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  1. This guy did it manually. I think it was just taking ownership of the DLL and giving yourself "Full Control" permissions: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/163665-clean-alt-tab-for-win8-desktop-item-and-thumbnails-removed/?do=findComment&comment=1066005 You can also try with commandline (3rd line optional): takeown /f filename.dll /a icacls filename.dll /grant administrators:F icacls filename.dll /setowner "NT Service\TrustedInstaller" Maybe the problem was that you're not running as administrator? The above is also what the WSF installer automates, in the W8.1 DLL ZIP linked in the first post. If you want to use it you'd need to change the DLL in the WSF (target...) to match the W8 DLL you're trying to use. But all that won't help much if the W8 DLL isn't working right replacing the latest DLL in W8.1. >I work under the limited account. I see. Not sure how beneficial that is instead of admin with UAC on.
  2. Replacing the DLL worked for me in the past, and I think other people as well. Some previous posts discussed it. It didn't require anything special, really. I don't know why it would be more trouble on your OS. I'm not saying I will be working on a 32-bit version. I don't mind helping out if it can be done quickly enough, but this is too time consuming. The whole thing here started as something for my own use. It's not like it's a "product" or anything. In the rare cases I needed to test something on x86 I didn't mind the original task switcher. It's just a localized test VM, not my actual daily OS. BTW, in my limited experience, W8.1 x64 runs well enough on 2GB. I assume for very specific needs 1GB might be workable. Interesting about the Aero Peek setting. I guess you're running a non-standard user configuration? I never saw UAC prompts changing the user. It just elevated the same one.
  3. Not sure why you would need the recovery env, but do you mean that even if there was a patched DLL for the latest 8.1 32-bit it wouldn't be good? I might have done it if it were quick enough to do, but even just patching the DLL would take a while. Then, if you also mean the memory patcher utility, it would take much more. It probably can't be compiled to 32-bit without modification.
  4. What happens if you try the old Win8 patched DLL? It will probably misbehave, but worth a try. But ultimatly, why not use x64 Windows?
  5. Sphinx Windows er, 10, Firewall Control

    I don't think it's a big risk, and it far outweighs the other option: IP only. For example, Microsoft has a zillion IPs. How am I to restrict rules based on that? Even if we assume domain names are a higher risk, you need to strike a balance between security and usability. See UAC's initial incarnation in Vista.
  6. Is there a setting or utility to force "new style" Open/Save dialogs to the older "Office 2000" style? (At least ones that aren't customized by the software that uses the dialog). My main beef is the Navigation Pane to the left. The old Places Bar had large buttons that are easy to target (touchpad, etc.), and only a few items (99% of the times I only use one). The new Navigation Pane includes small items, and I don't use any besides "Favorites" (the other groups can be turned off, but the small item sizes and the "Favorite" heading item remain).
  7. What's in the UnistoreDB directory?

    These two things are quite different. Which one is it? Someone oughta create a site dedicated to specific info on all the databases Windows keeps about your files and usage. Anyway, Win10 keeps on being worrying.
  8. Any idea what Win10 stores in %homepath%\AppData\Local\Comms\UnistoreDB ? It holds files such as: USSres00001.jrs, USSres00002.jrs (3MB each, but practically empty) USS.log, USStmp.log (also 3MB each) store.vol
  9. A recent Security Essentials update was noticeably smaller than the previous one I had, from a few months ago. I think it went down from 133MB to 112MB. Is it improved compression, or did they remove a lot of stuff? It's not the first time I noticed a newer update being smaller, but this is by far the largest difference I recall.
  10. Windows Defender Boot Scan and Update Questions

    I don't have answers, but maybe I see something similar. On 8.1, sometimes when I manually start updates in Defender's GUI, it works, fully fills the progress bar, then concludes by saying "update failed". And yet, the virus definitions version and date do show a newer version. I haven't yet ruled out my firewall settings being to blame. Re scan-on-boot, dunno. But it's ironic that with all the talk about fast boot and kernel hibernation for quick restarts, after that quick restart/boot you have a minute or two of bad responsiveness when a whole bunch of unclear services or tasks chug and chug. Compare with WinXP. Restart/boots may take a few more seconds, but after the shell loads the system is responsive almost immediately.
  11. Sphinx Windows er, 10, Firewall Control

    Isn't it common, being able to use domain names? I seem to recall that even AtGuard, in the late 90s, supported it. Sadly, and strangely, domain names don't work in Jetico Firewall v2, at least not on Win8. Not even when alerting on access attempts in "learning mode". But I think it worked in v1 on WinXP. It's a sad state of affairs when it comes to Windows firewalls. Not only there are no good ones available, there's barely anything available, unless you consider anti-virus-combined system-monopolizing monstrosities a valid option.
  12. Sphinx Windows er, 10, Firewall Control

    What do you mean by "name base"? And don't you have a problem with the underlying engine actually being Microsoft's? Who knows what special secret rules it has, or what changes might be applied to it by a random Windows update.
  13. I mean while using the most updates possible on 8.1. I did manually cull and skip updates on 8.1, but since Microsoft switched to combo-updates it's difficult or impossible to know what's included in each. Nvidia's thing sounds annoying, but I assume it's a dedicated EXE which is easier to detect and disable, or at least to block completely from network access. With Microsoft, network access will likely be from svchost.exe, which is more difficult to block selectively.
  14. Yes. For me it worked through all updates of Windows since Win8.0.
  15. Since Win8 shifted to all-in-one updates things have become more difficult. What are the current best practices to avoid "telemetry" and similar updates or components? Any cleaner/disabler programs?