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  1. In nLite I'd try not removing Wireless Configuration and Kerberos Key Distribution Center...
  2. 1. You're not using the start panel, this is the start menu because you check "Classic Start Menu", what disables start panel. So no start panel tweak will take effect. Look for the regkey to do that outside nLite. 2. The windows banner will replace black banner if enough items appear in the start menu while big icons setting is checked, for small icons there's no banner if I recall it correctly. 3. If you insert registry settings by your own means (not the way windows/nlite do) through windows setup, you have to consider that not all regkeys inserted during GUI setup remains at first logon. It's convenient you insert all regkeys at this time, or to do it twice for all regkeys if you're not sure which are the non-persistent regkeys, and you still need them at GUI setup. 4. You may be wondering too about the light purple color of selected menu items, I had this issue before too and I found it was somewhat related with the Visual Tweak - Menu Style "Flat". In my last nLited sources it reverts automatically to a normal state after rebooting. But I'm not sure if it is the only setting causing this behavior or there are others, and if it reverts always automatically.
  3. Why would RAID 0 work if your RAID drivers refuse to work?
  4. strel

    How do you...

    Welcome. 1. Use google bar above profusely. 2. If you'd had made 1. you'd have found this thread full of useful info. 3. Also read this entries_xxx.ini guide.
  5. Of course, see What about bittorrent? section at the end of this page, but I was wrong, it's wikimedia.
  6. Welcome. That's not the right subforum for this question. What do you pretend doing that?
  7. Welcome. 1. In the Tweaks section, under Visual Effects, disable Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. There's an option to choose theme in one of the subsections of Unattended section if I recall it correctly. 2. In the Unattended you have to select the correct Unattended Mode and introduce your # in the right field 3. - Be more specific. - Read this - Use the google bar above profusely.
  8. SNMsynth script basically uses administrative installs points (kind of preinstall method) that has been patched with .msp hotfixes files and builds scripted installers from this admin installs. Haven't tried with vista/7/2K8 installers but I suppose there would be an equivalence. You can check the script to see what it does, you may get ideas. Feel free to ask. EDIT: Method you mention is easier than this one, it uses untouched .NET installers, so they are not size optimized and are more limited; also 3.5 SP1 redistributable installer needs to connect to MS servers to download adhoc langpack on the fly (unless you include langpack(s) in the packet), and doesn't seem to install regular hotfixes. But for your vista needs is a good start if installers for vista behave similar.
  9. Try another donwload manager that do the work it is supposed to do. Anyway wikipedia itself points you to this torrent.
  10. This script process only 2K/XP/2K3 32-bit packets. I don't use vista/7/2008 so I don't know how their packets work to help you.
  11. No problems for me, have you removed something needed to open chm?
  12. Thx for report, I reuploaded. I compressed the zip file with LZMA instead of Deflate method.
  13. Yeah I was aware of that feature, but is that I'm not going to make a void sfx just to run a script to insert RunOnceEx regkeys, the best option I think is to run batch directly from svcpack.inf. Thx for your interest.
  14. New version released. Workstation service based method to find current OS version replaced with regkey based one, so I expect no more wrong OS version errors for those localized win versions with this problem (what could have been fixed), and specially if you removed or disabled Workstation service (better to leave this open). Pasha_ZZZ I included permanent UPX compressed module. Many thx!!! Geej Your idea means not having to expand and to copy to HD the installers. But it has 2 downsides from my point of view: - Using I386\SVCPACK folder for a file not installed by svcpack.inf, what would not cause any problem but it is not orthodox. - It make you need to insert the RunOnceEx regkeys from GUI setup with the right CD drive path, so you have to follow RunOnceEx from CD method, what implies the use of $OEM$ folders and hence OemPreinstall=Yes setting in winnt.sif answer file, which I don't want to use because it remove the SCSI/RAID driver prompt from text setup. Unattended guide states it is possible to run a batch file directly from svcpack.inf. Got to check this.
  15. Moving to regkey checking as method to determine current OS version...
  16. msfn2008 I'm glad you succeded. Pica Are you using it on win setup? and if affirmative, at what setup time mark? I suspect you removed or disabled Workstation service in your XP. If this has happened to you by chance, restart this service and probably it will work again. If you consciently removed or disabled this service, and your system is stable, let me know and I'll change the script and installers/add-ons method to detect current OS version.
  17. Thx Pasha_ZZZ, If I can change the icon too I'll include it for the next release.
  18. New version is released. Thx for the heads up, and your kind comments, I also fixed the insertion of assemblies compiling command into install scripts that I forgot to adjust with the last changes causing default .NET behavior: not compiling assemblies in the background inmediately after install, but later on idle time, thus not fulfilling this SNMsynth feature, and being unease. About this OUT# folders scheme, it's Tomcat76's work, not mine, I only pulished it a bit.
  19. I'm on it. Wouldn't you have a collection of .NET 1.0 SP3 restricted hotfixes by chance? About timer, the process is an ad-hoc process, and time it takes depends on machine you use, what you process, how many outputs builds, and compression ratio. Moreover, new features will be added (hopefully). I discard to make a timer.
  20. Except 1.0 hotfix in this list, that you installed apart, without SNNsynth installers/add-ons. (Just to clarify).
  21. Yes, you can use .exe installers in your examples to install at T-13 from SVCPACK, they are not corrupted in any way, nor incomplete (unless you chose to build incomplete ones through .ini file settings or not feeding the building process with the files you require), and HFSLIP will support them as switchless installers they are.
  22. SCENARIO 1: Correct SCENARIO 2: After extracting .exe from T-13 addon you get not basically, but exactly the same file as the .exe you get if you apply ALSOINSTALLERS=YES along with T13ADDONS=YES (and/or ROEADDONS=YES). SCENARIO 3: In this scenario ALSOINSTALLERS=YES is not used because there's no XXXADDON=YES. So script builds .exe installers by default.
  23. .exe installers and add-on(s) from the same run (or equivalent) are the same thing, the add-ons are just an encapsulation of the .exe's to automate T-13 or RunOnceEx install techniques. .exe installers is what you need for HFSLIP. if any XXXADDONS=YES is set, the script only output add-on(s) (with .exe installers built-in), but you can use ALSOINSTALLERS=YES to output .exe installers also, not having to manually extract them if you need it later. ALSOINSTALLERS setting only works if any XXXADDONS=YES, otherwise is not used.

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