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  1. No JPG pixs as desktop bakcgrounds...

    HELP!! **** it..now for some *weird* reason XP will not let me set jpg files as my desktop background...the files MUST be bmp...other wise the wont show up on the desktop tab in desktop prop. any ideas?
  2. I extract the thing to c:/windows/resources/themes/ Then i opened up the .msstyles file that was in the blue theme folder and click applied and that was it....
  3. I found this really cool theme on the Neowin Board. Notice: IT IS NOT MY THEME, AND IM NOT STEALING IT FROM ANY1. Timan made it... Here is a screenshot: http://timan25.net/images/logobluemod.jpg And if you want to download go here: http://timan25.net/xp/bluetheme.zip
  4. The msstyles thingy is protected and unless you get a crack you cant edit or create msstyles files. I tried to make the start menue blue and it didnt work cuz of the protection..i found the crack but i cant replace the **** file... If any1 figures out how to replace the file i need to replace pls tell me...
  5. Hey i tried the hack and it works just fine...i hope he finds a hack for the color of the start menu..green is kinda boring...And the color of the taskbar..etc all these things are cool..
  6. Thingy that is really ticking me off..

    I'm not sure about the desktop thingy...cuz there is a slide show thingy..but this toy changes the background of the desktop every specified time...AND the language bar thing...i cant remove th keyboard languages...thx
  7. Any1 else try the hack? It looks pretty cool, but i dont know if it will mess anything up like it did to someone else..FthrJACK i think..
  8. Does any1 have that annoying "Language Toolbar" appearing whenever you reboot. I always uncheck the thing under toolbars in the start menu, but it still comes up. Also, the desktop switcher disbales itself automatically when you reboot, and i really dont know why. How about saving the **** settings...anyways thx
  9. Thought you might like this wallpaper!

    AaronXP: Which powertoy has that function? To be able to chnage the background of a desktop every certain amount of time?
  10. Help!!!

    Oops..sry Aaron. Anyway um it works fine now it was something wrong with the older version of Nero, once i got the new one, it worked just fine.
  11. Help!!!

    Ok my pc will not go on standby. I know that the hardware supports it, cuz i have done it before (other os), but now in XP the thing goes into standdby for like 1 second and then comes out of it...If i try to put it into standby again, it just stays stuck at the "preparing for standby." Any ideas?? Also right after it goes into standby, and then comes out, it says my usb device is basically messed up. I have tried to update the drivers for that device (printer), but it doesnt solve any probs..Any ideas will be greatly apprecated..
  12. Build 2600

    I might be crazy, but i still think that its a real build. Im getting the iso from an ftp... If this whole thing was a fake then we wouldnt get an iso, like with 2540, no iso. I dont think someone would go though the trouble of wasting bandwidth on a fake build. Besides we will know once we get it cuz if the rc2-based keys work..its a fake...