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  1. You can get a full list of users (the above command won't show all) by right-clicking My Computer, choosing Manage, then System Tools ---> Local Users and Groups ---> Users.
  2. alternate source for DX9c

    How did you fix it?
  3. iTunes crash?

    I solved the problem by uninstalling iTunes 8.0, and installing 7.7 instead. Now sync works just fine, I can install apps/music/video.
  4. Link or help needed

    1 GB drives are under $10, go buy one (or even 2 GB or more)... [[[i can only do FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS]]] FAT = FAT16.
  5. How can I sync my iPod Touch contacts seperately from my HTC TyTN II (Windows Mobile 6) contacts? Is there such a way? Or do I have to create a new Windows user, and sync my current Windows user only with the iPod Touch, and sync the 2nd user only with the TyTN? Outlook is 2007, OS is WinXP Pro 32-bit. Thanks! Using iTunes to sync iPod Touch contacts.
  6. iTunes crash?

    More details about the crash: It generates a standard WinXP Send Error Report/Don't Send error message. The Error Signature is: AppName: itunes.exe AppVer: ModName: quicktime.qts ModVer: Offset: 009fd1a7
  7. iTunes crash?

    Running WinXP Pro 32-bit with 3.25 GB of RAM. iTunes crashes when I connect my iPod Touch. It worked several weeks ago. I tried deleting My Documents\My Music\iTunes. This didn’t help. Should I mess with D:\Documents and Settings\all users\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes? What about D:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes? Or, maybe there are other things I can do? I tried uninstalling iTunes and the Apple Mobile Device Support and then reinstall, didn't help.
  8. NVidia GF8600GT 16x speed?

    Bought the Radeon HD4870 by Gigabyte with 1 GB of RAM + 500W power supply. Card doesn't fit in my case. It fits without the power connectors, but when I plug them it, it won't fit... Will have to buy a new case tomorrow.
  9. BIOS POST - 3 long beeps?

    PC is not mine, it's my mother's. Hmm, both boards are DFI, both have issues... The currently used mobo boots into Win2K and Win98 fine, but boots only one of about 10 times into WinXP, the other times it freezes on the logo screen. Once it boots, it seems to work fine. (My mother uses Win98, thus avoiding the WinXP issue.) There is also a problem with the ATA HDDs DMA (random, seems to work for long periods fine) and also problem with built-in LAN (so using PCI LAN card). Maybe I should avoid DFI as a mobo brand. My own PC current mobo is Elitegroup (not the best of brands, I know...).
  10. BIOS POST - 3 long beeps?

    Well, it seems it is a motherboard problem. We put the two HDDs and videocard into another PC (NForce 2 chipset, Athlon XP 3000+, 2 GB of RAM). We had to edit the system.ini file (VCache) and leave just 1 GB of RAM in order for the system to boot, because it is running Win98 SE. It is good that Win98 doesn't have the HDD Controller issues that WinXP Pro has when moving HDD to a new system. Seems to be working fine now. Same PC has major problems with booting WinXP (motherboard damage problem it seems), but it boots Win98 SE fine. Some quirks AFTER booting into Windows, I will have to work them out...
  11. BIOS POST - 3 long beeps?

    http://www.wimsbios.com/index.jsp http://web.archive.org/web/20020203070933/...rror_codes.html jaclaz I don't think it is RAM as mentioned in the second link. Because we tried different RAM sticks in different slots (motherboard has 3 RAM slots). The first link leads here http://www.wimsbios.com/faq/biospostbeepcodes.jsp and the AWARD link is dead, as is the Eric's codes link.
  12. BIOS is Award. I have not been able to Google up anything useful yet. PC specs: * Motherboard: DFI AK-74 EC * 900 MHZ Athlon CPU @ 855 MHZ. * Via KT133 chipset. * 512 MB of RAM (changing RAM doesn’t help) * Tried 2 different AGP cards and one PCI, doesn’t help. AGP cards are GF2 MX and GF4 Ti4200. PCI card is Voodoo 3 2000. Any idea what this means - when we turn it on, the PC sounds 3 long beeps, then turns off. Usually, after we turn it on for 20ish times, it turns on OK. A simple reboot produces the problem again.
  13. Windows utilizes one core

    Try running CPUZ and see what it says. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php
  14. NVidia GF8600GT 16x speed?

    It seems (says so on ECS's web site) this motherboard (ECS KN1 SLI Extreme) can only work with 8x speed when working with a single videocard. So I guess I will have to settle with 8x then...
  15. NVidia GF8600GT 16x speed?

    BIOS is latest. ripken204, yes, but I'm getting a new card, probably a ATI 4780. I do think that it will need the full 16x speed to run properly.