  15. That system was released pre-SP2, so it's safe to assume that the key you received from the license label is for Windows XP Professional SP1. Every Windows release uses a different algorithm to check the validity of the key you entered, those two versions are no exception. You'll have to find an XP Pro SP1 disk for the key to work.