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  1. Ikari

    Nasty nLite bug

    No, of course not On E: are all the setups for programs, it's a normal HD partition.
  2. Here's my collection of security updates for XP 64 SP2, also compatible with Windows Server 2003 SP2 64-bit, with all security updates up to this month (March). With this, you can have an up-to-date install and don't need to go to Windows Update anymore to download who knows how much, and then install it all, so it saves a lot of time Premium content which requires a validation is not included. Also not included are updates to Windows Update, as they're different for XP 64 and Windows Server 2003 64-bit, so you would need two different packs with them included. Download here btw: You can also use RyanVM Integrator 1.5 for this.
  3. Ikari

    Nasty nLite bug

    I've already tried to use Unlocker, but it will not run at all on my system, probably because it's 32-bit only and doesn't have a 64-bit driver for XP 64 Do you know an alternative with 64-bit support?
  4. You don't extract SP3 to integrate it. Just use the single exe file of SP3 for the integration.
  5. Ikari

    Nasty nLite bug

    Ok, I did that, but it doesn't show any results when I enter the filename and click "Search"... Strange No, I don't have it. Also, the exception even occurs with no background apps running, so (theoretically) there should be no other app to keep the handle on the files.
  6. Ikari

    Nasty nLite bug

    I've already tried nuhi's test version, and while it's an improvement, it still gives an exception about a file being used by a different process, without any running background apps I already have Process Explorer - how can I find out which process is currently using the file in question?
  7. Went through it once more and still found a few things. Please re-download. This should be all then, I think.
  8. Ikari

    Nasty nLite bug

    Well, duh... If you would've looked at the left, you would've seen that I'm running XP 64, so I obviously installed the x64 version. Answered your PM already. Just send the test version over.
  9. Here's the language file which fixes the linguistic glitches found in nLite Until nuhi gets around to integrate it into the program, simply unzip the attached file and put it into your 'nLite\Lang' directory and select "English2" from the dropdown menu upon startup. edit: Updated file. Please re-download. English2.zip
  10. That sounds outlandish... I'd say you've been had.
  11. Here are instructions so you can patch it for yourself with the limit you want: Hex (Offset) Mod Original 00000148 1B 26 00000149 7E 7D 000B85CC FF 0A 000B85CD FF 00 000B85CE FF 00 The first two (148 & 149) are the checksum of the file, the others are the limit (hexadecimal). Above example uses a 65k limit. If you want to use a smaller limit, you need to calculate the correct checksum again (e.g. with pechksum). Edit & replace it in Safe Mode.
  12. It's very easy to solve this problem, you just need to use the right tool to help the CD into the gap
  13. Yes. Either integrate the Ahci drivers with nLite, or disable Ahci in the Bios and set it to Legacy/Ide instead.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks that this forum is misplaced and should be placed under Windows 2003, as XP 64 based on Windows 2003? Having it listed under XP, even though it's not based on XP, looks somehow unprofessional I just wonder which sort of mad reasoning went on in the heads of MS so that, instead of a more fitting "Windows 2003 Professional", they named it "XP 64"

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