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  1. Small bug- chech in installation menu is to be czech Otherwise, it's good work
  2. it is possible integrate language pack into Office 2007 (For me example czech lang into english Office)? I create translated lang for slipstreamer. Soon.. /edit: I tested.. CTRL+C CTRL+V.. Copy all file from lang pack except setup.exe, readme.htm and autorun.inf to office folder. It work for me.. When run setup.exe, I see menu, where I can choose install Office or Czech lang pack.
  3. CoD2 - not work perfect, PB kicked me for compatibility mode and when I turn off, PB kicked me permanent. :-/
  4. Yes I have.. And other updates after SP1.. And I found some help, but not work.. http://kbalertz.com/947466/Error-message-command-Windows-fatal-error-occurred-while-running.aspx When I help use, not work, sysprep write error not found mfdplat.dll :-(
  5. I use vlite for integration updates and tweak my vista.. When I install my vlited vista on hdd and run it in audit mode, install app and I use in syspreb OOBE, generalize, shutdown, it not work, write any error.. syspreb.exe is 105 KB and vlited syspreb.exe is 106KB.. How to do that?
  6. Create ISO, install Daemon or other SW for virtual mechanic and load ISO and install unanttend..
  7. I have two Vista systems, first on the C:\ and second on the D:\ .. D is instaled in audit mode and used OOBE,Generalize and shutdown.. When I load system on C, run imagex with: imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture D: C:\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate" then scanning and in few seconds close window without create install.wim I need help And postreflect D:\Windows C: not work too.. My bad english, sorry Second system I installed and run ctlr-shift-f3 from create user.. I installed sp1, updates, software and all that.. And run sysprep with setting top.. Edit/ I restart PC
  8. I made it yet Registration key copy into ClipPut patchmaker_orig.au3
  9. I have not XP, I have Vista and LM is not here.. But in XP I am some problem, I used earlier my method and work it..
  10. Start - Run - msconfig - card run or something of that kind - search LM and check off. Press ok, restart.. Is that?
  11. I need make autoit install script for Patch Maker 1.2g REGISTERED version. It doesn't go me. I have reg. key, I used ClipGet and Clipput, but I didn't go next.. Sorry for my bad english
  12. It is not work for me, the cd key is forwarded: xxxxx-"empty"-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx in registration window.. Sorry for my bad english, I learn it... It work it yet.. Line 55: Send ("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") It is bad: Send ("xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx")
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