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  1. Thanks, that will get my on my way!
  2. I am needing a disc that has a custom folder in the system32 directory after install using nlite. This folder has a custom program in it. Is there an easy way to do this? And i guess while i am here how about adding a custom registry key? Thanks JustusIV
  3. Hello all, I am trying to figure out the correct way to add all my supported models drivers into my image. It appears to work if i add them via dism before sysprep but that seems like a pain. I tried adding them after i syspreped and it gave errors. Ideas?
  4. Hello guys. I have just started working with nlite but i know the concepts pretty well. I work with pretty much 4 machines. all dells sx280 gx620 745 755 What i have done is ripped the drivers from fully functional machines using a program called Driver magician and then added those to and nlite windows xp cd. It worked pretty well but not 100%. Is there a better way to get the drivers to inject? I am aware that the driver.exe you get from dell can be extracted but i figured that just ripping them out should be fool proof LOL. Anyways i am just looking to build a really nice universal image so any help is appreciated.

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