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  1. Thank you very much for this code... it did the trick for me.... Happy New Year.....
  2. yes..... two more y's... yyyymmddhhmmss in the filename.... Thanks...
  3. I have mostly worked with scripts using Unix shells and am struggling to do what is a simple job in Unix scripts but somehow I can't get it in windows scripts.... What I basically need to do is execute a script that will rename all files in a directory and add a date-time stamp to the file name and add a file extension... All files in the directory will not have a file extension.... In unix it would be an easy for each loop using variables... an example I'd like would be something like the following.... file1 file2 file3 should turn into file120071227141820.seq file220071227141821.seq file320071227141821.seq where the datetime stamp is yymmddhhmmss The 3 files above would be in a directory and the filenames could vary I guess vb script would be the best and or easiest but anything that works.... Thanks in advance for any guidence.....

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