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  1. Get a recovery CD from Manufacturer. Then get the oembios files from restored Windows.
  2. This thing - even if its final now - still misses a documentation of switches etc. This is not good.
  3. Thats how I do it and it works fine. Still, running sigverif in the future will fail of course but who cares.
  4. Call me stupid but I'm unable to use this thing. I can' t find a batch file for collecting all the needed files into bin dir. Staying with the released german v7.9.6.0 lite binary.
  5. I still can't find any documentation inside . I wonder how most of you can actually use this thing without any hint? A short list of what to do would do it...
  6. Can someone post a short how-to use this SDK? I have not a clue.
  7. Add your key to oobeinfo.ini and welcome screen will not ask for key anymore.
  8. You assume correctly. This will only generate the entries for the builtin drivers. You then have to add your own lines. Just generate the entries once, then add your lines. You get a clue on what to add when looking into the txtsetup.oem files that came with your massstorage drivers. There is also an official howto in file ref.chm in your sysprep folder.
  9. Just to understand this right: To support USB Floppy drivers for F6 function, you don't have to change anything on the CD but in txtsetup.oem on the floppy? I wonder because windows setup is never told to load any usb floppy drivers? Or is USB support already enabled by default and just has to be "used"? My USB floppy drive LED never lights up when using F6 so how would changing txtsetup.oem make any difference?
  10. The files I have have a valid MS signature Pleas check your SHA1 checksums for verification. BIN 066bef4fddc580ce48759e852f557e68de8b8a73 CAT 8e1fae9079ddb07f18d2d8f73cef4b7f44c90d39 DAT b1e9e2751b3eceaaf1bcc0494ddbe0503ab19ad8 SIG fa609577140e3d058b18791956443ec26e7607d3 Sorry, my fault. My files match the checksums. I tried it with an ASUS board and because oemscan matched the OEMBIOS files for ASUS, I thought it should work. It is a single board, not an ASUS PC. Any way to modify my DMI table so that Windows recognizes the OEMBIOS files?
  11. @Bezalel: The ASUS OEMBIOS Files on your share are corrupt. At least oemscan says that. I already double-checked my checksums with yours and they match, so there must be something wrong with the files on your share. Does anyone have correct ASUS_FLASH files?
  12. Can this method be extended to support USB thumb drives or HDDs? THAT would be really helpful.
  13. @xehqter: I noticed that OEMscan also copies oembios.cat to %systemdrive%. Why is that?
  14. Source: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/oempreac.mspx If the above is true, would'nt one just need to add this file, along with the OEMBIOS files, inside each manufacturer's folder, enter the correct keys for each, and let oemscan copy over the oobeinfo.ini which would'nt require any physical key changes? Or have i totally got this confused ? Does oemscan copy over anything you place inside the folders to system32 or will it only look for the four oembios files? You' re right, this works. Thats the method I used all the time, BTW. Of course this needs the Windows Welcome page to be displayed and used so not 100% unattended automation. But I like it to make some individual changes to a system after the whole process, especially for entering the computer name and user name.
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