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  1. Hi, i was trying to reduce the amount of data of "windows rc1", on vlite it showed that the reduction was to be about 3,3gb or something like that, i obviously realized it was wrong, but at the end it only reduced in 800MB, and be sure i've taking out only 840MB is that right? i've attached the preset i used, i've not tested it yet, it was only supposed to me to have an idea of the amount was possible to take out, so i can realize what kind of softwares i will be able to put in at the end. Thanks teste_nu_rc.ini
  2. i may be wrong but it seems that windows 7 goal isn't exactly reduce the amount used of your ram, as by the way the moment that it will really be on the stores with pcs it's a lot probable that they will already come with at least 3gb to 4gb, this already happens in some cases of low end pcs. Seems to me that the main goal is compatibility + connectivity + to be faster than vista with same and improved visual and tools + other things When Seven finishes to enter on the market and on the pcs everywhere, most computer users that use it will have at least 4gb and i hope using x64 versions.
  3. People, you wanna know something, most of that things are already possible to exist, of course they would cost thousands of dollars. ex: its already under development a malleable paper "like" "LCD" that is very thin, i've seen a year ago if not mistaken on television Processors almost double or triple its capacity every year that passes, and besides that they do become smaller very year. Hard drives are becoming solid like SD cards no discs in a very near future, may be 5 years, and even quantum hard drives in a little far future may be 50 years or something like that. RAM someday will disappear because the hard drivers are becoming to fast that there will not be the need for that, or they will become an 1cm² chip with 1TB of capacity, not kidding. Let's just think about 15 years ago(more or less), that I(9 years old) was messing up on a win 3.11 computer with only 33mhz processor, 1mb of ram, 80mb HD, and disk drive, that is real funny to me thinking about that. Or even go back a little more and think about the time were computers were using tapes like video games, hey that only 20 or 25 years ago, almost crying here, so funny. If we compare the evolution between these times, what was shown there is nothing more than obvious, and i can say even plagiarism, oh my god are they breaking the law and copying ideas from other people, i think they cracked some mind to make that video, . bye for now
  4. Seems to me that he really wants to cap the computers to evade form someone using it massive amount of downloads, i couldn't see netlimiter, i would like to but the site isn't opening here, no way. An easy way of solving this could be using a firewall and blocking everything except things that really need internet access, it would still permit downloads in internet explorer(but this you can block inside of configuration of IE), this is good because it will make harder to the user install unwanted softwares.
  5. Smartphones are good but i wouldn't say that the age of pda is gone, because they have things that normally a smartphone don't have, like touchscreen for instance. I can't recommend an exact model, because there are many models that you can use, but see this: Prefer HP models. Smartphone if you need or want to make calls as well and make use of some internet service directly on it, else use pocket pc, ipaq models from hp are fine. If you want to run emulators for snes and old games like that, any processor above 400mhz would be enough. For music video and things related i can say that the only thing that you should think is the main memory, and/or if it has and expansion slot for putting memory card(like SD cards), preference that it recognize cards larger than 2GB, is commom to only recognize 2gb and not more, so take care in this part. So the best that i can think is: Processor above 400mhz of course if you can find and pay for any above 600 or even 700 it would be far better. At least 128MB of main memory, preference for 256MB(main or more) WIFI+BLUETOOTH 3G/EDGE GSM OR CDMA (depends on the cellphone that you will use) I think HP iPAQ 616 could be a good model as it has it does have everything i told above. But there wasn't many models to compare so if you have any place that sells hp ipaq models, go there and try to search for something even better than this one. For emulator remember that the screen must be bigger as possible. Good Luck
  6. Hi, i know this post is pretty old, and do not even know if you will see it or not, but its quite normal the time that you put in your post, i don't know what is the model of your battery, but in most of the times they come with 900ma battery that may end in 2 min and 4 days at max. Actually the most important thing you should know is that the things that eat your battery is the things that are running on the memory in the moment that you put it on standby mode, because its not the same as hibernation of a notebook, not a shutdown as well. What could help you gain more power and time to live of the battery is to recharge it only when it is pretty low, 20% or lower, best would be when the system starts to out enter in standby mode, you don't have to always do this way, but at least some times in a month.

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