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  1. Better late than never. search in txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf for: rspndr.adm rspndr.exe rspndr.inf rspndr.sys and delete lines search in i386 for rspndr.ad_ rspndr.ex_ rspndr.in_ rspndr.sy_ and delete them extract qfeUpPck.inf and seach for kb922120... and edit (delete entire section and link to it), delete kb922120...cat file in svcpack folder compress qfeUpPck.inf: Makecab.exe /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 qfeUpPck.inf and overvrite qfeUpPck.in_ in 386 the patch kb922120 is installed at T13, you can't disable LLTD is patch for Windows Vista (microsfot failed to fix Vista / 7 to see XP computers on the local network and make a patch to slow Windows XP) ... sorry for my poor english
  2. first create folder HFSLIP in root of partition, not in folder for example: d:\hfslip, not d:\new folder\hfslip, put in folder hfslip-1.7.9_beta_m.cmd and run it. then copy other files in created folders... now for my problem I try this: First i installed windows2000 without update. Then i run windows update and install update. Then go to c:\winnt\software distribution\download\ and there is unpacked update. I grab update and make cab: first create cab.ddf in folder with update: ;*** Sample Source Code MakeCAB Directive file example ; .OPTION EXPLICIT; Generate errors .Set CabinetNameTemplate=Sample.cab .set DiskDirectoryTemplate=CDROM; All cabinets go in a single directory .Set CompressionType=LZX;** All files are compressed in cabinet files .Set CompressionMemory=21 .Set UniqueFiles="OFF" .Set Cabinet=on .Set DiskDirectory1=SAMPLE empty.cat spmsg.dll spuninst.exe .Set DestinationDir=update update\eula.txt update\kb971633.cat update\update.exe update\update.inf update\update.ver update\updspapi.dll .Set DestinationDir=dx9 dx9\quartz.dll second i run from cmd "makecab /f cab.ddf" and it create sample.cab third: download MSCF.sfx and "copy /b MSCF.sfx+sample.CAB Windows2000-KB971633-x86-ENU.exe" from cmd next: i use Freeware Hex Editor XVI32 and search for update\update.exe in Windows2000-KB971633-x86-ENU.exe There is hex:20 00 in front of update\update.exe Changed it to hex:60 00 and now i have Windows2000-KB971633-x86-ENU.exe workinng with installer... and i put the file in HF folder. to do this i use help from: Create a directive file for makecab.exe Howto: Create sfx cab archive Freeware Hex Editor XVI32 but patch is not installed again (manual install - with double click work) sorry for my poor english if i make mistakes and 10x
  3. Good Day Friends, can't integrate "Windows2000-KB971633-x86-ENU.EXE". I try with patch in HF folder without success, and the same in HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder. In second way patch is installed and exist in add/remove programs, but in windows update there is again, and this time is succesfullly installed . I use latest "hfslip-1.7.9_beta_m.cmd" sorry for my poor english and 10x in advance. HFSLIP.7z
  4. on windows 2000 i get error. see attached files. HFSLIP.zip
  5. on my pc is the same - its work (buth on windows xp the window is little different) the window shows that you have DXVA support by drivers, but you must have DXVA supported directshow codecs like "CyberLink 264 Decoder Filter" and if you drag'n'drop some H264 video file ovet the window, the program show to you if you have DXVA supported directshow codecs installed. its eazy to check with CLVsd.ax (copy from cyberlink powerdvd 7 or 8, and install from run "rundll32.exe CLVSD.ax,DllRegisterServer") then download: SAMSUNG 1080i PURE HDTV HDV Demo _http://rapidshare.com/files/32515807/1080.part1.rar _http://rapidshare.com/files/32517422/1080.part2.rar _http://rapidshare.com/files/32519178/1080.part3.rar _http://rapidshare.com/files/32520700/1080.part4.rar Password: www.hdclub.sk unrar and drop file over DXVA checker's window the file is MPEG2_C encoded if you dont have any DXVA there is no lines in the window...
  6. you need dxvachecker ( http://bluesky23.hp.infoseek.co.jp/dxvac/D...ker_1.9.0.0.zip ) dxvachecker need NET framework2 to run. start dxvachecker and see what video acceleration is supported from yor vga (sometimes this depend from drivers and operating system). when you drag and drop media file over DXVAChecker's window, DXVAChecker check your installed directshow codecs and if some ot them can use dxva, you will see a red line with DXVA1 to use dxva you need mplayer classic home cinema, to play H264/AVC. to play MPEG2 1080i you need to load CLVsd.ax (CyberLink Video/SP Filter from power dvd 7 or 8) as external filter in mplayerc-hc (integrated in mplayerc-hc codec dont have dxva) you can install CyberLink mpeg2 decoder from run: rundll32.exe CLVSD.ax,DllRegisterServer and to be sure that this filter will be used, delete nevideo.ax from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead/DSFilter/NeVideo.ax
  7. how can i install wmfdist11 (Windows Media Format Runtime 11) on win2000? i want to use DXVA1 to play wmv. is this possible?
  8. @cluberti you are right. my pc is enough fast to install vista32 ot 64 with aero support (kde 3.4 with opengl look well and go faster with k6@266 and nvidia vanta), buth i dont like vista and xp (because this is my job - to repair windows and pcs. and windows 2000 is much more stable than vista and xp and is faster and smaller, (why install vista and spend 20gb disk space instead use this space for games or movies?). only startup loading is slower... this si old driver. if i want install win2000 with raid on 965 or something newer? this support only up to ICH7, this mean 975 ist latest (because 965 is wit ICH8) but thanks Schloss anyway, i will use this driver and i prefer to integrate driver thru txtsetup.sif instead of $OEM$ folder because i want integrate 2 windows instalations: one with unatended install and another with classic install (if i need repair option, and recovery console)
  9. not every vendor make the same drivers for XP and 2000. i have k7s5a mb and inegrated lan is sis900. when i try to install driver for xp instead driver for 2000, windows say "this is not the driver" and i make force install and have bsod. other example: ati latest driver for 2000 is catalyst 7.4 after this driver you must edit CX_XXXXX.inf to work on win2k, because there is not C2_XXXXX.inf anymore. ati are too M$ a** lickers, they stop control panel and make only very slow catalyst control center and you must have dotnet... at the moment only via and nvidia make drivers for 2k
  10. need iastor driver for win2000. it seems that intel lick m$'s a** (rump) and they dont provide sata/raid drivers for win2000. the same driver works fine on winxp sp2/sp3 but not on 2000. i use microsoft virtual pc and dont use floppy disk, i use floppy image and image is 100% readable, same problem when integrate driver in cd... with via drivers installation work.
  11. yes i try without mdac. is not working again. i try only with patches starting with Windows2000-KBxxxxxx and there is the problem. i try with hfslip-2.0.0pa_80630a, add-remove work, but dx9c is not integrated (when i put cab files in HFCABS) and iso is smaller. when i put directx_aug2008_redist.exe in HF folder all is ok here is my update list: when i check windows update there is only "Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool"
  12. i use latest patch list for windows 2k. some of updates make add/remove programs unusable. i try with: hfslip-1.6.2.cmd hfslip-1.7.4.cmd hfslip-1.7.8.cmd the some problem. when i try only with sp4, ie6, dx9 and update rollup 1 is working. somebody knows who is the broken update? i have slipstreamed with hfslip-1.6.2 win2k from 2007 november with all updates - working, with new list add/remove programs not work i see installed programs but can't uninstall

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