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  1. "To initialize the XPCREATE environment"

    I also appreciate creating the directories on first run. (Makes life somewhat easier...) This question of airburst is a very interesting one and I'm also interested in an answer... Greetings! PS: Welcome back here GM! - I'm very happy to see new life in this "said-to-be-almost-dead" project! And thanks to Alanoll for keeping it running!
  2. XP Create Commercial license

    On the one hand this is right: Contact GM via PM to answer such a question. As pricing is not always a public affair. But on the other hand: I assume there are many other people out there willing to know the same, so GM gets a HUGE amount of mails, all dealing the same topic... Another thing is: If pricing is attractive - there might be even more or new commercial users... Only some thoughts...
  3. Create a CD with all the patches only for XP

    That should be no problem at all with the right tool: XPCREATE! 1) Download and install XPCREATE from Greenmachines homepage. 2) run it once (it will create all the necessary folders) 3) place your hotfix files in the appropriate folders (see list on Greenmachines homepage "What goes where" and "Hotfix List") As his list is a little old the "WindowsXP-KB*.exe" files are not listed. Put them all in SVC-HF1. The desired ServicePack file goes to SPACKS dir. 4) Open XPCREATE.INI in a text editor and set DLAUTO = NO Also edit the other settings, if necessary. 5) Place your original XP-CD in your CDROM 6) Run XPCREATE 7) Wait until finished! XPCREATE takes care of the correct installation order. Greetings.
  4. Errir by XPCREATE !

    Ich kann nicht sagen, wann die Final rauskommt, ich hab nur geschrieben, was Greenmachine in einem anderen Thread gesagt hat. Wenn Du genaue Termine haben willst, nusst Du dich direkt an ihn wenden. Um die fehlenden Hotfixes rauszukriegen musst Du entweder die Microsoft-Seiten durchlesen (Stichwort Security Bulletins) oder eine VM oder einen PC installieren und dann mit Windows Update nachschauen. Wohin die gehören, steht entweder auf GM's Webseite oder in irgendwelchen anderen Threads hier. Ansonsten hilf nur: Try and Error! [iN ENGLISH] I told him that I don't know when the new version will be out - ask GM personally. Further I told him to look at MS website or via WindowsUpdate for missing hotfixes. And finally I told him to look at GM's Webpage or other threads for the right places to put the hotfix install files.
  5. Errir by XPCREATE !

    XPCREATE is between versions and the automatic hotfix lists are not up-to-date. Therefore the automatic hotfix downloading will not work undtill the lists are brought back with the new content. In the meanwhile: Set DLAUTO = NO and download them manually. [iN GERMAN] XPCREATE steckt gerade zwischen zwei Versionen und deshalb sind die Hotfix-Listen, die zum autiomatischen Download benötigt werden nicht online bzw. auf dem aktuellen Stand. Deshalb findet der Downloader auch nix. Bis die neue Version kommt, müssen die Hotfixes manuell heruntergeladen werden (DLAUTO = NO).
  6. Win2000 Hotfix Lists

    The online hotfix lists are empty as GM is preparing them for his new version. See: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=28837&hl=
  7. Various Problems Using XPCREATE

    Let me try to get some light into your darkness of frustration: 1) Download XPCREATE and install it into an empty folder on your HDD 2) Start XPCREATE.CMD (This will create all needed folders [empty!] - nothing more.) 3) Place your Windows original CD in your CD-ROM drive. 4) Start XPCREATE.CMD again. (NOW the real process will start and copy your CD content, get the hotfix list, download the hotfixes, installs them, creates the ISO and burns it.) So that are the major steps to perform. For any detailed changes (especially considering the XPCREATE.INI) see GM's homepage. But the program should work with the defaults. Furthermore you said, that you wanted to create a Win 2K CD, so I checked the XPCTHLST.TXT (Hotfix list) on the server. IT IS EMPTY. So with this empty file XPCREATE is unable to find any hotfixes. One of the Admins is possibly reworking the list - so re-check later @ Greenmachine: Do you know the hotfix list for Win2K Pro ENU to be empty? You also said, that you downloaded the required hotfixes from MS. So put them in the right folders (again refer to GM's website), set DLAUTO=NO in XPCREATE.INI and give it another try. (With this setting you disable the automatic hotfix downloading.) Hope this helped a little...
  8. Created image will install but has failures

    The utility is named "compress.exe" (from Microsoft). See: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;314958 The tool is included in the Resource Kit (or just google for it). Greetings.
  9. KB842773 Download Error

    You cannot manually edit the local copy of XPCTHLST.TXT. With DLAUTO = YES in your XPCREATE.INI this file will be (as you stated) downloaded each time you run XPCREATE and so your changes will be overwritten. Your chance (untill one of the admins GM or Virindi will check the "v2" and eventually update the XPCTHLST.TXT) to create a CD is the following: Possibility A ======== Download all needed hotfixes and sort them according to GM's information on his website. Download WindowsXP-KB842773-x86-deu.exe (the version you want) and set DLAUTO = NO in XPCREATE.INI. Then re-run XPCREATE. Possibility B ======== Edit your copx of XPCTHLST.TXT and put it on a webserver (or perhaps a normal file location works; too?) of your own and then edit the DLURL line in XPCREATE.INI (see: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=26192) Then re-run XPCREATE Hope this helps. Greetings Frank
  10. DLAUTO gets more than just SP2?

    It DEFINITELY was Greenmachine's original list. (I found it on my harddisk from a former installation and posted it.) @GM: Sorry if that wasn't clear. - I didn't intend to claim your work as mine.
  11. Selecting what Hotfixes

    There are two possibilities: 1) Just install XPCREATE and go through the process of automatic downloading one time and then set DLAUTO=NO in XPCREATE.INI Then look into the various subdirectories SVC* and just delete the hotfixes you do not want to be installed/integrated into your cd. 2) Just install XPCREATE and download all your desired hotfixes and sort them according to Greenmachine's instructions on his website and set DLAUTO=NO in XPCREATE.INI Then run XPCREATE to create your cd. So in short terms: The key for controlling auto downloading is DLAUTO=NOin XPCREATE.INI If set to NO you have to download and sort in every hotfix by your own. HINT: I recommand to integrate all hotfixes as listed in Greenmachine's "Fail Safe List" as without them your system may be not protected against all possible attacs. Greetings Frank
  12. DLAUTO gets more than just SP2?

    Hi, see here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25579&hl= for a version of the hotfixlist before SP2. Hope this helps.
  13. XP SP2 FR

    I hope you understand what GM is telling you: You have 2 possibilities: 1) Use automatic downloading and live with SP1a and all necessary hotfixes or 2) Just download the Service Pack 2 FR and the 3 other hotfixes (for download locations either see the current download list or query the Windows Catalog) and put them in the correct folders and set DLAUTO = NO in your XPCREATE.INI and you are clean. Alors, c'est à votre desire! @Greemnachine: I just translated to avoid any mis-understanding
  14. XPCREATE SP1 Hotfix List

    Hi, see attached version from July 13th 2004. Hope this helps. Greetings Hotfix_DownloadList_XPP_ENU__20040713_.txt
  15. XPcreate recognises the wrong language

    The hotfix list for Norwegian ist empty as nobody provided the hotfix information yet! GreenMachine is not able to do this all alone - he needs support! So the easiest way is to install a copy "from scratch" (use a PC or an emulator like VMware or VirtualPC) and run WindowsUpdate to find out which hotfixes are needed for your Norwegian copy of Win XP Pro. Then refer to the following topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=20401 for creating the hotfix list. Then send it to GreenMachine or post it here and inform him. There is no other way to get it up without the hotfix list.