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  1. Hi, I have this problem (RAID 1, iastor0 not responding...). I opened a ticket yesterday... Still waiting but I don't think Seagate will correct the problem. . Same problem : http://forums.seagate.com/stx/board/messag...message.id=8911 Edit : I've just opened a ticket at Intel too.
  2. Add/Remove Programs

    With the classical theme I have the same problem . Thanks for your help .
  3. Hi . I have a problem with Windows Components... I don't have icons... and don't have checkboxes : With original Sysoc.inf, Sysocmgr.exe, AppWiz.cpl... Same problem. I don't know why . XP SP2 with all hotfixes slipstreamed. Can someone help me ? Sorry for my english, i'm french . Thanks
  4. On the website there's the french version . I'll have a look on that method this evening probably. Thanks ! .
  5. Thanks for your answers but, I don't want to use runonce, Guirunonce, .bat file, .cmd file... lol. I'd like dll to be registered like the others, without using regsvr32 somewhere. Do you understand ?
  6. Thanks, but it's the same thing as a .bat file . I'd like to put regsvr32 directly in a file, without a dos file .
  7. Hello In fact, I'd like to register dll "regsvr32 name.dll" during the installation without using a batch file. If I could not use GuiRunOnce, it'd be nice too . How can I do ? Thanks Sorry for my English...
  8. Problem with hotfixes

  9. Problem with hotfixes

    It's a French release . Thanks .
  10. Problem with hotfixes

  11. Problem with hotfixes

    Hello, With HFNetChk I have the same problem (2 hotfixes which are not installed). I tried to integrate the new version of KB908531 but it's always the same problem. I put the lastsession.ini with my answer. In setuperr.log there's nothing, in the EventLog there's no problem. Thanks. lastsession.ini
  12. Problem with hotfixes

    Please :( .
  13. Problem with hotfixes

    Hello, I downloaded the new hotfixes yesterday, and I have a problem. I have integrated them with Nlite (1.07) without any problem. However, two of them doesn't seem to be integrated correctly : after installation, I do a Windows Update : The hotfixes "KB912812" and "KB908531" must be downloaded... I don't understand why ? In the nlite.inf, I can find the registry keys for these hotfixes (HKLM..updates and HKLM...hotfix) and in Regedit too. I tried to remove theses lines, and to reintegrate hotfixes, but that's the same problem. I tried too to extract (KBXXXXXX /x:"Folder") but in the i386, there are already the good files... Can you help me ? Thanks :-).