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  1. well guys, why are you talking about versions 4.10.2225-6 while there is version 4.10.2230 and it works fine for me (win 98 SE) for at least 4 years?
  2. Well, MS discovered some error in KB974455 and realesed a new fix - KB976749. The new fix changes only one file - mshtml.dll. Guys who suffer a problem, should try the new realese.
  3. is the bug gone with the wind? i install on my win98se the last ie6 updates from KB974455 (that ms realesed yesterday) and it works o.k. for the time being. is anyone else did so?
  4. TuneUp Utilities 2008 is no long support win 98. Neverthless I try it on my win 98 se and find that some functions act fine (registry cleaner for example) and some not (1 click maintenance). Is there a way to make it all worked well?
  5. hi, I install this 2007 compatibility and it works o.k. yesterday m$ launched 3 fixes for it (kb934062, kb933688, kb934393). these fixes are exe files and orca can't make them be install on win98se. any idea? thnx
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