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  1. Why do you still use 9X

    Because i have tried the following: Linux: heavy as an anvil, the less user-friendly driver management in the universe Windows 2000: took a virus after 2 hours from setup Windows XP: tested this week, messed up something (each time i open a file the system freezes)
  2. Windows 98 and Athlon 64 processors

    Yes, it was enabled.
  3. Windows 98 and Athlon 64 processors

    I also tried to install Windows 2000 (with stock generic ide driver) and it was fine, that's why i think there is something related to OS (don't know if the culprit is kernel, oudated dll's, device drivers - i used W98 stock ide driver - or what else). If i'm not wrong ASUS P5K is Intel based, so maybe my issues weren't related to the cpu architecture. Unfortunatly the mb is broken so actually i'm not able to do further testing.
  4. In the past i tested an Opteron 148 with a Asrock 939a8x-m (this board officially supports Windows 98). The system worked but i had timing issues with some software (as Flash Player, audio crackling) and hardware (hiccup effect when accessing a 2.5 hd). I tried to underclock and even overclock the cpu but it didn't help. I don't have these problems with my actual system (a Celeron 220 itx board). Maybe Windows 98 doesn't handle properly Athlon 64 processors?
  5. DSL on 98SE?

    I have a 7mbps dsl and it works great (ethernet modem) but i had to install the vtcp.386 patch and change some tcp/ip settings (as window scaling and tcp receive window), otherwise single connection bandwidth is limited to 600-800 kbps.
  6. Tested with Intel D201GLY2 itx board, the system works (you have to trick a bit with audio as reported in previous topics), but i had problems with memory. I'm stuck with a 1gb ram module. This way the system doesn't boot (complaining that ram is not enough), so i had to boot in dos mode and modify the system.ini file in order to limit the ram to 768 mb (i added "MaxPhysPage=30000" under the "[386Enh]" section). Don't know if this is needed for smaller ram modules too. I had problems with sata too (now i'm using 2 ide devices with sata disabled), but i have to test it better (official W98 drivers exist).