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  1. New version relesased. Thx for your help folks! A couple of trivial errors, fix applied in the wrong folder, and some fixes files not included in its packet and that was all, fortunately.
  2. Good point! I forgot it. Fixed now. New version released!
  3. New version released! It seems KB963707 (clickonce update) is an exception among 3.5 SP1 hotfixes and require the cab file or the INSTALLLEVEL=2 (before slimming down) to get applied correctly, contrary to the rest of 3.5 SP1 hotfixes behavior. That's what I did to fix this bug. Also fixed a bug getting 3.5 SP# applied hotfixes identifiers for A/R Programs list removal, inserted with the changes made in 20091224, but it only affects very few cases. Happy hangover day!
  4. I finally discard to use it because, contrary to what I thought initially, this service is not strictly necessary unless you use SMB networks, and also it could happen the service is down ocassionally for some reason or for accident.
  5. New version released! A major bug has been solved. Custom installers/add-ons containing 3.5 SP# and applying any hotfix on it, built with SNMsynth versions from 20091029 to 20091229, both included, must be rebuilt. The fix file to apply YumeYao's method for slimming down 3.5 SP# frameworks was applied late making appear the problem described here: So this means those who are using 3.5 SP# from custom installers/add-ons built with those versions are not getting this framework version updated with the files from the hotfixes applied.So sorry folks! Also a bug breaking 3.5 SP# frameworks error messages for languages with codepages different than 1252 (ANSI Latin I) has ben solved. I had adopted a very bad solution to apply transforms over .msi files with missmatching codepages. These bugs were both inserted in 20091029 version. And last, bug inserted in 20091224 causing error 2727 boxes for those who were removing ClickOnce while having KB963707 in the work folder, has been fixed. I also added restricted NDP1.1sp1-KB974762-X86.exe to the guide. Happy new year folks!! And thx for your help. Enjoy! shiouliang I'm sorry, you advised me about that 20091029 errors almost 2 months ago but when I quickly read your post those days, I thought you were referring to that issues as been solved, because of the recent changes made those days inserting YumeYao's method and the codepage solution I had just adopted, and didn't pay further attention to it until now.
  6. Try Silent .NET Maker synthesized and build your custom one. Also if you prefer pre-made solutions there in ryanvm.net you'll find a couple more updated than the one -X- pointed, one by user_hidden and another one by Yumeyao.
  7. New version released. Bugs fixed, see changelog. Thx for reporting! I added KB886903 to the guide, I forgot to include it. Also restricted NDP30SP2-KB954743-x86.exe was added in past weeks and I didn't report it here. dbdawn I couldn't recreate that error box. Can you check again? Tomalak I couldn't recreate your error. Can you attach your processdata.txt file?
  8. Thx zorro1. I hadn't included 2.0 SP1 hotfix for this MS09-061 security bulletin, in the guide, and the one for 1.1 SP1 was maked for 2K/XP only but actually is for 2K3 too. (Look for KB953297 in the guide for both cases). Fixed now.
  9. New version released. Pasha_ZZZ I've rewritten restricted hotfixes code, bug is fixed. I've changed firefox add-ons switches names to -noff.... to be more accurate as this features are installed to IE . A bug not creating XBAP switch is fixed also. MSXML6 KB973686 works on XP SP3, there's only an artifact restriction for direct install (not administrative, curiously) in the .msi file for 2K and XP SP3.
  10. A quick search let me see that this kind of error appears with other programs running on cygwin. I think it could be not the best idea to run this kind of program over a linux API emulation. Try it directly on linux.
  11. New version is released fixing a bug inserted in 20091216, it was processing 3.5 SP# fixes in the wrong order causing API errors and custom installers didn't work as expected. This should solve Pasha_ZZZ errors too. Also fixed a extremely minor bug. I changed MSXML6 link to the latest version (thx Kurt_Aust). Enjoy!
  12. These settings control whether SNMsynth process takes that .NET 2.0 SP# and 3.0 SP# (and not in your list, 3.5 SP#) subcomponents from the original installers (YES setting) or not (any other setting) to build your custom installers/add-ons. So any other setting than YES removes them from custom installers/add-ons. And in this case: 1. You can replace them with updated versions: - by substituting them in the custom installers, what's possible for MSXML6 and XPS by simply putting updated files in the work folder (see guide). - by using external installers, that's the case for visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtime libraries (VC8), office 2K3 debugger and WIC (and not in your list, visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime libraries (VC9)) There's no more updates. Note that VC8 for 2.0 SP#, WIC and MSXML6 for 3.0 SP# (and not in your list, VC9 for 3.5 SP#) are required to install their related .NET framework versions, and replace them is mandatory. Note too, that VC8, WIC and VC9 can not be substituted in custom installers/add-ons (at this moment), so to replace them you have to install them with external installers prior to install your custom .NET installers/add-ons 2. You can keep them removed (that's useful to remove 3.5 SP1 Firefox add-ons subcomponents), unless they are required to install .NET frameworks, in which case you must replace them as point 1 describes.
  13. Everything is in change logically. Almost everybody can perfectly live without restricted hotfixes. It seems ms builds a lot of them for various of his products, not only for .NET, they fixes uncommon errors. MS recommend to install them only if each especific failure happens, and states they could require further testing and ocassionally may be included in future regular updates. I think they are tailored thinking in high end systems administrators and developers. About the number of restricted hotfixes applied, SNMsynth can apply all in the same go without installer databases generating errors, and this doesn't necessarily mean size increment as files get replaced by fixed versions. My test with all fixes applied didn't reveal any problem, but conclusions cannot be extracted.
  14. New version released. Features added. Check changelog. I made changes in the guide contents not to break forum rules and avoid being noticed. It's a pity, there was useful info. But still there's info that may help you find some of what's removed. Enjoy!
  15. So set them yes to get included in the installer(s)/add-on(s) you're building. Otherwise, may you prefer to use updated versions of some of these subcomponents, by substitution (whenever possible, read the guide) or by external installer (see guide too), or maybe even get rid of some of them (whenever possible, again see guide).
  16. URL REMOVED you'll find restricted hotfixes not deployed through the update system.
  17. This error doesn't cause any harm. As you said it only delays assemblies compilation process. Logs or event viewer are not clear about what's causing it. It happens on some conditions and not on others with no apparent reason, all this probably point to multiple causes for this error and probably related with the compilation process itself. As you probably know, compilation is a process highly dependant on each machine, and tuning it fine is an art, and this one is tailored to a very wide spectrum of machines and conditions. So that's probably the reason why an automatically tuned compilation process is failing at some stage. Anyway, if you make a search on that problem you probably won't find an specific cause nor a general solution, but if you're a more lucky than me please let me know.
  18. Read here about $OEM$ folders. To add regkeys you can use reg.exe (not for win2k) or regedit.exe. There's info in this unattended guide about this. Also use the google bar above. There's plenty of info about it.
  19. Just a detail, SteveTX holds xerobank, an on payment online privacy services company. If your read the last page of that thread you'll find Steve is answered by skilled users of that forum pointing to lacking of evidence in his assertions. I also found this exposing ultrareach answer to Steve assertions and comments on it, this and this refuting Steve with more analysis. After reading that I don't think ultrasurf is a threat.
  20. First read this. I think your best option is to make your drivers work on setup if possible. Otherwise a workstation edition of acronis backup & recovery 10 is more suitable to your needs, true image 10 need a plus packet to handle RAID 0 and still has limitations. Search each product user guides for dynamic volumes to get an idea. Read this and this. XP cannot get installed to a dynamic volume unless it is a simple volume "retained", so it's not enough to build a RAID 0 from both the whole drives, in case they are identical, you'd need a third drive with a basic volume; if not identical, the bigger one can be used to install XP on a basic volume build in the spare space left by the stripped volume in this drive, as size of the stripped volume is limited to the smallest drive size. You should explore the possibility of a software RAID 0. It would be easier, it may give you some advantages and you don't have to worry about your problems with RAID driver during windows setup. Read this to get an idea.
  21. The light purple highlight is gone but flat style menu too. Setting is ignored because it's "Use small icons in Start Panel"
  22. To me sounds like a hardware problem, may a defective screen connection be causing this but more probably a screen failure. How did you get to that condition?
  23. Malware? Being Outlook Xpress, I'd check it.

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