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  1. Will Windows 2000 run stable on a multi-core CPU? Will it utilize all the cores? If the multiple cores confuses it, is there a way to set the BIOS so that Windows 2000 is blinde to those extra cores? Any input would be much appreciated.
  2. Well as far as CPU technology for desktop PC's, it's not going to be that much different 10 years from now. They've gotten to a point now that they can't make the things that much faster, so they put multiple cores on a CPU. So who knows 16 core CPU 5 years from now? lolz Someone else posted that RAM might disapear in the next 5 years, I totally aggree with that. 'Cause well with hard-disks storage geting so fast it'd be kind of a waste having RAM for certain systems (in the future it might be extra thing when you need things to be ridiculously fast. I'm typing this on a Pentium 3, this computers heyday was probably in 1999, and I can do things like watch Youtube and all the basic stuff you can do on a system you can buy brand new. That's a huge indication to me technology is stagnating a bit since if you go back to 1999 that's like using a 286 to listen to mp3s. It's not really advancing as fast as it used to.
  3. I wanted to run Windows 95 mostly for educational purposes and to just do it for fun. I dont use USB devices, and I only use my computer for basic stuff like internet. Though Id never use Windows 95 for my main OS. Just wanted to toy around with it since I havnt used windows 95 since like 1997. The sound card I'm using is "Creative Sound Blaster PCI" I pulled it out of a old Pentium 2 HP box. Windows 2k had the drivers as soon as I installed it (a interesting thing about Windows 2k, always had the drivers for my sound right away) I dont have a copy of Windows 95 right now. Though I was thinking of going and hopefully finding the osr2 (if that's what it's called) since that's the latest version of it before windows 95. That one would be most stable. I tried installing it on a 633 mhz celeron who's main OS was 98 and was shocked how fast it loaded(this was years ago though). I could imagine how fast it would run on this thing, considering it runs Windows 2k like it's nothing and runs Windows XP just fine. I'm studying to be a computer service tech, so I always like to expand my knowledge on stuff like this. That and it's my hobby and I always found it fun. These days since I've been geting more skilled legacy OS's have became interesting.
  4. I was thinking of playing around with Windows 95 on my Pentium 3 box. Right now I run Windows 2000 SP4 on it. Can someone tell me how I will get Windows 95 to work on this box? Here is the hardware in it: Pentium 3 1ghz 512 mb SD-ram agp rage fury pro video card sound blaster sound card(couldnt find drivers for it when I used 98, so I doubt for 95) 5 GB, 2 GB (Windows 2k is on this one), 4 GB hard drives
  5. How about spliting a hard drive of that size into two. Would that help?
  6. I want to replace my hard drive(s) The smallest new hard drives I can find are 150 GB. Will Windows 2k SP4 support drives this big?
  7. The link you posted says MSN web messenger is end of life and is being embedded into Hotmail. Which is kind of good to know. aMSN is a open source clone of MSN.
  8. Well, I'll start off by saying I'm using aMSN. aMSN ussually works perfectly fine. But I find MSN keeps droping messages I send to people. Other people I talk to online are having similar problems, except MSN keeps booting them off. MSN allows me to be connected all the time. I get messages just fine... But often people send me messages and MSN keeps reporting that it dropped my messages. I'm thinking I might try another MSN client and see if that helps. Though I think it's MSN's fault in general (not on my end) And I was just wondering how I might help it.
  9. Right now I am using Windows 2k. I'll probably upgrade to Windows 7 when it matures (Probably 5-7 years from now) Microsoft has this annoying tendency to turn out really bad software packages and then fix them in a service pack. So I usually hold back and wait until they work out the bugs. Windows XP (before SP1) Was awful. So was every single initial release of a Windows operating system (Never saw the initial release of 2k, though I'm sure it's just as awful as the other initial MS OS's before they worked out the bugs). Windows Vista is almost to the point it's usable. Though I'll probably wait another couple years to upgrade to it (I'll have to soon, since I need to get a new PC to use Office 2007)
  10. Okay, I have some questions for you to help you isolate the problem. Have been using this program for long? Has it always did strange things? The program might be buggy. Did you see if rebooting your PC solves this issue? Windows 9X tends to behave funny when you leave it on a lot. You should always shut down your Windows 98 PC when it's not in use (and if not, give it a reboot twice per day) This will make sure Windows 98 relinquishes resources for your programs. You said that you where downloading/uploading files a lot and then this happened. Are you sure they're arent any active malware in your system? Are you using a filesharing program such as Limewire? You should always scan your files, and be careful to not download anything that looks untrustworthy. You might want to scan the partitition Windows 98 resides in on another operating system as it may be a route kit. The older versions of Windows (before 2k) are very susceptible to this. Also the problem sounds a bit like a memory/hardware issue. You could try taking out some memory modules, and then placing them back in one by one and see if you can recreate the problem with one, or if the problem totally disapears when you remove the offending memory module. Unplug certain cards that are not necessary to the basic function of your PC. Unplug sound cards, ethernet adapters, modems. You're problem might vanish if one of those is bad.
  11. Thanks for the tip Arialz. I will keep that Office 2007 thing in mind.
  12. My favorite is Windows XP Home SP3. It's what Windows 98 SE should have been. Very stable and secure. Windows 95 should have been the last DOS version of Windows. Windows 7 looks very promising though. MS seems to be geting it together finnaly and fixing up their bloatey code/removing legacy support barely anyone ever uses anymore.
  13. Yeah, for example, most stores still use Windows 98 for their POS system. (The newest system I've saw used for one of those was Windows XP Home) So yeah, over kill indeed. On another note: I found it sort of funny first reading this thread I thought POS read as you know what.
  14. You could also try opening up the device manager and seeing if there are any conflicts. It seems that there is something wrong with the hardware of the mic portion of your webcam. You could try disabling the mic device in the device manager and then hooking up a separate mic to your sound card and steering your sound settings to accept input from the mic port on your sound card(You can get to these by double clicking the speaker icon in the notification area and then following the menus in there). This just may clear up the strange sounds.
  15. I never liked playing games on my computer. I find PC games dont work so well, even if you have the right hardware. So I just use my PC for basic things, and I play my games on a console system. Though I have found games I enjoy that I can play on obsolete hardware (such as Diner Dash and Sim City) Though the majority of PC games arent even worth it to buy expensive hardware for, since you can find a lot better games and a lot of them on a console system). And well, because of that, my old Pentium 3 does just what I want. Though I dont think anything older than this would do the trick for me though. That's mostly why Vista angers me off. It's buggy trash, it's basicly XP with some useless features tacked on to bog it down. It's time they learn how to code better. There is no reason I should have to use a liquid cooled gazlion ghz computer to type a email. I think MS and the hardware companies are in bed with each other to force people to buy new computers/upgrade their OS to the next viruse, I mean operating system. If Macs wernt so sucky Id use one of those.
  16. My computer is good enough for me because all I do on it is browse the internet, make graphics and write on it. I'm going to have to upgrade it's OS (Since MS Office 2003, needs 2k) I never spend much money on my computer, I just pick up parts off the trash and swap out whatever is wearing out. I'm buying a new PC soon (which sort of makes me naseauted because Windows Vista is disgusting) The only reason I'm buying new is because I want a laptop to able to use at school, so I dont have to use their computers (That and space constraints) I hope to downgrade the laptop to Windows XP. Vista is the Windows ME of the NT world. Epic failure.
  17. Okay, that's a little bit strange. Are you sure this isnt a computer problem, but the person on the other side is making banging noises or is breathing heavily? Have you tried trying it with other people?(and seeing if you hear those strange sounds there too) And if so, are you sure whether not your computer has malware on it? A very long time ago I had malware on my machine that made my computer make weird CB radio sounds. Sounded like really weird giberish. Those things disapeared when the hard drive was formated and Windows 98 was reinstalled. The webcam might be bad. There might be problems with the web cam itself, the USB cable might be screwed and bleeding signals off to the mic. You could try plugging the web cam into another USB port to try to isolate it from where the mic is plugged in. Anyways, I am at a loss to help you with your problem. I am half thinking this is a joke. But I've herd of things this weird, so I thought maybe it is real. MSN is pretty prone to get infected with viruses.
  18. Thanks for the input. I really should keep that in mind... I thought they'd be very much alike. I've always noticed a theme with MS Office software being so much the same (between different generations of the software)
  19. Thanks, that'll probably fix my problem. Though I'm not sure if it's okay to edit those configuration tables. The router serves internet access to other computers in this house through wifi (Mines hooked into one of the ethernet ports on the router). I really doubt my room mates computers have FTP servers on them. Though you really never know.
  20. I'm trying to setup a FTP server to transfer files between my computer and the one at school. The problem is, I can't connect to it from any other computer except for my own. I got my real IP from a site that tells you the real IP. Though, the FTP server wont accept that one, from any machine (even my own). Though it'll let me connect through my own machine using my internel IP (starts with 192). Though, of course that wont work, since it's a default IP giving by the router (not aware of the routers 'real IP' either, though it's the same, except the last number is 1) I tried pinging my computer from another computer in town, and it drops all the packets. While pinging myself from my own machine, all the packets return. If I try tracerting my IP from another machine, it jumps all over the country, and then it contacts two of the routers at my ISP, and then it goes through a loop saying host is unreachable. So I think that the router I'm behind is stoppping it. So what I'm thinking is, the IP the website gave me, is the IP of the router that is in my room. (And well, I dont think that thing has a FTP server. Just for fun I tried to connect to it through FTP using its' internel IP address, though it wouldnt connect (Though I can ping it from this computer though. It works fine) I'm using Quick 'N Easy FTP Server Lite 3.1 as the server and I'm using the ftp client that comes with Windows as the client. If anyone is aware if either of these might be the problem, or is it something to do with the computer and the routers configuration? I'm having a bit of trouble figuring it out the general source of the problem. I've used FTP to transfer files to and from my computer long ago. Though something mustve changed, or it may be that router.
  21. Right now I'm taking a course, and I have to learn the entire Office 2003 Software package. The only problem is, I dont think they sell Office 2003 anymore. I decided that in order to get more familiar with the software I'll have to buy a PC and Office 2003. I dont see Office 2003 anywere (Just Office 2007), In fact the computer I was looking at had a copy of Office 2007 on it. I was just wondering, are Office 2003 and 2007 similar enough that I can learn what I need to know? I mean, does 2007 lack features that 2003 has? (Sort of like 2003 lacks ones that 2000 had and vice versa.) Or are the features of the two, the same but labeled differently (or is it pretty much, consistent)
  22. This topic might be on this forum somewhere. I tried searching, though I'm probably using the wrong words for what I am trying to describe. I was wondering if I could stick the third party updates and the drivers (for my hardware) into a 98 SE setup CD. So that all I have to do is format the hard drive and re-install when ever something screws up the instalation beyond repair. Or either that or stick the generic video card driver on there so it's not so obtuse trying to find drivers/or not even bothering with the normal video card drivers (Since some video cards... you just can't find it!) I imagine someone thought of this, though they probably dont refer to it as "slipstreaming" so that's why I'm not finding it/it does not excist.
  23. It's really weird. But I booted into my computer with a Windows 98 SE install CD. And then I filled in the path to point to the windows 98 executables (folder windows, system32, and command) put my boot disk in the FDD and then typed sys A: C: and then reboot the PC, booted from the hard drive and then Windows 98 came back alive and it works perfectly fine. I also removed 3 of the memory modules reducing the memory to 128 mb(Though umm, when I have 2k I'm going to plop them back in), and now it's running pretty smooth (Though I also stuck a different HD in there found in a old HP PC). I think my Windows 2k CD/cd-rom is bad. So I think I'll try to find one somewhere... before I try again... Though thanks for your help, you helped me troubleshoot the problem... Not much experience with 2k, sorry.
  24. That's actually what I tried to do yesterday. Though I think my hardware is bad. The setup didnt even get to the file copying stage. It finished the first portion of the setup, the system rebooted and I got a error "ntldr is missing. Hit a key to reboot". Booted into the computer with a boot disk and tried to switch to my C: drive and it said it couldnt get on. It never said anything about formating the drive, so I dont think it's in NTFS now (it didnt really do what it was doing long enough to be formating a hard drive) So I think the hard drive got corrupted. Windows 98 wasnt operating so I tried to re-install that(since I needed it to get to my 2k setup files), but I couldnt get into setup because every drive I switched to, including the CD-rom drive, the directory listing would show up as giberish ascii characters (The ones that show up when you open of a .exe file in the MS-DOS editor). So I'm thinking there is something seriosly wrong with this computer's CPU/motherboard. So I might as well get a new batch of parts and try again.
  25. I downloaded a copy of the Windows 2k version of my video card drivers. Though pretty much everything locked up. Those should work when I let Windows 2k be by itself on the hard drive. I tried those universal video card drivers on Windows 98 once with the same video card. Surprisingly they work fairly well. Scrolling through webpages a bit choppy, though you could watch videos just fine (Though Id never try anything too high resolution with that, because Id imagine my video card would get choppy with the slow DAC)

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