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  1. Ilko_T, Okay I see what is going now. It turns out that this is the case of the missing identy. Here in my case I have two locations I didn't know about. One location has the recent installment of WinSetupToUSB and the other (which I just found out) is the old installment (which is where my shortcut is pointing to). The old installment is the one that is missing this file. I was not aware that the my short cut itself would reference the old location even though I thought it was running from the other location on the HD. Hence every time I ran it, it would keep saying missing file. Oops. In
  2. Ilko_T, Here is the logs from the past 6 attempts that have failed. There are more but these (I hope) should answer any questions. If you need some with successful runs let me know. I should still have those too. Thanks, Macster backups.zip
  3. Thanks ilko_t, I thought the samething as you did, but for different reasons. The program was working fine until just recently I had installed McAfee. So I figured I would just uninstall it... Well this little action has caused no small stir in my system. After the uninstall, things stopped working in Windows 7. So I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate 64b with all the upgrades, patches that Microsoft had to offer including drivers for my system, but without the McAfee Antivirus. Still no go. I have downloaded another copy of BETA6 and uncompressed it with 7zip. Still no go. I have copied all the
  4. Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I have a problem was hoping some one could point me in the right direction. I apologize if this problem has been posted before. Here is my dilemma: I am making an XP Pro Sp3 32b install using Windows 7 Ultimate 64b. The version of the WinSetupFromUSB is 1.0 Beta6. Now I have been able to run this quite frequently with no problems up to just recently. The problem is that it is able to load the USB Thumb drive until where it is unable to modify a setup file then it just quits to the desktop. Due to your file quota require
  5. Hey ilko_t, cdob, jaclaz, I didn't get a chance to say thanks. And now I don't see the sticky on the forum. Bummer. Um I was wondering where I can add the script in the install directory, so the program 0.2.3 can use it every time I setup the USB for an install. May God bless your hearts for helping. Thanks much!!!! Macster Edit: I found the topic. I was wondering if others will be able to see it too, so they to can benefit from what was done?
  6. @cdob Script output: call === MontedDevices as read call === convert MountedDevices, adjust RomovableMedia warning: MountedDevices does not contain RemovabledMedia#7 fixing S: to RemovableMedia#7 copying file to the XP install .~bt forder. Well I got U: (with NTFS) this time. Interesting? Cause my current topology was (before running the XP install): C: Partition 1 (XP) D: Partition 2 E: DVD F: Partition 3 (Hidden) U: Thumb Thanks to the file that ilko_T gave me. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the ambient topology. Whether the install is reading some of the registry (or the parti
  7. Yes, I was able to prepare two installs for the same system in series and they both got the U: reference with the same file. Thanks. As fas as a USB card reader, I really don't understand what you mean. I have a USB hub connected to system as well as other USB printers (HP Deskjet 932C, HP Photosmart C3180 All-in-one) but these don't don't have drivers loaded as of yet when your program was running. If you are meaning a USB SD memory chip reader (the type that goes into phones and cameras), I have one of those on the C3180, but like I said earlier the drivers weren't loaded for it and I didn
  8. Try the attached migrate.inf, place it in ~BT directory on the USB stick. Did USB stick get letter U: ? Yep, I got U: ... reference to the Ultra thumb on fat 16 and NTFS. It is amazing one Byte can make that much difference. WOW! So why did you change it from a 7 to an 8? I don't have a hex descriptor, (but I can read ASCII on occasions and mainly numbers) so I do not know where this playes in the file. It would appear that you guys are able to detect why this is happening (meaning the D: instead of the U: stuff). Now I have another question, as soon as I install XP again would the ParentIDP
  9. Oh sorry for the late responce. ParentIDPrefix for the current install of XP is 8&9013452&0. (Sorry, this is for the Sony 256 MB.) Edit: Oops, I gave you the wrong one. I accually have two USB Thumb Drives. 1. Sony 256 MB Thumb 2. Ultra 2 GB Thumb. Both of these have been used on the current XP install. The ParentIDPrefix for the Ultra 2 GB is 8&35debb9c&0.
  10. It still failed. I still get D: not U: as the reference to the drive. I am now trying HP's Prep tool, but still using 0.2.3 to make the install on the USB without copying the Migrate file. It still failed. And failed when I copied the migrate.inf file over. Let me try with 16 bit fat, where it worked before with HP's prep tool and 0.1 version of the program, but this time will be with 0.2.3 and its prep tool without the migrate.inf file. Well it failed here too. I get D: instead of U:. And I again tried copying the migrate.inf file, it still failed yet again. Not sure what to try next. I hav
  11. For some reason this has failed. So I am now trying it a new install that is just a plain Jane install, meaning no Extra emenities added into the install like IE8, dotNet, the patches and NLite reg tweaks. I just have SP3 slipstreamed into the install. That is it. BTW sorry for the LLOONNGG explanation earlier, I didn't realise what you was asking until I read Pipsters thread. Truly interesting. Anyway to better answer your question, I ran your program on a fresh install of XP Pro SP3 to make a new install of XP Pro SP3 after which I noticed that some of my programs where being installed on
  12. Oh I am sorry, I ran the program on XP Pro SP 3 to do an XP Pro SP 3 install. I currently have Windows 7 on my lappy and figured that using XP to make the install was the safest especially when making an XP install. I have been using the same 2 gig. USB stick the whole time - setup as an NTFS bootable device (currently), back then I was using 16 bit bootable device for speed. As far as to your other question, I was using your version 0.1 (not the beta) until just recently until I happen to come across your site a couple of days ago and noticed that you had an update. And then felt the urge to
  13. I seem to be missing a key peice of info. I was wondering in 0.2.3 how to setup the USB thumb drive to a specific drive upon boot up like in the previous versions it used to be refered to as Drive U: now it seems it is refered to after the primary particitian or basically in my system drive D: which happens to be where I store my program data and where programs get installed. Is there some provision or way to setup the thumb drive to a specific drive letter? Thanks in advance to any advice you may have or particular post you was able to find to help me in this endevour.
  14. Wow, really? That would figure, being as I have been working at this off and on for about a couple of months now. I have been searching high and low for answers to this delima only to find this registry change being refered to a different sound card with the same UUA bus. There is no reference anywhere on the web about an updated Conexant sound driver being available on the Microsoft Update Catalog until now. I only had just noticed the Registry change a day or two ago, and thought I would give it a try and it worked. So I thought I would spread the word. And even though I noticed the UUA
  15. Which version of NLITE are you using? And you don't necessarly get into the Install CD, but if you happen to be using NLITE Version, you need to perform these steps: 1. Copy the XP CD to your hard drive. (Remember where you put the copy on the hard drive) 2. Run NLITE. 3. Press <NEXT> at the Welcome Screen. 4. Browse to your copy of the XP CD by clicking on <Browse...> 5. Press <NEXT> 6. Press <NEXT> at the Presets Screen. 7. In the Integrated area click on <DRIVERS> 8. In the Create area click on <BOOTABLE ISO> 8. Press <NEXT> 9. In the Drive
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