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  1. I never thought that this new link were a trap. Thank you, jaclaz! With my excuses for bphlpt. Greetings Cannie
  2. Hi, You may download DisplaySet from here: https://displayset.software.informer.com/1.1/ HTH Greetings
  3. Latest change: Pdf file has been renewed to update the download link for Linux Lite. HTH Cannie
  4. Hi, Spiceagent11, As I said to Dencorso at post 3, "I was really surprised when I first noticed it. By simply installing Windows 7 in a free space (never if you install it into an existing primary partition), it creates a hidden active primary partition 0 which behaves just as grub did, and it is thanks to it that, using partition 1 or 2 you can format the other one and rebuild it by a simple copy/paste procedure, using a file manager which allows you to see and copy hidden and system files." You can also use this grublike partition to run Linux, as explained into the tutorial. Greetings
  5. Latest change: Paragraph 2.1 of the pdf text has been modified to include the recent Windows 10 PE OS as an alternative for Windows PE. HTH Cannie
  6. Hi, I've found an easy solution for this: the old text has been replaced by a link so that you may download a pdf file containing the whole tutorial at the first post (it can only be downloaded by previously identified users) HTH
  7. Latest changes: I tried to improve my tutorial by introducing changes as I always did since years ago, but being the new maximum total size 512 kB only the initial lines of the modified text can appear. I hope system owners find soon a solution to this problem. Thank you very much to all of you for the appreciation you have had for my work. Best wishes Cannie
  8. New improvement: The "Linux Lite" download link has been updated, at paragraph 2.1 HTH Cannie
  9. New improvement: Paragraph 2.1 has been modified to include the download link for the most recent version of Firefox Portable, previously mentioned at paragraph 10.2 in order to keep using Windows 7 under current circumstances. Best wishes Cannie
  10. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.2 has been improved to reflect positive Firefox experience with Windows 7 at the present time. Regards
  11. Latest changes: Paragraph 8.8 has been modified to include the possibility of using an external HDD for cloning your whole HDD. HTH Greetings Cannie
  12. Hello, You may find a solution for this here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/144084-windows-7-and-windows10-together-adding-linux/ HTH Cannie
  13. Latest changes: Download link for EasyBcd has been updated (the old one did not work any more). HTH
  14. Latest changes: Paragraph 5 has been improved in the light of new experiences. Cheers
  15. Latest changes: Paragraph 8.9 has been modified in accordance with new experiences. HTH Cannie
  16. Latest changes: Paragraph 5 has been modified to work best when used to lighten Windows 10 as outlined in paragraph 7.3.2. Cheers Cannie
  17. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.2 has been improved after detecting that there are applications that force us to use Windows 10 unnecessarily using "autoupdate". HTH Cannie
  18. New improvement: Paragraph 7.3.4 has been modified to explain how to recover the saved image from Windows 10 on a primary partition different from the one used before. HTH Cannie
  19. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.1 has been modified again to improve its contents. HTH Cannie
  20. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.1 has been modified to include laptop heating when placed on a base that is not solid, a frequent problem for many users. HTH Cannie
  21. Latest changes: Paragraphs concerning the current situation of Windows 7 in order to avoid problems when Microsoft stops its support have been improved. HTH Cannie
  22. New improvement: Paragraphs 9 and 10 have been modified for a better location of the topics explained therein. HTH Cannie
  23. Last improvement: Paragraph 1 has been modified to highlight the advantages of this system when Windows 7 updates will be finished. HTH Cannie

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