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  1. You can forget about the updates for SP2. Grab your source disk or distribution folder (the place where your i386 and other folders are) and use HFSLIP, nLite or manually integrate SP3 to the folder I named first (source disk or distribution folder). Then you proceed making an unattended source as explained in the unattended guide here in MSFN.org (http://unattended.msfn.org/) Right now there are 184 MB in 47 updates post Sp3, for the Spanish version of Windows XP. Hope I'm useful to you EDIT: Yes, you can use the program included in deploy.cab in the support folder, setupmgr.exe, it's user-friendly.
  2. How can I adapt this to anopther language version of Windows? What do you advise me to do?
  3. I think I succeeded doing what you want when I tried launching XP setup from my live xp that partitioned XP almost automatically I had created a BART PE disk with partition magic and then it started winnt32 I think. I'll try to get my backup disks back from I don't know where zone I remembered where my dvd's are. They were at my ex-girlfriend's house. I don't talk to her anymore. Sorry.
  4. You should know something about it. I also tried to move out of my C drive some folders, with junction, so I then could use Deep Freeze to get a virus-proof system with a usable user account. The problem with the drive letter is something I couldn't solve completely. It has given me headaches for months but I think it's possible to automate it all. I started my project of a Windows XP CD containing the latest updates and installing unattended ready to freeze, with separated partitions for system and user files. I had no luck in learning to use diskpart scripts. That might interest you. It's located in system32. PD: You can download Junction from sysinternals. It's a MUST HAVE program for every system admin. [ I'm still trying to get my XP SP3 source updated ... windows update it's not helping a lot ] I started this project by different parts at the same time. I had a Live XP that loaded partition magic for me. That was -theorically- the only stage of setup that wasn't unattended. Then I wrote some programs in VB so I had winnt.sif configured the way I wanted (machine name, users' profile folders location, etc) that offered a default config and the possibility to change it, and then installed windows the unattended way. It's possible to automate I had thought about what you want to do. Some time ago I thought about the purpose of the "default user" folder, it MUST be created at some time by Windows Setup, I think it must be created by a hive*.inf file in text mode. I don't have such a powerful computer to use virtual pc to install xp several times until I get that information. and I'm a bit short of time. Hope all this help you.
  5. I tried searching the forums and asking google about some files Windows Update downloads to my XP SP3 Spanish clean install. What I'm trying to do is updating my XP SP3 source with the latest updates, but I don't know how to handle these files: Their extension is .PSF The header of the files say "PSTREAM" windowsxp-kb951698-x86-esn_6c3c70cdfd65c0c1e94cd2900f41165e2cbd76fb.psf windowsxp-kb951978-x86-esn_ba9436b957923e997de8854263f18a829ab04026.psf windowsxp-kb951748-x86-esn_57c22bf5efbb218d7048f9c0c8f072bffed0ec9e.psf windowsxp-kb952954-x86-esn_548adec6ac900a062241e467efddbe295df125ce.psf windowsxp-kb950974-x86-esn_d30e2a7750ba2ad19091385d139b261dc7d8fa7f.psf windowsxp-kb954459-x86-esn_0b56824088ba0b635dab348da2a4b850f76a4d99.psf windowsxp-kb956802-x86-esn_8dc8aa0ffa01fa96b25d6da74cf185aa1be986a8.psf windowsxp-kb955839-x86-esn_e8a5fc88e82c9b797096f6926395e090008d73b6.psf I downloaded this files directly from Microsoft, thanks to the WindowsUpdate.log file in my Windows folder Does anybody know what to do with these files? How do I integrate them? XP SP3 Spanish x86. Thanks people!
  6. I slipstream now using HFSLIP no more problems, SP3 Spanish right out of the box
  7. When I downloaded the Spanish file posted here and tried to install it, it told me it was old :S Windows Update downloaded this file and installed it. http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownlo...d60bfca1212.exe File Name: WindowsXP-KB905474-ESP-x86.exe Size: 1,35 MB (1.422.376 bytes) My OS: WinXP Pro SP3 Spanish Thanks!
  8. When hfslip-2.0.0pa_80630a.cmd tries to get my language... REM ======================GET LANG======================================================== :GETLANG FOR /F "TOKENS=2 DELIMS=2." %%I IN ('DIR/B/O-S SOURCE\I386\MFC42*.DL*') DO ( IF /I NOT "%%I"=="U" IF /I NOT "%%I"=="DL_" IF /I NOT "%%I"=="DLL" SET LNG=%%I ) It works fine (I tested copying this code to a separate batch and echoing the result variables) The problem comes when it wants to choose the language. I understand that you can't know the name of every file in every language of the XP source disk. Here's my buggy part of the code: IF /I "%LNG%"=="ESN" SET LCIDD=3082&SET Localization=Spanish&SET LNG=ESN&SET LG=ES&SET LG3=c0a It tries to compare "ESP" with "ESN", it obviously won't coincide so it executes this part: IF NOT DEFINED LG ( ECHO.&ECHO HFSLIP was unable to determine the language of your source OS. As a result, ECHO several updates such as the Windows Update Agent ^(all OS's^) and the hotfix ECHO for .NET Framework 1.1 ^(Server 2003^) cannot be slipstreamed properly.&PAUSE ) Maybe you can correct it if it is wrong or maybe I'm doing something wrong, don't know. The file you're looking for is MFC42ESP.DL_, it must be really difficult to make such a great program for every language. Congratulations. And thank you really much for the program and the support. I really appreciate it. Note: Sorry if this isn't supposed to be placed here. I'm new (9 posts jajaja) Is there anyone with a spanish source out there who can check if I'm the only one having this issue? Note2: I've seen a new issue, don't know what effect it will have :S 368 archivos copiados Merged extracted driver packages into one folder Adding updated driver files from hotfixes bthport.sys Finishing up setup information files "HIVEHEAD" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo, programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable. Creating updated DRIVER.CAB and driver information file Microsoft (R) Cabinet Maker - Version 5.1.2600.2180 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.. 373,531,372 bytes in 4,784 files 16.44% - cq12fcic.dll (899 of 4,784) ¿"HIVEHEAD" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo, programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.? it tries to execute something called hivehead, i've seen the code and it seems to be a variable setting to 1 but I don't know how to fix this or what consecuences it will have.
  9. ok, I'll describe the process. I slipstreamed manually, by opening a cmd in my XP SP3 system. Then copied the contents of my original cd to a folder in desktop. Then got the SP3 file from microsoft. Then I used the /integrate switch and it told me that the integration had been succesful. At this stage, I didn't test if this slipstreamed setup source was able to install a working XP Sp3 system. Then I made a Windows XP Live with bartpe from ANOTHER source (Windows XP Sp2 setup files, using the same XP Sp0 cd and sp2 exe file downloaded from microsoft download center) Then I added to BartPE XP Sp2 three programs written by my own that create a custom winnt.sif file and start WINNT32.exe from my XP SP3 files and point to that winnt.sif. My xp sp3 i386 files are copied to harddisk before executing winnt32.exe to [driveletter]:\source\i386 to (unattended) set windows up and that's it, I can also launch installation from the bootmenu I made that will launch a non-unattended XP SP3 Setup directly from the DVD. I haven't burned anything yet, I'm testing the ISO created with EasyBoot (it's easy and boots ) in a virtual machine with 256 MB of ram and my amd sempron 2200+ overclocked from 1.5 to 1.8 Ghz I haven't installed SP3 from a SP0 system. I slipstreamed it. I was thinking about searching for a program that would intercept windows update when downloading service pack 3 installation file and then use that file to integrate to my SP0 source. Hope I've been clear. EDIT: Hear the news: I've checked the hash of the file I had downloaded some time ago and the file I downloaded today and they are the same :S I don't know what to do, if slipstream sp2 and then sp3 or what. Does anybody know a way to view the url of a file being downloaded by Windows Update? I forgot to say I'm using spanish versions of the files, SP3 Spanish, XP PRO CD Spanish, etc.
  10. Thank you really much. I'm gonna try that. I've redownloaded the file and now I'll download SP2. I forgot to mention I am slipstreaming over a XP Professional CD. Thank you all.
  11. Well, I have this little problem. I slipstreamed Service Pack 3 into my XP no service pack CD. When I use my new slipstreamed cd to install XP, it installs as the original XP (SP0), not the updated one. Any ideas? I'm clueless about where to search. What did I do wrong? I slipstreamed the SP3 in a Windows XP system, with Service Pack 3 installed by Automatic Updates, not from Vista. I didn't use any programs like nLite or so. The system that resulted in SP0 was installed from a XPSP2 BartPE. (Does it really matter?) Note: When I tried to install from the SP3 file I downloaded from microsoft something like this happened too. After installing, my system was neither SP2 nor SP3, it was something in the middle. After using Automatic Updates I finally got "service pack 3" text in System Properties dialog. Should I try downloading the file again or am I proceeding wrong somewhere? It's a really big file :S Thanks!
  12. I think I can make you a program that checks if certain process is running and when it stops it loads shutdown.exe But it wouldn't be universal, you should have Visual Basic 6 Runtime files copied and registered. If you want I can write it for you.
  13. When I get some free time (I'm studying for university) I'll check that out in a virtual machine but, last time I installed XP or 2003 in other drive than C it remained that drive. I'll try again. Thanks. Edit: I think I manage to understand what you say... I'll try that. You say that if I image D: and put it on any partition it will remain D?
  14. I know what you're talking about, Vista will always take the C letter, but XP won't. And I often need different installations. It's not the same to install server 2003 + xp than installing server 2008 + vista or any other combination. XP instead, never takes another drive letter. If you install on C will be different than installing on D or E or whatever. If I could make Vista as functional and as fast as my XP Professional fully customized, I wouldn't have to bother so much with this, but it's impossible, they're different, Vista was made for buying new hardware, and I'm not going to spend the money I don't have just to upgrade my hardware while XP runs as fast as I need. With thousands of megabytes in applications, freezeing some parts of my computer had made it continue being faster. Anyway, I appreciate the information and tips you give me. They're really good because they give me some ideas. I could resize the second or third or any partition and then move it so I can create a new first primary partition for XP so it would always be C. An argentinian guy says thanks to all of you
  15. What I'm trying to do is to make a setup for my pc's. I can't make an image because I use different drive letters. It's not that simple Thanks for your reply.
  16. First of all, sorry for my english, I'm Argentinian. About the formatting of the text: I tried to make it more "readable". Sorry if it isn't. This is my situation: I want to deploy my XP SP3 with: - All the hotfixes, drivers and microsoft apps1 - and configured the way I want2 - and also with my applications already installed but, (really important) I need them to work in any drive letter I choose to install my system3 My original project was to put this on a dvd and try to partition by command line before windows setup so I could automate the text-mode part, but I couldn't find a program that did that. I was thinking about a live cd with partition magic and an AutoIt script (method I don't trust very much, I can't trust such an important task as partitioning the disk) I don't know how to boot to any environment to run my commandline application and call the windows setup either... 1) Hotfixes and MS apps I need Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Installer 4.5, .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 (I never knew if they were cumulative or not), Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger 8.5, and so on... I started putting Service pack 3 in my original XP CD with no SP's and tried to test it in an early stage... WMP11 and IE7 worked fine, .NET 1.1 failed, and something happened to the Windows Installer 4.5, it was damaged* after setup ended.I haven't already tested the other frameworks and the windows live apps *I tried Start Menu => Run => msiexec /? and the help dialog appeared, with no text in the OK button or in the textbox where I should see the parameters help text... Screenshot here: I forgot something really important. To say that I integrated the Windows installer 4.5 with nLite after service pack 3 (/integrate method) and wmp11 (wmp11 integrator method). Then I integrated PowerShell, Internet Explorer 7 and a silverlight plug in with nLite too. Drivers I am just going crazy here, I have to install drivers for: - the motherboard Biostar M7VIG 400 (S3 graphics, C-Media AC 97) => The problem with this is that I not only need the driver itself but also the applications the original driver package installs. - a terrible sound card, it's a C-Media CMI8738/C3DX PCI, almost the same problem as above. 2) For example: - in folder options, show full address in explorer windows' title, show all hidden and ssytem files, etc - my keyboard layout set and no other one, so I don't have to delete them after windows is installed and shows that uly language bar in my taskbar - Internet explorer 7: my search providers (google microsoft youtube), my start page, and so on - a red one: I want windows setup not to install the Windows Messenger, not to remove it from i386 - the screen resolution set to 1600 * 1200 after installing the graphic card driver. - windows live messenger emoticons (I think I can deal with this ) and set it to connect automatically and without the annoying MSN Today (I still haven't found how to do changes in the registry and to make them work, I always set something and try to look the changes with Regmon and snapshot and other apps but when I put them in the reg they just refuse to work... maybe Windows doesn't like me ) 3) I was thinking about using ImageX after I surpassed this obstacles (I read somewhere that this image doesn't need to wipe the destination partition, and that's exactly what I need4 It gives me the chance to introduce the reader to item 4 4) The drive letter "multiple-issue": The multiple issues are these: - I wanted to install Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite 3, Opera 9.51, Visual Studio and bla bla bla, lots of applications I later would use, out-of-the-box, well, out-of-the-dvd The problem here is that I could use SYSPREP after installing the programs but I could never install in any other drive. I would be stucked with the drive letter I used in the PC where I took the "syspreped" image. -If I use the installers... well, they are more than 4 dvd's... I should use a 16GB pendrive instead of a DVD9 to make my Windows Setup, and these little friends cost a hundred dollars, quite expensive for me. It's 300 pesos I don't have to spare. - The third and last problem is that... I was thinking in buying a WD Raptor 72GB for Windows XP and Windows Vista and another HD for the profiles (Documents and Settings folder or Users in Vista) and other things such as downloads and bla bla bla. The important part is the profiles dir. I was thinking in using the WINNT.SIF file to put the XP profiles dir somewhere else, not in the raptor, but in the other disk. The little problem here is that I won't know the drive letter... so, what should I put in winnt.sif? (ProfilesDir= ? ) I was thinking in starting a live XP environment before windows setup and execute something like this: **** Start partitioning **** **** Requesting Info **** Checking drive's files If it contains boot.ini ask the user for delete If a drive contains \WINDOWS detect windows ver. and ask the user for delete If it contains files and dirs that don't match the standard (the standard would be things above here) ask the user what to do: Mark for Delete, Save as image (compress? save? where?) or Mark as LEAVEALONE Store this somewhere somehow Show the user a graph of the disk now, some files and dir names and important info about what it contained before the process (XP SP3, Vista, Boot partition, 98, etc) Show the user what will be done in full detail Show the user a graph of the disk after the process ended, with similar data as the "before info" section. Ask the typical "Are you sure?" Ask the user what will be installed and where Again somewhere somehow store that config ************************************ Do the partitioning thing... ************************************ Then after the partitioning process ended read the already stored configuration and set the environment variables: XPsetup = "yes" or "no" VistaSetup = "yes" or "no" XPwhere = "here put something to identify the partition later" bla bla bla and the POINT, the important thing: XPProfilesDrive = "D" "E" "Z" I don't know, something, it will depend on what I am writing next... ************************************ Copy the install source of each system to install, to the partition it will belong (for example, if I decide to install XP in \Disk0\Partition0 and and Vista in \Disk0\Partition1 - I assume they would be C and D - copy XP i386 to C and Vista WIM to D. Then (here comes the good part) I have to find a method to retrieve the info stored before, when asking the user about the drive order and write it to the WINNT.SIF XP File: 1. Convert ... maybe I'll store \Disk#\Partition# ... to C, D or whatever 2. Load the text that the WINNT.SIF will contain. 3. Change the ProfilesDir data to the data obtained in 1 4. Write the file 5. Finally, start Windows XP Unnattended Setup with $OEM$ folders and the software in 'em. Really complicated , I need some help here, if you could just give me some ideas or things to read I'd be pleased Thanks. If I've made a mistake (I'm talking about the forum rules) please let me know. Other critics are already accepted.
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