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  1. This method wouldn't work for me bacause at T-9 setup starts a full scan which would just restore the origional files. You might be able to use parts of my script to determine the manufacturer and call wfpreplace.exe. My goal at this point is to replace the files and have the replacement files protected by WFP. I circumvent this problem by copying the I386 folder to the systemdrive and change all necessary setup paths in registry. And the I also replace the oemfiles in this folder which then is the source where WFP will get its replacement files from. Can you send me your script, anyway? Automating the whole process would be nice BTW I replace the files AFTER setup during the sysprep process which means after T-0 :-)
  2. What method are you using? Do you have seperate boot directories or are you replacing the files after install? I replace the 4 files after install during the sysprep process using wfpreplace.exe to get around windows file protection. That way Windows is preactivated before Windows Welcome page appears. I' m afraid each file listing is ~12MB and no, zipping them up does not save any space so I won' t post them here. I have the files for Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo and Samsung.
  3. On my IBM ThinkPad T41p with preactivated Windows XP Professional SP2 OEM SLP I get this: Manufacturer: IBM Model: 2373GEG 49424D BTW: My unattended Windows DVD has an Installer which lets you choose which vendor files to use for preactivation. Simple as that ;-)
  4. You will have to use sysprep and the massstorage section of sysprep.inf as well as integrating all drivers that are needed. But hold your breath, using sysprep is not that easy and reading documentation and testing needs a lot of time. Start with downloading the Windows OPK and reading included documentation. Also consider that Windows will be in factory mode when using sysprep, so it' s not just preparing the image as you like and then ghost it. Deploying a sysprepped ghost image still needs a lot of "sysprep action" when booting for the first time. You know, the system has to determine which drivers are really needed and so on.
  5. There is Joshua' s Wireless plugin for BartPE. I don' t know anything about WinPE because BartPE is a lot easier to customize. The wireless plugin works for me, but not when using WPA encryption. Only WEP and non-encrypted works.
  6. Is there any hope for a quick fix of the drmclien.dll problem? AFAIK this file is protected by windows system file protection and can' t easily be overwritten.
  7. could it be because they haven't been? I'm very busy at the moment, and the few times that i do have time for something that's NOT school related, i choose to relax and go have fun. I'm in the first week of school, so i should have time by the weekend to fix the issues. Hey, no problem! I really appreciate your work, but just to say "I' m aware of the problem and know how to fix it" doesn' t help anyone but yourself you know
  8. I have the very same problem. Any solutions yet? I don' t want to integrate WMP10... The file is present on the HDD btw., the installer seems trying to overwrite it causing that error.
  9. But I had another question: How will Windows know, which updates are already installed when integrating manually (replacing files in I386 using the files provided by the hotfixes)? Sonic, if nlite does it like you said, it would be enough for me to delete the svcpack folder as well as svcpack.inf and makecab the files in I386 updated by the hotfixes? Because using the /integrate switch not only places the hotfix in svcpack, but also updates files in i386 directly but does not compress them ...
  10. I wonder if the svcpack folder is really necessary after integrating hotfixes? Because when using the /integrate switch, some files in I386 (files provided by the hotfix) become replaced by new versions (those of the hotfix?)... They' re not compressed anymore, the compressed ones are deleted during integrate. Sooo... Would that work? - It would save time (the hotfixes don' t have to be installed since the files in I386 are recent. - It would save some space! But... How would Windows know, which updates have already been integrated? hmm...
  11. Topic says it all. I want the quicklaunch toolbar enabled by default for all users, even those that will be created later on. I am using sysprep to reseal the installed machines after my unattended setup BTW.
  12. This will NOT work. MCE applies the "Energy Bliss" on its own and ignores that setting.
  13. You do this for a company, so your have the money. Go buy IBM UltraImage and do what you want the way it is meant to be done.
  14. Windows XP has irda generic drivers included.
  15. There is a far easier way: setup.exe -s -v"Serialnumer=XXX /qn" Installshield passes parameters through to windows installier using the -v switch.
  16. While there is a 4096 character limit in the winnt.sif for the oemdriverspath, there is a limit for devicepath in the registry, too! It is 20480 character, is found that out even with using setdevicepath.exe. Just to let you know.
  17. In fact the installed "edition" depends on the CD-KEY! Your Tablet-PC Edition can also be an MCE with the correct key... Entering an XP-PRO key in setup will result in an XP-PRO Edition, even when MCE/TabletPC discs have been used for install. Of course this only works if the folder "cmpnents" has not been altered.
  18. There is an error with the driver pack. Search within the unzipped dir for *.lnk and you will find some links instead of regular files. I think that something went wrong there, Bashrat.
  19. ...but can' t be undone. Just renaming the .inf file is enough and can be undone whenever you want.
  20. Simple. Remove "bth.in_" or "bth.inf" from txtsetup.sif, dosnet.inf and drvindex.inf where appropriate. Or just delete windows\inf\bth.inf after installation or in your presetup.cmd when using the zipped drivers method. Without this INF, Windows can' t detect any BT devices anymore.
  21. Bashrat, can you tell me which drivers you integrated for the atheros a/b/g card? Because I have to install an additional setup (for WPA), without it the driver does not work correctly. Or did you already take care of that?
  22. Hi, I try to integrate both, Synaptics Touchpad driver and IBM Thinkpad Ultranav (which is a Touchpad/Trackpoint combo) on my unattended CD. Problem is: On my IBM Thinkpad Notebook the Synaptics generic driver is installed instead of the IBM Ultranav driver when using my CD. I think thats because the generic driver is newer. How can I fix this? The generic driver should only be installed when the Notebook is not a Thinkpad. I think about modifying the Synaptics driver but I don' t know how.

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