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  1. yay why didn't i think of that. hehe thanks for prompt reply.
  2. hi all i used nlite few years back and now trying to make a new one. i just want to clarify if i can add more drivers after making nlited windows (not iso image yet)? thanks and happy new year!
  3. hi all i know this seems an old problem since vista unfortunately still this problem exist. whenever i used the "Windows Photo Viewer" this com surrogate hangs sometimes the window can be closed but most of the times not. has anyone have the solution for this as i can't seem to find one even in the MS website. added info: OS = Windows 7 32bit RAM = 2GB GeForce 8500 GT Program installed: Adobe Photoshop and Indesign CS5 MS Office 2010 (word, excel, access and powerpoint) Firefox Foxit phantom 7-zip Ccleaner DirectVobsub for Win7 and some plugins for photoshop
  4. thanks i think that's what i wanted to know. lol sorry been tired when post this topic.
  5. Hhi y'all may i request to have an Add-on for Acer Drivers (WinXP) for Aspire 4710 please. Thanks! http://support.acer-euro.com/drivers/notebook/as_4710.html
  6. Hi John will you find time to update this add-on to RC1 thanks!
  7. Itsnow is correct that the nv4_disp is nvidia driver if i understand him correctly he was referring to the driver integration part but am not integrating any driver yet. i also tried to do a slipstreamed first of SP3 to my WinXP then exit/enter nLite then integrate the hotfix, add-ons, themes during compression process that is when the error occurs. the screen go black is what they called BSOD. i already googled for nv4_disp.dll but most of the results are for Dell machine and am not using Dell. i also tried reinstalling nLite and upgrading my .Net to 3.0. reinstalling my display driver but still no good. if this helps i did not only once but many times of making nLited CDs and its only now that i encounter this problem. am thinking if integrating the latest update of DirectX from my previous nLited CDs is causing this problem. unfortunately those that i nlited was burn to a CDRW disc meaning i just erase the CDRW then replace it with a new created nlited Windows. my O.S is WinXP Pro SP3/FX5500 Nvidia Card/P4 2.8Ghz/1.5GB RAM/80GB HDD
  8. here is the .ini file. i already slipstreamed the SP3 from my original XP so this was only integrating the hotfixes, add-ons and themes. i hope you can help me john. thanks in advance. Last_Session.ini
  9. nope that's not it. i haven't gone to integrate the drivers yet. i'm do'in a clean fresh start of nlite WinXP. i just integrate SP3 then hotfixes and add-ons after integrating then compress during that process nv4-disp.dll error occured. i really have no idea why this error occured. only when using nlite and during compression process.
  10. hi i don't know if this will be ask here but i noticed that whenever i tried to use nlite and during compressing the cab files this error "nv4_disp" occur and nlite didn't finish at all. i tried this for 5x still same error . would anyone help me to figure this out. thanks in advance.
  11. oh i'm sorry john i just thought this could be ask here coz' its nlite related too.
  12. Hi john am trying to add this add-on from ryan's web site unfortunately i'm a little noobish to integrate the .exe file thru svcpack. I'm very thankful to redxii he made it easy for me Lol
  13. Hi john am trying to add this add-on from ryan's web site unfortunately i'm a little noobish to integrate the .exe file thru svcpack. I'm very thankful to redxii he made it easy for me Lol
  14. thanks for your reply redxii and thanks for uploading the file.
  15. hi all i need help on how to properly integrate this update add-on of DirectX 0.6.1 (exe file). thanks!
  16. Hi, thanks for this add-on. Is there any plugins included? e.g. java, flash, shockwave
  17. Hi thanks for your reply, forgot about the hotfix, add-on option in nlite. Got it already. Thanks again.
  18. Hi pardon me please co'z can't seem to find if there's already an existing topic like mine. Just want to know how to update my Win2k SP4 to Update Rollup 1? Is it by slipstreaming using nlite? Or is there any alternative to obtain this? Thanks for any replies.
  19. Thanks Legoliam that's what I also have in mind right now and I was going to post it but you already said it. Coz' I retain the Windows SAT but still no Aero Glass. He he guess the best way is to test it on a clean HDD. Back to 0 for me.
  20. Oh, alright then I'll make a new one. I just thought that if I use the compatibility options in vLite and mistakenly removed the files associated with Aero Glass it will prompt me to unselect it but it did not or maybe I have overlooked about this again. Thanks anyway.
  21. u can say that again . hoping for more customization features.
  22. @MagicAndre1981 here is a screenshot of Vista HP under vmware @anonymous_user here is a screenshot for video under vmware @hannubys here is a screenshot of theme options under vmware I hope you can help me to find what has been removed that is associated with Aero. Please look at my .ini file. Thanks.
  23. Hi, my 2nd try customization of vista is quite good I think with the help of WiCiO's .ini file unfortunately I can't enable or see aero. If only someone can help me to find in my .ini file what seems to be removed that is associated with aero glass. Thanks for any help much appreciated. Last_Session_2ndTry.ini
  24. leinan

    error load driver

    Hi got this sorted out, I haven't change anything in the settings of VM. I guess the problem is by using an ISO image file instead of installing vista from cd. I overlooked about this . Thanks anyway.

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