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  1. Does that mean theres a VLK version of XP MCE and Home? Id be waiting to use it then!
  2. I think that non-OEM editions work too? I hope so. I dont like to make phone calls
  3. I love betas - they let you preview the software
  4. Yep - that was what I did - just pop in the R2 CD. I use Enterprise Server (even for my home server)
  5. It CAN be integrated with SP3. I did it. Didnt trash IE or anything. I do have a MCE with only 1 CD - I got it from MSDN. You have to use cdimage, microsoft's software for creating files into ISOs. It optimizes the files.
  6. Volume Licenses are a license for a computer that are meant for large corporations. I would like to know which editions these are availible for. I know its availible for XP Pro, and Tablet ( and I got one from MSDN) I would like to know if they are availible for Home Editon or MCE. Thanks!
  7. I looked over it and I think its a great site! Now I don't have to use vLite
  8. Not trying to be mean or disrespectful to nuhi or anything, but I think that nLite sucks. It wont work on my Windows XP Tablet PC Edition VLK disc. I integrated SP3 onto it using nlite and now it wont accept my product key. I got this from MSFN. cross that out - I mean "MSDN" GRR. I wasted a CD for this . It also appends a bunch of stuff to the end of some files.
  9. If you want it to be bootable, you can also take an ISO of the Windows XP Upgrade CD, and ADD the files to the ISO. Do no extract and readd, because that wont keep boot sector.
  10. I have a retail drive. Its a Memorex I bought at tigerdirect. Its pretty good quality, or I wouldnt have bought it for 300$ (dont tell my wife!). It cant be read at all. It has a bunch of files missing from the i386 folder, and the boot sector. I sont think I can recover it. . It came with a COA sticker, but it wasnt attached to the PC. Thats because I bought the product and CD OEM, seperately, It didnt come with the PC. Did you miss this? That's Windows 2000 for ia64 (Itanium). It *is* a Microsoft product. Nope. Its not Linux, because I wouldnt be asking this if it were linux...why? because I could download it. Yep, so its MS
  11. I have a Windows Advanced Server, Limited Edition CD (you've probably havent heard of it, but believe me, it exists) I bought, and the CD is corrupted. I have the product key still. What shall I do ?
  12. Grr! I got a new PC as a gift. ITs a Dell, and I like it, except that Dell put some ads in the welcome screen. Anyway to remove these? Thanks!
  13. Look for any batch scripts or uneeded programs that start up, they might have a script that does it. If its not that, then I would be on the phone with the company...grr!
  14. This is why i dont use nLite..and other things too. Try changing the number in setupp.ini
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