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  1. [Desktops] 2007

  2. ATI Driver (full 27mb) switch

    nevermind , of some sort but i think i have a better idea, im just going to sfx some stuff.. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=16943
  3. Installation Windows

    you mean you wanna do an xplode instalation? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...18429&hl=xplode
  4. dunno what to use, /S? or something or edit the ini's? info please, if its already posted please post link cause i cant find it in the search..
  5. winrar SFX shortcuts

    nevermind ill just create a sfx with my shorcuts and have them go for the selected directories..
  6. winrar SFX shortcuts

    main question is tho how would i create one. (new at this stuff)
  7. i made a few sfx's to be run when the programs being installed, they create in the correct area's exampe: server.exe [sfx cmd's] ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=[server]SavePathSilent=1Overwrite=2Shortcut=T, "C:\Program Files\[server]\abyssws.exe", "C:\Program Files\[server]\", "Abyss Web Server", "localhost"what im trying to do is add a shortcut , in the startup but it doesnt create one, is there an easier way , say like registry or something for all users..
  8. i dunno if this one would help but adminpassword is suposed to be * not "*"
  9. perhaps its been deleted then ive seen it on here.. /s i think but dunno never tried to mess with it, i know 1.5 can be dumped and just asks for cd key, i packaged mine and SFX'd it with winrar.
  10. few unexplained errors

    i guess that was it :B lol. thanks for the help guys.
  11. few unexplained errors

    ill find out in ... an hour or so lol.
  12. few unexplained errors

    checked the winnt.sif, on the link, it's about the same mine [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes UnattendSwitch=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS Repartition=Noaarons' [unattended]UnattendMode=FullUnattendedOemSkipEula=YesOemPreinstall=YesTargetPath=\WINDOWSFileSystem=*UnattendSwitch="yes"WaitForReboot="No"DriverSigningPolicy=IgnoreOemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_intel_INF;Drivers\001_gigabit_LAN;Drivers\002_monitor"KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom"does the "'s matter on unattended switch? that might be a reason...
  13. few unexplained errors

    well it added the user and set the auto login, im just guessing theres an enabled proccess that shouldnt be there.
  14. few unexplained errors

    ok well , oddly i just have to get rid of that window, it now boots up as localhost, im guessing i have the ... welcome screen enabled.. which was never on... in the first place... bah lemme check. [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=020 OemSkipWelcome=1off yes?
  15. few unexplained errors

    i dont think cmdlines.txt is working ;\ or something else is screwing up ;\