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  1. Thank you for the info., and thanks for the "welcomes" to the forum. I only wish I had stumbled upon it sooner! It's a great resource. fdv: yes, I agree. I like XP, but NOT for this slower machine without GB's of RAM. I'll go with the the "Full" version, as you suggested. I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with nLite beyond the basic fact that it allows for selecting what components/programs are installed and what aren't. Do you know of a good tutorial? A Google search brought me to Fred Vorck's site. Does your fileset perform a similar function? Meados: My school used to use 2000 as the OS for the network with similar computers (Intel PIII's) and 2000 worked very well before we finally upgraded everything and now use XP Pro. 2000 was very stable and the speed was fine. Thank you again! Mark
  2. Greetings All, I am a genuine newbie to this site and forum, so I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere here. I searched around before posting, but didn't find the answer. I have decided to upgrade my old Dell XPS T600 (288MB RAM, 2 Int. Hard Drives: 8.5 & 2.4GB, 1 Ext. HD: 75GB) from 98SE to Win 2000 Professional. My question is: what to purchase on the auction/for sale sites? It seems there are 3 choices: a "new" 2000 Pro "Full Version" in a "factory" sealed box (This seems like what would have been available in a retail setting); what appears to be a 2000 Pro package that was shipped as OEM; and an "Upgrade" version of 2000 Pro, again in a retail box. The last bit of information may determine which I should choose. I have my Win 98 disk that was shipped with the Dell, but ALIENS (and I don't mean those carrying Green Cards ) have apparently absconded with my MS supplied 98 to 98SE upgrade disk, so if I'm asked to insert my 98SE disk during the install, I'm dead in the water. Any guidance on this matter would be sincerely appreciated! Mark

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