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  1. The easiest way I have found so far to get round this problem is to run MS Backup utility to backup the entire folder. Then restore it and change the permissions in the restore wizard. Works every time
  2. Can you tell me if it is possible to create an install CD that will let you choose the Computer name to be used, rather than an automatically generated one? I know that this will break my 'unattended' method, but I would like to select between 6 names to be used. Fury
  3. Have you tried using installrite to monitor a fresh install of aclohol, including registration, and then build an install kit? I used this and it works perfectly. I then just call the installkit exe in RunOnceEx.cmd Fury
  4. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with installrite. I am using the following method to build install kits for all my applications: 1. Create clean XP and SP2 Slipstrreamed CD 2. Use VMWare and mount the slipstreamed ISO 3. Use the ISO to install XP & SP2 on a new virtual system 4. Install Installrite on the Virtual PC and start it up 5. install the software using installrite to monitor the installation and build an install kit for each application. 6. put the install kits on the Slipstreamed cd using RunOnceEx.cmd to call each install kits. 7. Rebuild the ISO and install XP on a new virtual pc, now with all the APPS installed It SEEMS to work flawlessly and all the applications are installed. The only problem is that the shortcuts, both on the desktop and in the start menu dont actually point to anything. If I go into the program files Directory for any of the applications, I can start them using the exe, but if I look at the properties for SOME of the shortcuts, there is nothing in the Target Location line. All other entries are correct. This happens for the likes of Jasc Paint SHop Pro 8 and DVD2SVCD, but DVD Lab works fine. The problem, when it happens, is in both the desktop shortcut, and in the start menu. Any ideas on how to rectify this problem? Just wondering if I should reboot the Virtual PC after each installation and then build the install kit. Fury
  5. Surely it should be : OemPnPDriversPath="xxxxxxxxx;xxxxxxxxx" There should be quote marks around the paths Fury
  6. Is that just a case of changing the HKU to HKCU and removing the randon string? Fury
  7. Been messing around with my unattended install DVD and was wondering if the following would be possible: 1. Using Virtual PC to set up an installation using my standard Slipstreamed disc. 2. Install 'Installrite' on the virtual PC 3. INstall all the Apps (and register them) that I use on the virtual PC using installrite to export each registry change when each program is installed. 4. Copy all the new prog directories to $OEM$\$Progs and any changes (like codecs etc) to $OEM$\$$ 5. Put all the registry changes in a single .reg file to be called upon installation. Surely then, my new installation will have all the programs I need up and running without having to find the switches for silent installations. Fury
  8. Hi. I have a few programs (plugins actually) that do not have an install routine - they are just copied to a program file directory and a shortcut placed on the desktop - the shortcut then opens the plugin, which opens the main program. What I want to know is how do I do this in an unattended install? Fury
  9. Cant find the following on the forums..... DVD2SVCD Canopus Procoder 2 DVD Lab Gordian Knot Codec Pack (prolly just use another one though) Goldwave Audio Editor CinemaCraft Encoder 2.5 DivX Pro 5.1.1 Epson PrintCD CoverXP I run a business doing wedding videos and stuff, so I need to use these for converting to different formats... DVD, VCD and CD (usually DivX). As such, they are just about the ONLY programs I need to install on my main Rig. Any help appreciated. Fury
  10. how did you make your CD bootable? If just using nero, you need to make it as a CD-ROM (Boot) and use a boot image file (ISObuster or similar can extract the one from your legit XP CD) Fury
  11. @choakem: # If you look at THIS thread, it tells you how I got my XP disk to recognise both my Promise 376/378 controller and my VIA VT6420/VT8237 controller. Recognised both controllers in both single channel and RAID modes. Fury
  12. Unfortunately this is not possible with my small tool. you have to ask this in a new thread. I also don't know if it evenly is possible Got it sorted anyway by getting my SATA drivers installed in textmode. No more delay whilst windows finds the sata drivers Fury
  13. Yeah. There are numerous reports at www.viaarena.com about problems with the miniport driver causing IDE optical drives to be classed as SCSI devices. Fury

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