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  1. i have replace 55 identical boards the last month (mostly on laptops) on xp and vista with no problem what so ever. boards are pre-activated with the oem vista bios string from the manufacture and each time machines are booting to windows with no problems. i am talking about replacing like-to-like boards with exactly the some hardware components.
  2. jaclaz i know that i am right. i as hopping from the members of the forum (that may have more expiriance/knowledge than me) to agree or disagree with my argument. Thanks for your replay
  3. If the mb+bios version +bios settings are the same then no reloading is necessary, in fact, barring a MAC address change which is handled on the fly the operating system wouldn’t even have any knowledge of the mb swopout that has occurred. what i am looking is for someone to argue this!!
  4. Hello all. Do you have to reload a windos machine (xp or vista) when you are replacing like-to-like motherboard? like-to-like means that the replacing m/b is the same model, same chipset, bios version and bios settings. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello again. Here is part of my autounattend.xml file. <ModifyPartitions> <ModifyPartition wcm:action="add"> <Active>true</Active> <Extend>false</Extend> <Format>NTFS</Format> <Label>System_Disk</Label> <Letter>C</Letter> <Order>1</Order> <PartitionID>1</PartitionID>
  6. Hello to all. I install vista on a hdd with 2 partitions. I made a backup (capture the C:) (.wim) using ImageX and i store it on the D:\BACKUP location on my HDD. Now i want to restore (apply) the image using the Vista SETUP files. I create an autounattend.xml file and i put on the root of the CD with the SETUP files. (eg: X:) What i want to do is to use the setup files and use the install.wim file (my backup file) which is located on my local disk. But i have an error what there is no image available. it seems like the autounattend.xml file cannot find my .wim file on my local disk. Any idee
  7. Can you make it more clear for me HJW? You mean to convert the XP CD in .wim format? What exaclty you mean with call windows XP setup in PE-environment If is not a trouble can you give me the way to do it? Thanks
  8. thanks mate. so the only way to eliminate problems with the Hardware Abstraction Layer, is to make sure that the wim image that you capture is going to be deployed on machines with exaclty the same specs with the machine that you original work and capture the wim image! Is that right or is any hiden problems?
  9. Hello to all. It is possible to capture a windows xp image (wim) using IMAGEX and be Hardware Abstraction Layer free? Thanks
  10. Hello. I am using bdd 2007 and the lite touch installation method to deploy vista. On the firts deploy wizard screen is asking you to choose the keyboard layout. By default is set to United States. How can i edit the script to change it to United Kindom Extended? I am not 100% sure but in the xml file the code is : <option value="0409:00000409">United States</option> How can i edit so the default value for the keyboard layout is set to United Kingdom? Thanks
  11. Thats right Martin. The error comes up when i try to deploy the captured image. On the setup window the image is copyed on C: and then the image is expanding. Just after the expanding goes to 100% a have this error. I think that the setup is expanding the image and when is trying to install updates, or features at that point i receive the error. Note that when i capture the image in the first place the Users folder is on another partition. So i am thinking that the error is there. Also when i install Vista from the original DVD and i use the unattend.xml file to move the Users folder in D: is
  12. Hello again. Gluberti the language is the same and is a RTM version. But on my unattend.xml file i try to set the Users folder on another partition. Do you think this is the source of the error? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replay FireGeier. The error comes up just after the image apply screen. I can see the image apply goes to 100% and then i have this error. I hope you know what i mean with the image apply at 100%!!!!!???
  14. kretmatt where the AutoUnattend.xml is located? it must be in the root of the vista dvd or you can put it on a usb stick and name it Unattend.xml. note that if you use the usb stick the hdd mast be blank.
  15. Hello. Does anybody knows what this error means: offline locale information error code 0x80FF0000 I check on the web and i didn't find anything. Thanks
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