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  1. I wanted to ask if you can integrate the hotfix. I tried to integrate Windows6.1-KB973874-x86.msu, vLite tells me the error path that does not find the file! Thanks
  2. THANKS! Not even thought of doing a Google search, I am a fool
  3. I tried installing the WAIK and vLite for Windows Vista, it seems to work from home screens Someone has already tried? Thanks
  4. At least with XP folders in Windows Explorer, are highlighted Seven with Ultimate RTM, I can not understand why the folders are not marked with some symbol. Thanks
  5. I would kindly ask if you can resolve the problem reported by minutka15 With regard the installation silent. Then I found another problem with the TrueTrasparency while closing some applications. Thank you
  6. Thanks for your willingness and commitment to devote to the project. I look forward to the next release.
  7. Using the magnificent NAR I used an alternative method but works with Nero The procedure refers to the software located in the Italian language, I apologize if the translation is not correct. This is only an example of an alternative method using the potential of NAR. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1jyrzjmnozj Regards
  8. Applications that do not concern have been removed with the tool without creating the self. Then in the command silent you can avoid including the instructions of the application removed. This fact is important, otherwise the automatic installation is not performed.
  9. Pending further developments, I tried a different solution, to run the latest release of Nero ( After running the tool of the NAR, which works very well, without creating the self, I copied everything into the other folder and file via batch, I used the command silent without signs of applications removed. This procedure works with the release. start /wait Nero\Setupx.exe /i /q SERIALNUMBER="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" EULAACCEPTED="1" start /wait Nero\Def.exe \ITA
  10. Thanks x-Shadow-x, and congratulations for the Tool. This software I was really a great help. I made some tests on some computers with both XP and Vista, and I noticed small problems with the installation of self-final. Sscusa wonder if eventually I made some mistakes in procedure, but I repeated the test several times and I can not find an explanation. The procedure was performed regularly by following your instructions First problem The self-generated regolarmete is installed with the selected applications, but there are problems with some applications that give me the following error: Second Problem On Vista OS, this happens once in two, the installation of some applications, including Nero Burnig Rom has not worked out To do a control test, I tried to install Nero in normal mode, and I have not found any problem, so I thought it must be problems with self-generated Then I started doing some testing to see if any files deleted from the tool can generate problems. My procedure was to unzip the self-generated files and add the Windows taskbar and then I did again with WinRAR self, inserting the remarks contained in the file Config.txt. When I tested on both XP c he views the installation was successful and the applications that run regularly at this point ask how can this be possible? Perhaps Windows applications should not be removed? I think this question because when you install these files normally BLACK we are and will be overwritten the operating system, if there are, but should not cause any damage. What do you think of this? Thanks for the help
  11. vLite via wondering if you can delete the annoying user request for permission every time you install the program. thanks
  12. Excuse me the question. I know that is not an easy problem, but I try to ask the same. Is there any utility to insert the serial regularly purchased, at the various software in silent mode? O unfortunately be "designed" from time to time depending on the type of program? In my case, for example Total audio converter that uses the Inno Setup installer, I tried with the syntax / VERYSILENT / SERIAL = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx" You install a regular basis but the serial is not applied. Is there any other solution? Thanks
  13. Small problem with the NAR 1.24 I noticed that if you use the option "select languages to remove" leaving only the Italian, when I start the executable file Nero.exe, it starts to settle, then at some point the installation stops. Instead doing the test without touching the "select languages" the file is installed properly. You can solve this problem? Thank you
  14. To delete the three files Simply create a file. DOS command with cmd DEL %programfiles%\Common Files\Nero\AdvrCntr4\NeroPatentActivation.exe DEL %programfiles%\Common Files\Nero\AdvrCntr4\NOSProductRegistration.dll DEL %programfiles%\Common Files\Nero\AdvrCntr4\NOSUsageStatistics.dll and then make a self-extracting with WinRAR
  15. To delete a file in three automated installation, the only method that I have the easier it is to replace them with text files empty, of course, renamed as the original with its extensions and "packaged" in a self-extracting file with its path of destination C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AdvrCntr4
  16. Try these steps: go to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Nero \ AdvrCntr4 and rename the file: Neropatentactivation.exe, NOSProductRegistration.dll, NOSUsageStatistics.dll to Neropatentactivation.old, NOSProductRegistration.old, NOSUsageStatistics.old
  17. Thank you for explaining the method of integration of Nero 9 I followed your instructions, I created the self with WinRAR and entered the command silent and everything works regularly. The program responds better speed than the full version. But I have something important to ask how can I do to build or where to find the version of nero_lite_installer with Italian language? Sincerely thank you and happy new year
  18. Good evening everyone. Sorry demand somewhat strange, I wanted to prepare for unattended copy of Vista working under the good old XP. In fact I tried to install VLite but tells me that I should install the software in the Microsoft Windows AIK. After I installed vLite requires the same thing, then I assume that it can not be installed in XP to Vista develop, or that I am wrong procedure? Cordially thank
  19. I performed the following test cross: 1) - Office Integrator 1.0 build65> Integration with CAB RVMI 1.5.3> verification of MU no upgrade required. 2) - Office Integrator 1.0 build65> Integration with CAB nLite> verification of MU no upgrade required. 3) - Slipstreamer 1.7.4> Integration with CAB nLite> verification of MU requires all updates to Office 2003 post SP3 4) - Slipstreamer 1.7.4> Integration with CAB RVMI 1.5.3> verification of MU requires all updates to Office 2003 post SP3 May have mistaken the integration? This is the screen with the log With the release I had not had previous problem, I repeated the test twice with the same result. I do not understand where mistake Thank you
  20. Good morning, everyone. I would ask if you can change the desktop background image with a personal or walpaper. Once selected the preferred theme, with its background on, "Information Pre-installation" I wanted to set a background for my liking, without having to manually post. It 'a thing possible? Sincerely I thank
  21. Another problem with Addon Maker. Now Avast professional 4.8, after upgrading, I indicates the presence of a virus (Trojan-gen) in the download section. Precisely this is the file 7zS.sfx
  22. Even I had the same report with a squared-free 3.5 and I tried to write on the form of VirtualTek. http://virtualltek.mgbr.net/inicial.php?page=contact Now the only way to use it is to disconnect from the Internet use AddOn Maker and then uninstall it. This until it is resolved the problem of Trojan Win32.Banker.mjh Regards

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