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  1. Ok, I translated it: Lucida Console -> Font Script -> Ocidental Download: tmpltwmp.txt
  2. Is there any way to have Vista start bar for Windows 2000? Please don't refer tclock since I have problems with it.
  3. I know this is a OLD thread but this is my response to all that are with the same doubt with a similar computer. In that computer? Windows 2000.. Definitely. Windows XP just lag and lag in system with less than 512 MB.. People just like that Windows too much, and nlite it to the max to make it run in computers with about 64 MB ram what I think it's comic.. Probably it will work, but if you install some bull**** program it will lag like hell. I don't think so.. Actually Windows 2000 have a compatible mode for .exe aplications like windows xp do. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279792 I have tested it with applications that only ran in Windows 98 and with this I was able to run them in Windows 2k. I also was with the same question 1 year ago.. People always said me that Windows XP is the best, run better, is more secure, more faster, more all.. However I have used Windows 2000 in pcs at school (at long time), they had upgraded the pcs that were running Windows 98 smoothly but unstable. I remember when I use Windows 2k in there first time.. Never saw any more crash, never saw any ctrl + alt + del problem and applications run always smoothly that in Windows 98. The bad thing was the boot time that increased since windows 98. So I decided to run Windows 2000 in my system (P4 1.7, 256 MB ram, Nvidia Geforce 2 mx 400, 40 GB hdd). I was sick of Windows XP lagging.. I loved in that time that skin and gui. Never saw nothing similar before. When I tried Windows 2000 I have noted some positive points and some negative ones comparing with XP (this also includes recent points): + Stuff Windows 2000 eat much less ram than Windows XP (this is important in a 256 MB ram) Windows 2000 is more stable (at least my computer never needed a format after that) Windows 2000 only eats about 500 MB in a normal installation, while Windows XP eats about 3.5 GB. - Stuff Windows 2000 boot time is more than the double of the Windows XP* Windows 2000 can't run some applications especially mad for Windows XP and Vista** Windows 2000 don't have a basic theme customization that makes it ugly than Windows XP*** This is my opinion. However actually the bad things with * can be improved: * -Windows 2000 boot time is more than the double of the Windows XP I have reduced the Windows 2000 boot time from 42 seconds to 38 seconds.. Its not a big difference yet, but probably can be improved replacing or tweaking some Windows 2000 boot files. Have a look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/Faster-Startup-F...20&start=20 ** -Windows 2000 can't run some applications especially mad for Windows XP and Vista Other thing that was actually been fixed by the member Windows2000 and his XP API for Windows 2000.Have a look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/KDW-FCWIN2K-t120936.html *** -Windows 2000 don't have a basic theme customization that makes it ugly than Windows XP Actually Windows 2000 can be more pretty than the default Windows XP. You can actually make it look like vista without eating much resources. (I am running this in Windows2k with 512 MB ram, with all active if you have a worst system you may need to deactivate some theme options) (don't forget to upgrade true transparency to latest version since the version that come with vista pack is unstable) You can actually have transparency like in Vista, A task bar like vista, icons like vista, a Aero Skin, all system visually upgraded to look like this: look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/Vistapack-25-released-t119468.html
  4. In that computer windows 2000 will run stable and possible faster (don't include version before xp) than other OS. And Welcome!
  5. It's strange that it work in windows xp and don't work in 2000.. 2000 can handle every application that windows xp can run, even with some dlls warpers if needed. Should be some patched drivers or a unofficial one somewhere.
  6. I am looking for a upgrade to work with my language and OS.
  7. Just found this also.. Seems interesting: http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5330
  8. I have that files, I can do the test of windows xp with windows 2000 boot files if you want.
  9. I have fixed the cpu problem with True Trans. I installed it (lateste version And now it work like a charm without burning my cpu. Please update it in your pack. I am just wondering how to update my start menu, since the Tclock don't work in my system.
  10. I also decreased the boot time in 2 second with 2 tips of this tutorial: http://www.johntp.com/2006/02/15/improve-w...-xp-boot-speed/ Maybe is possible to decrease more replacing other windows files.
  11. Ok, I have tried with original ones of Ascii2 wheres the results: Windows 2000 Original Files 42 s Windows XP W/ 2000 Didn't boot Final Results: Windows 2000 Original Files 42 s Windows XP W/ 2000 Didn't boot Windows 2000 W/ XP 40 s Windows XP 20 s Windows 2000 W/ 2003 38 s Windows XP W/ 2003 20 s Please not that this can have some inaccuracy.
  12. It don't let me install it because it says that I have an more recent version. :/
  13. Try this, as suggested on Win2000's blog. Run Win2000's WMP10 installer again. When the dialogue box "Detect Media Player 10, Delete it and continue?", comes up, hit OK. Let it finish, and then just cancel the install when the WMP10 installer splash screen come up. Worked for me, and I'm now back to WMP9 as before. Damm... That did something but not unnistalled it at all.. Everytime that I try open the install program, I receive the follow a message that it can isntall it because an error occured in installation, and to I restar the computer again, when I restar it shows me the same message, and now I don't have Windows Media Player. Hope that "Win2000" update the program and dll to work with other languages soon, I am interested in give any file to help him to dlls work in Portuguese windows 2000.
  14. Where's a full Windows Image Viewer for Windows 2000. It's useful because it can open almost all kinds of images with it, and also have editing options. It eats some ram, but it's my favorite. Download it here: http://www.faststone.org/ It's free.
  15. This was one of functions that I feel more lack in windows 2000. However I found a program that can generate them similar like in Windows XP. Its called Xentient Thumbnails and it will replace original image link by a icon of image itself. It's very usefull.. Developer site is down, however I have got it from an external site. Picture: You can dowload it here: http://www.download3000.com/download_33890.html or here: http://rapidshare.com/files/143858018/thumbs.rar.html
  16. I tried install media player 10 english, but now I can't unnistall and back to media player 9.. Any idea how to do that?
  17. Ok where's my test of speed of booting. It's in same machine. However Windows XP is almost a clean install and Windows 2000 e full of programs.. About 76 in start menu.. (I don't believe that thsi affect boot time, but it's for you know) Windows 2000 W/ XP 40 s Windows XP 20 s Windows 2000 W/ 2003 38 s Windows XP W/ 2003 20 s So seems its about 2 seconds more fast booting Windows 2000 with Windows 2003 files. Windows XP with windows 2003 files I didn't noticed any difference. :| I don't have the original Windows 2000 files, so if someone want to send them to me, so I can test the speed with normal booting to compare with Windows 2003 and XP version would be nice.
  18. They work like a charm for me! And my language of windows is different. It runs more faster than Windows XP ones. Seems my Windows 2000 startup is with same speed of Windows XP startup, or at least its very close. (I will do time count to see the perfomance of both boottimes) I also tried to bot Windows XP with windows 2003 files, but I didn't noted any difference.
  19. Seems tclock (lateste version) don't work in my pc. Windows xp sp4 portuguese. When I open it crashes my start menu task bar for some seconds and the don't happen nothing, but i check the processes and it still running..
  20. Ok When I can translate something, let me know.
  21. Ok, the portuguese files are here: (damm I hope them are not patched :S) http://rapidshare.com/files/143590588/pt.zip.html @outlook That's too bad.. I would prefer original ones then.. @vistatheme Too bad again.. Seems I would need to use Windows Blinds then. Couldn't it use less cpu power? @taskbar when I open TClock3Test it closes it auto.. I will ask about that in it's topic.
  22. Ok that's nice, wich files do you need to do a compatible version with my Windows (portuguese). Also you need them from windows 2000 or XP? Thanks. I would like to translate the program also, let me know if you want to.
  23. Ok, but I installed it and it worked! With the translated content it will translate only the program, or it will allow me custommize it more? Also I noticed some problems (?) Where some pictures: This is how looks my outlook express.. It display some images in 16 colors (?). Also there are any way to enable vista theme (the bar for close, minimize, expand the windows) without enable true transparency? (true transparency use my pc to max 100% so I disable it however it's beautiful) This how my start menu looks.. It shouldn't be like this? http://www.vistapack.org/images/screens/desktop2k.PNG More. Couldn't you center the load bar here?: http://www.vistapack.org/images/screens/boot2k.PNG Thanks, for your amazing work.
  24. Damm! I can't believe this don't have portuguese language support! ;( Which files you need to support it?

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